Need to sell 625 MAID

need to sell 625 MAID, please contact on telegram 7025091150 thanks

I’ll give you two dollars and a packet of crisps


my previous reply appears to be lost - how do i accept your offer?

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I would be so bold as to give you a whole 10 dollars :+1: . PM me if you want to dump your coins on me. My only stipulation would be you must send first :wink: .

His telegram is

jeremy - thanks for the offer - working with bittrex and if that is a
dead end will contact you - thanks

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If this is a genuine request, and for some reason you really can’t sell via Bittrex. Then I do not mind to pay you the actual value for it.

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He is in Bittrex USA, so can’t sell… I offer him 40$, so if you can best my offer go on :wink:

thanks guys - i’m working on a plan to transfer via trezor - will let you know if i hit another dead end - thanks for the responses!

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simpleswap worked great - thanks!

Are these still for sale?

no - why are they suddenly scarce?