My ISP got DDoSed

[Starting from Tuesday my ISP got DDoSed][1]. It was impossible to get online with my normal browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, ViValdi). Luckily I had Tor (That while I have been bad mouthing Tor, for being unsecured (it is!)). With Tor I could reach websites (I just didn’t log in to anything, like I would usually do). I’ve been constantly look at this with the normal browsers:

It will be interesting to see in the future which ISP moves over first to the SAFE Network. While the talk in bitcoin land has been: “Which payment receiving company will start accepting bitcoin?”. Who know’s we might be asking which ISP will start using the SAFE Network? Because surely attacks like this will become commonplace.

Mine was dead for a while as well. I was thinking about it for a while, would that have affected SAFE net? Or was it just a DDoS on the DNS servers? I mean, 1 big provider, a lot of users. that would’ve been a lot of Vault once the network was live :-).

Next time try using Tor, because miraculously it could get on the internet. (let’s hope there is no next time, but obviously that’s just a joke).

[quote=“polpolrene, post:2, topic:4813”]
would that have affected SAFE net?
[/quote] Here it’s said that ddos are thwarted and useless:

So it would all depend on, if Ziggo is using the SAFE Network or not. It would be logic for a provider like Ziggo to use the SAFE Network in the future. Their idea to let users share/get free wifi, from eachother was already a good example. If only the routers had a harddrive, wow Ziggo would be able to get some SAFEcoins.