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I’ve had 2 BTC investment disappear into the Mycelium wallet crowdsale blackhole. Has anyone here enjoyed a similar experience? I must admit I lost touch with it beyond verifying that my investment had been received and tokens were viewable on the crowdsale website. Then everything went blank and I have never been able to get any response or information. Does anyone remember what happened with that crowdsale?

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There’s a telegram channel belonging to Mycellyum: where you can ask questions.
I also invested in that ICO, only .5 BTC, 200 dollars at that time. They basically spent all money ~ 4 million dollars on lawyers and parties from what I found out in the channel. There was a guy who worked with them and kept telling us the management sucks bad and there are a lot of bad actors in that company. Unfortunately, I believe this is a lost cause. I crossed this off as a loss

Really appreciate the reply. I had also written it off but from time to time feel the burn that a respectable outfit like Mycelium can simply dissolve financial support into mist and seemingly not feel any responsibility towards investors. I will now delete Mycelium and not use again.

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I have the same problem myself. From time to time someone asks in Telegram, at the moment the same answer, there is no market for exchanging tokens. It’s rare that a major investor hasn’t organized anything. There are people with a lot of money invested and the Wallet Mycelium still exists, it hasn’t disappeared.

Is the wallet reliable? Is there a fear it stop existing?

i believe the best info is here:

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