Need Website and Mobile App developed on Safe Network

Firstly, I would like to send out a massive shout out and kudos to all involved in the Maidsafe project and thank you so much for such a long awaited initiative that will surely revolutionize our world beyond what many can imagine at this time. It is truely a ground breaking technological concept that willl propel humanity far and beyond this current slave driving based paradigmn.

I need a website and mobile app developed using the Safe Nework, and so would appreciate being pointed in the right direction of developers interested in working on a very interesting opensource project. This will be paid work with volunteers also welcome to get involved or contribute. Will go into more details of the project requirements after responses to this post.


Does it need to include a mobile app or could it just be a web app across all platforms?


If you can implement biometrics ID such as facial recognition, etc using a web app, then it should not be a problem. There is a long list of features that will be posted on here, so the project will be open to suggestions from the get go.

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Build it yourself, man. Everybody here has their own project and they are busy.

There is a long discussion on what you’re talking about… PS. face recognition is not going work anymore. More info in last comments in the thread.

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I’m open to hearing about the project. By all means please expand.

@TIGER - I’m a veteran developer at a large multi-regional financial institution.

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The software will need features that will prevent imposters and fraud (e.g. lie dectector if possible, whatever it takes).

I am under the understanding that there are or will be members offering Safeapp development services, and these are the ones I am hoping to attract. If there are no takers here, then I will look for programmers from outside, and bring them in to develop under Safenet.

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Did you see my above post?

Thanks c10ck3d, will get back to you asap, now that I have established I am in the right forum. :slight_smile:

No problem. This is the MAIDsafe community forum. I am a member of it, but not any part of the MAID safe project. I am also a developer looking for flexible work to do in addition to my full time job.

That´s excellent, the project will be an exciting challenge for all involved.

what kind of features are you looking for in regards to verification? A lot of the traditional 2 factor verifications, securities questions, etc will not really be needed due to the built in features of SAFE…