Need help getting more account balance for Alpha 2

My account status is 1000/1000.

I want more. I want to fix flaws in some of my sites.
I want to finish my sixth site and create a seventh site.
I want to play with e-mail and chat.
I want to see if I can make a forum.
I want to build an app.


I’ll close this once down. Normally ask in the dev update topic for the test/alpha you want it for as that is where most ask for it and as always you can PM @moderators if you prefer.


Thank you. I’ll ask in the Maidsafe dev update thread.

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Check your PM. . . . . .

No need to post in dev update this time

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You could use a local test network. This possibility is now integrated in Maidsafe base code and the latest version of safe_vault crate is compatible with Alspa 2 client binaries.

There is an option in one of the config files that allows an unlimited number of mutation requests (disable_mutation_limit in safe_vault.vault.config).

See complete procedure in How to run a local test network topic in the dev forum.

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