Need help with disappearance of funds between 2 exchanges

Hope it’s okay to post a description of a very troubling problem I’m having with an exchange from which I withdrew some hundreds of USDT.

The exchange’s system auto-confirmed by email the correct amount and the correct address, but sent just one cent.

I don’t know where my money is. It hasn’t arrived in my account in the exchange I sent it to. And it’s no longer in the account of the exchange I sent from.

They don’t reply to my requests for support.

What would you do if you were me?

The exchange I sent from exchanges MAID and other cryptocurrencies besides bitcoin.

An expert friend pointed out the probable cause of the problem: I attempted to transfer USDT, not USD.

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What’s USDT?

I know sometimes currencies can be hidden inside each other for transport etc, like MaidSafecoin inside bitcoin.

This also looks like a few cents (of bitcoin) being transferred, while they’re actually holding hundreds or thousands of dollars of MaidSafecoin inside, for example.

USDT … I think it’s this:

With the exchange I’m transferring from, you can only transfer bitcoin.

So my money must still be with this exchange.

But they aren’t answering my requests for help with this.

That’s my remaining problem.

You’re on a wrong forum

As indicated by @whiteoutmashups some currencies are managed in a layer built over bitcoin like omni protocol. You can paste your bitcoin receiving address on and check that it gives the right USDT balance…

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@tfa & @whiteoutmashups are right.

The thing is you need to contact the exchange you send the USDT to. Maybe they got the privatekey to your wallet and in sucha way they’ll be able to extract your USDT info (privatekey), which you can import into a wallet that understands that it’s USDT.

Please keep in mind you can only send money, to a exchange/wallet that understands that money. :stuck_out_tongue: sounds strange, but untill money can live like general understandable information, instead of information only understood by it’s bookkeeper (exchange/wallet), we’ll have this problem.


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Thank you! OmniChest is the only block explorer I’ve found so far that includes the Tether part of the transaction! It’s listed in a different color to show … an/the … error.

I had been wondering how, technically, this was even possible. I did receive a confirmation email from the from-company for the right amount (of tethers). But on the receive-side, got just one cent.

My understanding at this point… Source-sides can’t know what the destination-side might or might not understand/accept. And it’s a problem because people like me do stuff like what I did. But the problem will evolve-away as “wallets” get better at detecting that some data is a valid currency, and other data isn’t??

Also, puzzled that one cent went through at all, since it was all USDT.

Over the past two days, 291 confirmations.

Thanks very much everyone for your help!

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sorry. i like the community here and this forum so much better…

it’s a wrap.


Or the world will all just use SafeCoin only so nothing else will matter / get confused with it :slight_smile:

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I hope so!