Nassim Haramein's Connected Universe


Nassim’s model seems to echo Setg Lloyde’s notion that the universe is a quantum computer or Erving Laszlo’s “interconnected universe”
For Nassim all the protons in the universe are entangled and contain complete copies of all the info like an indra’s net. Nassim with help seems to have derived mass and made predictions that were experimentally confirmed to extremely high precision. He has if I am not mistaken in what is being reported shown how the mass constant is arrived at with two equations as simple as e=mc2 and unified qm and gr. A fire storm is set to ensue it seems because of the challenge to orthodoxy.
But I bring it up here because it makes it seem like the physical universe in its fine grained and gross structure mirrors SAFE. SAFE is a bit like a Indra’s net.


Nassim Haramein is a great speaker and I like his talks to the level where I hope he can uncover some very good stuff about the universe and write mindblowing papers about it. But I guess he scares some scientists away with his talk about pyramids etc. Still though, nice fellow.

Might wanna check Erik Verlinde (yes, he is Dutch!). In his view gravity is derived from information. A lot of above my head stuff but I’ve watched it in the hope to grasp a little of what he’s talking about.


What do you think of Wolfram Language? Could something like SAFE be written with it? Also care to comment on the new things Wolfram is about to drop?


I don’t know that much about Wolfram.


Check out his wolfram language its an AI lamguage