Need help with exporting Maidsafecoins from Mycelium-wallet to Omniwallet

Im trying to export my wallet from Mycelium to omniwallet because of my Maidsafecoins. Mycelium gives the private key as a “extended private key”. Omniwallet only accepts the private key in these formats: hex, b64,WIF and compressed WIF. How can i convert/get the extended private key that Mycelium gives me to one of these formats?


Try . It’s a website where you can convert private keys from one format to another. I hope this helps!


@Jack use and click on “Wallet Details” enter privkey and see WIF conv


Put your mycelium extended private key into the “BIP32 Root Key” field (or enter the mycelium backup mnemonic into the “BIP39 Mnemonic” field if that’s easier).

If using the extended private key: Click the BIP32 tab and use the default derivation path of m/0
If using the bip39 mnemonic: Use the BIP44 tab and the default values

Use the private keys from the Derived Addresses table to import into omniwallet.

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