Mycelium Card, innovative. Great motion

Better use of bitcoin will give better penetration of safecoin. This is a real big step in the right direction. The video is good and inspiring.


I think this vid is made by kurzgesagt

In the past I suggested that we have a SAFE Network vid made by them, primarily because they got over 1 million YT subrscibers

It would be fun if VSauce could explain the SAFE Network
9 million + subs


The time is approaching when this will be a sensible strategy. A touch too soon yet, but I’ll bet @nicklambert would be interested in that kind of exposure at the right time, and would know better what that time will be.

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The card does look cool. Not sure what proprietary long wave radio communication on the card is, but minimising the infrastructure required is the way to go. I do also like the video. I would like to have a few bite sized videos produced that could be dotted around the website and elsewhere that explain features within the network, such as deduplication, opportunistic caching, self encryption, safecoin…etc… I’ll maybe give these guys a shout, thanks for the heads up.


When I first heard about this card (assuming its what they announced a year or so ago - not watched video) it rang all my alarms about tracking. They were talking about ads responding as you walked past - retailers all being able to identify you etc. How that came out of the bitcoin space I didn’t understand.

Is this the same thing (maybe pitched differently) or something else? I don’t have time to watch the video now (or the batteries!).

I found this on google images, what it might be as the card for real. It’s a bitcoin wallet essentially that connects to the global mycelium network - people plug one into their router, they don’t use wifi for this.

So this way you can read the ledger from the storage of the ledger network essentially.

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