My first, and probably last, video show-casing the SAFENetwork. And why I'm leaving


Attitude can help carry you a long way, it can also cut things short.

Might be worth remembering that.


I can’t see how maidsafe helping you will help anyone, tbh. So far, you have just alienated people and wasted their time. I would rather maidsafe concentrated on their own roadmap rather than yours.


Come on now. Don’t you think enough is enough at this point? So much momentum and great things in the Safe project right now. And you’re coming back now? To start all this nonsense up again? It’s distracting for everyone. The team has to be exhausted from constantly defending themselves from your posts. We all know what’s going on. We all see through you. Aren’t you exhausted? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. It’s clear you still like this project or you wouldn’t post here. So wait patiently like the rest of us or bounce.


Friend please review your activity with this community. You handle things immaturely. You’re always crying about something seated deeply in what appears to be miscommunication. You act as though you are being given the cold shoulder. There are protocols to communicating with certain organizations you have to adapt to. Rather than doing so you throw tantrums when others don’t do things in a way that pleases you. You can’t walk into the middle of a game and recreate the rules without first giving sound reason. We’re all open to you but please first turn off the blow horn. Civility in this community usually begets civility. An accusatory tone naturally invokes defensiveness. It spirals from there.


That’s just silly, so you’re saying two development teams working on this is going to be slower than one?

On top of that, if you have read the tokenomics, the currency of the network in my project will have a fixed exchange ratio to MAID token and back. This means they will mutually act as price buffer for each other to an extent. Also the MaidSafe foundation has a portion of the tokens which means they would get rewarded for helping it grow.

I think you might need to read the overview including the tokenomics before you can really help suggest MaidSafe on what to do.

Here it is if you want to read it :slight_smile:


Mass adoption, no matter the marketing, is going to be a hard sell for ANY new network simply because people don’t like change.

As evidence take internet browsers for the www.

1st place? Google Chrome. Almost 46% of all internet traffic. Why? Because android phones have it as default. And android has an 88% mobile OS market share. (From

2nd place? Surprise surprise, Safari. Apple’s own browser. Installed as default browser on iPads and iPhones. 11.9% mobile OS market share. (Also from

3rd place? Internet Explorer. For those people who don’t use mobile devices! It’s also worth noting that it’s internet explorer and NOT Microsoft Edge browser which fares even worse!

People don’t install a new browser because they don’t see the point. They all do the same thing!!!

There’s so much talk in this thread about crypto exchanges, getting listed with this, that and the other. That is not the kind of marketing the SAFE network needs. The average tech user probably can’t even tell you what Bitcoin is!

The SAFE network will succeed because at its core it does what it claims. It keeps the data, user details and content SAFE and secure from prying eyes. People may be able to hack your computer but what will they steal? 1/3 of a 256bit encrypted file and no decryption key? Good luck with that.

It’s selling the SAFE network message to people, normal people, the general public, that matters. It’s telling them that their data is safe forever that will get them on board. It’s saying “you like your 16Gb iPhone 6? Then keep using it because storage space isnt an issue now!” or saying “you lost your phone? No, your pictures are on the SAFE network, just sign in when you get your replacement and they’ll all be waiting, and don’t worry, nobody has copied or deleted them because they can’t!”

When the public are offered that kind of security in such an easy to understand way - that’s when there will be mass adoption. The average person wants data security in the sense that their data can’t be lost or deleted maliciously. The SAFE network can give them that. When the public begin to migrate towards this “safety in crowd sourced redundancy” model then developers, web designers, content creators and crypto farmers will follow. For most people the anonymity, e-commerce security etc will simply be an added bonus!

There will be mass adoption because they have a reason to change.


Don’t think @Traktion is saying that at all.

More a case of him finding a very polite way to say there’s a spectrum of opinion of your real motives, running from bright impatient youngster to opportunistic little thief.

Debating that though isn’t really beneficial in anyway for anyone (good popcorn material I would guess though).

In whatever case no sane person would let you put your tentacles within 1000 miles of a project this important.

None of that is name calling or breaking any forum guidelines, your forum posts (I don’t know you, you could be a pretty cool dude) present you as a somewhat intelligent but very manipulative individual and identify the above mentioned traits pretty succinctly.

Everyone’s been exceedingly polite in entertaining you. Consider yourself lucky this is code is open source and you may end up spinning some value off of others years of toil.

Good luck with everything man :peace_symbol:


There must be some way of closing down this thread.


I think I’ll take my advice from elsewhere thanks.