Nearly finished?

If 100% is a fully complete and working system, where are we today in a percentage format in relation to Maidsafe being a workable solution which can be rolled out globally?

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Would it not be easier to state how many man-days left :wink:

more than 0% and less than 100%

Many projects have 90% of the work in the last 10% of the project. so sliding linear scales don’t work, unfortunately.


MaidSafe is %100 dedicated to delivering a workable solution as soon as possible, thats a solid guarantee. I’m building a VR Game. I have %100 of all the parts finished, each specific mechanic and component. Individually each one works almost perfectly, no bugs. The bugs will come when I start putting them together as a whole. I will spend %90 of my time bug crushing, to make a workable game. This is close to where MaidSafe is at right now in development. Its coming. Cheers


How many man days left then David?

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You just fishing for the “how long is a piece of string” quote?


Well… look at all the safe comnets bubbling up now.
This on its own is a massive positive signal.
There is a product and the community are playing with it.

The Maidsafe team are just clicking the final parts in to place.
Can’t give you a time frame, but it feels like I just woke up and the pilot said put your
seats upright… soon.


A wheen as they say around these parts :wink: Our best approach is weekly reporting what’s done and what we think is left in each area.


I’m now so convinced that this network is the most important requirement to sustain liberal democracies.

The sooner the better but what’s important is that it’s being built and that can give us hope in a time when the internet is becoming a poison chalice.


My guess is 20%.

  1. Network have half of core functionality (disk storage and network growth) half-implemented.
  2. Other half of core, economical, yet needs to be implemented. But it should not just work, but be perfectly matched to “storage” part. Otherwise people will exploit mismatches and destroy network.
  3. Network needs UI, for interactions with regular users. So users can manage their nodes, their clients and can use network somehow.
  4. Core and UI should be tuned to match real world needs of users. Different scenarios of how network can be useful should be considered. And who knows how many additional features network will obtain as a result of such analysis.

What is 100% in relation to your 20% though @Vort?

OP asks if 100% is a fully complete and working system.

I think “fully complete” and “working” are two different questions with totally separate answers.

20% maybe for fully complete, but how long is a piece of string?

As for working, that percentage is certainly higher.


Also depends where you put 0%, and are you measuring features, time elapsed, man hours etc?

It’s an impossible question to answer whichever you choose so really best to point to the weekly updates and explain what else is going on, like the community run test networks.


My 100% means that users can use network for real-world tasks.
Without too much pain of course :slight_smile:
My previous post explains it in more detail.
20% there is #1 in the list.
100% is #1…4.

^^ this one.
It is very hard to measure time.
Because one nasty bug can take months to fix it.
While such fix will add almost zero features.