Naked Politicians and Executives

Guessing it goes back to the “emperor having no clothes” but the recent John Oliver bit where he reduced concern about government spying only being intelligible to the general public in terms of their privates being examined by the government without their knowledge or permission. But this idea of watching the watchers suggests a sort of funny day dream about literal transparency. What if for the benefit of their humility all the politicians had to do everything completely unclothed on point of being tossed out. Naked in everything was the price of holding on to even temporary power. Strap on a Rolex and their out. Its raining out, too bad no umbrella. Margaret Thatcher, it doesn’t matter who. For Maggie we’d need a time machine or a camera that could look into the past and look past the designer wear for some good revision of history. This might change their attitude about spying on us. Why didnt’ the Dr. just program the Tardis to eject all historical and would be tyrants from the past 10000 years of timelines, sending them 50 million years into the future? Why didn’t the time lords do it at home.