Need help : Sent maid from OmniWallet transaction stuck for 50+ hours - EDIT: Support is on it

Hi guys, I have been holding on to maid forever . I now needed to cash out some of them so after ages I opened up my wallet on , and sent to polo .

Result: 12 hours and transactions shows up unconfirmed on both and omniwallet.

Why is that? I sent an email to omniwallet, this seems to be a problem on their side rather than poloniex :frowning:

ps: yes, I searched this forum, I’ve seen some messages with somehow similar issues, could not find a solution.

EDIT : the warning on Polo says : "IMPORTANT: Send only MAID to this deposit address.
Sending any other currency to this address may result in the loss of your deposit. "

I am pretty sure I did sent MAID … did I? Omniwallet shows them as MaidSafeCoin… that is the same thing, right? :\

hmmm - looks pretty good to me (a noob) - is the btc-amount on that address sufficient to make this transaction …? (afaik there have to be some btc on the sending address … but no clue how much)

i did topped up with btc before sending maid (around 1 € worth)

oh - hmmm - sorry … then waiting for a response from omni seems like the only option …

you did send MAID, it just hasn’t confirmed yet for some reason…

Quick! No one help him. #savetheprice


i think it’s pretty impressing how patient the price bounces back again and again :smiley:


Still unconfirmed :frowning:

Did you contact omniwallet? It should have gone through by now.

Once it took mine more then 24 hours to get confirmed. Don’t despair.


I contacted them , waiting for a reply

how can a blockchain transaction take more than 24h?

Apparently happens when the fees are too low.

well the fee are low not in my case, the tx is actually high priority and bitcoin network is in good health.

no response from omni , now is two days.

I also opened a ticket on github. No one on their support channel on hipchat. If you happen to know someone close to them please get in touch!

Omniwallet is good to view wallet balances, but I haven’t used them to withdraw. Given your experience, I probably won’t. This definitely doesn’t bode well for their reputation! If you can post on a higher read per page forum site, that’ll get their attention and will treat it as a “priority ticket”. It doesn’t look like their omniwallet sub-reddit is alive though.

After seeing hundreds of these types of messages, confirmations inevitably roll in after some panicked hours, so hang tight, I highly doubt you’ve lost that lot.

In the meantime, research and use another wallet, import your private key and send another batch, until Omniwallet gets their act together.

I’m having a similar problem, guys please help, thanks.

Issue 1:

For me, after sending MAID from omniwallet to polo, displays “Unable to decode output address”.

Any idea what that means?

It’s been a couple of hours now and the MAID still hasn’t appeared in my polo.

Issue 2:

Another issue then occurred: After a few more tries to send small amounts of $1 for testing, now when I press “SEND”, omni wallet displays the error message:

“General Error: Contact a developer. Reason:”

So at this point, I can’t even send out from this address anymore, it just displays this error message.

With these 2 issues, I’m really worried because I got a couple thousands worth stored in that address.

  1. Are my coins lost after sending from omni to polo after the error message?

  2. How can I send out from that address again? Anything else than omniwallet I can try?

Thanks a lot guys, I do believe in MAID but this is proving to be really discouraging.

Yep, same problem here. Sent mine around 2 hours after yours and have the same issue. Not good.

They are still tweeting, just not replying to support :confused:

Do like I did and send them a tweet

I just sent my 50 maidsafe coin from omniwallet to poloniex.
I worked well.
My advice is : deposit enough bitcoin.
I mean , not small amount but like 0.01 bitcoin in your wallet.
Then try again.

Edit: I use chrome. Recommend to use chrome browser.

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