My first, and probably last, video show-casing the SAFENetwork. And why I'm leaving


Recently came across the following video which provides a succinct counter argument to the OP’s marketing concerns since it would appear to me that team maidsafe have either been intuitively or strategically following the golden circle principles for success.

p.s. Searched the forum and found a reference to this talk in a thread from a few years ago : SAFE Network strapline vote


Well we’ve experienced this aspiring dictatorial leader’s skills and I must say that belittling and attacking the very ones he is trying to lead does not work very well does it. I might stick with the dev team for this project. Mind you I eagerly wait for his (advertising driven) network project to be released to see it take over the world with superior leadership of the project and superior out->in marketing methods.


Guys. I now read the “CV”, and he’s just a kid. He hasn’t really hurt anybody, and maybe he’ll grow up. The NVO people were different. Let’s just let this one go.


To be fair, the quote should include gives me the impression - which is quite different from stating it as a fact.

Although it is very true that a grandiose self image is much more common when we are young, narcissists at some point in their life are also in their early twenties, or in their teens, etc.

Now, I’m not a psychologist, or professional in that area, (and making diagnosis on the basis of the information available here, is probably not something one would do either), so I can only talk of the impression it gives me.

A narcissist would also often be a very effective and immensely productive person. But a horrible person to work with in a team.

And you don’t need to hurt people by being narcissist. I am not sharing my impression about it because he would have. I do it because it is my impression that this behaviour indicates narcissistic traits - even considering the age.


Sorry, but have to say this, this post sounds like every millennial expecting to get everything handed to them because they showed up.

Life is about challenges, defeats and when lucky some hard fought victories. Creating a curriculum is a must for any candidate, it should also be short and sweet. Most people hiring won’t bother reading them if they are too long.

If you are lucky enough to get hired, expect to get low pay and be at the bottom of the food chain and not making any kind of decision.

I think you need to seriously bend your expectations and buckle down for some hard work. Life doesn’t give you anything, everything has to be fought for an inch at a time!

You come of a bit high and mighty, learn to be humble and go for entry positions. Nobody will want you in their team if you come off as thinking you have all the answers…

Sorry, just felt I needed to say this and I’m only an investor in this project…


I think that everything you said about this situation is a perfect example of how people (generally speaking, I’m not finger pointing) forget about “the human element” when it comes to any sort of group or community effort. Whether these efforts are within the realms of business, science, technology, politics or anything else – people tend to be focused so much on their own preconceptions of a general idea, that the basic human element seems completely forgotten about in times when it is the most important to be mindful of it.

As a geek / tech one thing I have found to be helpful, is just how how concepts for how to deal with software and technology match up perfectly with human interaction and human psychology. This of course should be non surprise, seeing as it is humans who have made computers and computer software. Humans made this in their image to serve humanity and the needs of humans. So it is not a surprise that we put much of ourselves into the tools we create. After all, technology is an expression of an art form.

Something that seems to be forgotten more often than not, is that if we do not like the way something is and we want to be able to change it into something better: we must make ourselves as informed as possible as to why something is and troubleshoot those details. Much like computer software – if you want to upgrade a software or correct an error within it, we need to know as much as possible about what is causing the error, and we need to know as much as possible about what limitations a software has and why those limitations exist. The same is true for humans.

As you already mentioned (and I am paraphrasing) that no matter how rightly or wrongly, people act according to their personal perceptions of reality, nor according to the objective facts of reality. That this has always been this way and probably always will be this way.

This in and of itself is an example of an error of perception and a limitation within “the human software” if one wants to consider it as that sort of metaphor. So just for fun, let is troubleshoot this human paradigm as if it were a software limitation.

The problem / limitation: humans have always been this way and pending some radical overall change in the way humans process information, likely always will be this way.
The objective: to create the pending radical change required to bypass this limitation.

As Einstein once said, we can not solve a problem by using the same thinking which created the problem. As Buckminster Fuller once said, the old is only destroyed by creating the new, in such a way that the new makes the old obsolete. The old can not be made obliterate by fighting against it. Fighting against it only perpetuates the old and gains it even more continuity. As Heisenberg once said: the masses never accept new ideas, it is simply just a fact that the opponents to the new ideas eventually die.

So taking these things into consideration, we can explore why past attempts to change the human condition have failed time and time again.

The main issue that I personally have noticed, is that people tend to not be open to the idea of what one might refer to as “transitional phases”. Just as one can not go from v1.0 of a software straight to v10.0 without the existence of versions 2 through 9, the human condition is much the same way. Even if v10.0 can be imagined during the v1.0 stages, it can not be created during the v1.0 stages.

One good example is the debt-based monetary system vs a system of resource based economics. A transitional phase would be equity-based economics. The primary issue is that people have been taught to think in terms of debt-based and so equity-based is a very alien concept for people to try to wrap their minds around. It is not so much that understanding equity-based economics requires any sort of special genius, but that the willingness to expand the mind has to be made as a result of a person’s free will choice. Therefore only a minority of people will be able to do so.

All things start small because only a small amount of people initially made the free will choice to expand their minds without requiring the world around them to be actively providing validation. Even electricity and cars had a lot of resistance at first. In their beginnings, people could not wrap their minds around why such things could ever be needed, nor what advantages these things could possibly give to humanity. From their perspective, things as they are and have always been, were good enough.

Change happens through people setting examples and becoming the change that they want to create. To prove in their own application within their own lives that something has beneficial effects, thus deriving the curiosity of others who observe them.

So if we wish to bring about a human consciousness which allows for the equal recognition of both subjective and objective reality, and for both to be acknowledged and valued as equals – brave pioneers must be willing to practice this and incorporate these things as a matter of course in their every day life. This of course can be challenging because every day life is going to present opposition at every turn.

This opposition however is necessary for the testing of the integrity of the new platform. Just as with hardware and software trouble shooting – in order to make it better, you have to break it constantly. And observe the nature of how and why it broke. And to revise the structure to make it less prone to being broke in those ways. Even muscle becomes strong because it tears and heals.

The modern term for the aspect of the human dichotomy we are discussing in this thread, is Identity Politics.

Identity politics has a “vs dichotomy”. In other words, metaphorically speaking:

“Hitler said the sky is blue so anyone who says it is blue is also a Nazi” vs “Hitler Did Nuffin Wrong”.

So of we want to transition to “Hitler was a disturbed human being who despite his flaws, was still able to acknowledge that the sky is blue” – this more level headed means of processing data must be demonstrated even in the face of harsh adversity towards it.

Often times people who understand the inherent flaws within reacting based on human bias, will become frustrated and cave in and revert to the exact same bias that they are advocating against. This is because the bias they are recognizing and seeking to overcome, is still present within themselves. So they must actively practice a new way of being, because their own neural network programming is going to provide them with internalized adversity towards the new idea, to match and validate the external adversity towards it that they are experiencing.

This is why not everyone can be a pioneer. It requires a level of bravery and willful determination that most people simply do not posses. This is not to shame those people who do not posses it, but rather it is merely an objective fact that can be demographically proven as factual.

In order to move humanity into a more rational and mature state, we must also be mindful that many things that we wish to eliminate, actually will not be eliminated but simply change to a more civil expression.

For example: some people will always disagree with other people. This will never change, but people can learn to respectfully agree to disagree. Some people will always dislike other people. This will never change. But being mature about accepting the fact that this will never change, can allow for a transition into people who dislike each other showing each other respect for their individual rights to like and dislike whomever they wish, and regardless of whether or not the reasons are rational or logical. This would create a humanity in which individuals seek to align with and work with those of their likeness, rather than a violent drive to oppose and destroy all who think differently.

So in working towards these goals, we must make peace with the fact that many things we dislike about the human condition, do exist.

The maturity and willingness of being able to be able to discern between what they can and can not currently change and to be at peace with those facts, is the driving engine that allows for what we can not change today, to be possible to be changed in the future. Without this maturity and willingness for this level of discernment, the mistakes of the past will forever be repeated.


@moderators how do I block him on personal messages on this forum?

I’ve already blocked him on wechat telegram whatsapp and anything else possible but messages still come through on this forum. How can I achieve this?

Please help before I literally smash my own computer :angry: :angry:


I’ve done nothing besides telling the community what you said you believed was the truth. Simply asking the team to verify it. Apparently too much for you? Makes no sense.


Anyway I have no time for this honestly. I’m not going to message you or post here anymore. I never wanted any trouble or to offend you anyway.

I’m busy working on the paper and presentation for a project.


@foreverjoyful Do not post private conversations EVER without express permission. It is against the forum guidelines because it is wrong and actually against Australian Law too.


The best I can see is to mute notifications from users you specify.

Go to your preferences and select “Notifications” In there is “Users” and mute. Just enter the users you do not want notifications from in the box.


Well you have much to learn about social interactions and what is acceptable and what is not. Saying it makes no sense means you have a lot of things to learn. Especially what is referred to as “Common Knowledge” which is learnt and is not instinct.


And @foreverjoyful I’ve had to delete another post that you edited to include the content that was deleted before for violating the forum guidelines.


Yes, I was just going to talk about the forum guidelines @neo clearly it says here:

Do not do any of the following:

  • Flame or insult other members.

  • Threats of violence, harassment or blackmail (even as a joke).

  • Abusive language, including swearing.

All of these were done however you have not cared about any of the posts @goindeep or @whiteoutmashups made. But only cared about mine. No matter how you personally think of me which i couldn’t care less about, what you did is clearly discrimination. And the guidelines clearly say:

Do not do any of the following:

  • Racism, discrimination, sexism.

It is also against the Australian Law too and if you edit my post again this whole thing will be brought up to other crypto community members, I’m sure it’ll make the project and you look great…

I was just about to post the above when @polpolrene intervened so thanks. I’m not going to participate further in this discussion whatsoever. My next post will be in the “related project” section… altho… it’s going to be really different… Only getting some of its core tech of an autonomous data network from MaidSafe.




They have been dealt with too. Did you even look? Do not lie. Everyone can see that

I never edited your post. Do not lie. If you try to “bring it up with others” then expect to be laughed at. It happens in every forum and nothing has been done against the forum guidelines by any moderator.

And you agreed by using the forum that moderators can delete illegal material and other posts not in line with the guidelines and decency.

So sorry mate your threats are empty

EDIT: and here you are complaining about others and yet you threaten me and the forum. Remember the 3 fingers pointing back at you :wink:


Hey man! It’s out! A not-for-profit foundation is being set up in Singapore as we speak. Will have website and whitepaper done soon! I will present this at Consensus Invest coming in November! Have a look at my post here for further details: :slight_smile:


That’s interesting. I remember @dirvine saying he welcomes collaboration on projects forking safe. I contact him now to ask for tech collaboration and he leaves the convo… But sure no worries. I’ll look for others :slight_smile:


He leaves the private message as he does not do that (in fact he has that setting turned off on the forum), but when somebody digs up an old message thread to get around that, he leaves that old message thread.

That is the truth!

Then your point, we do collaborate and help, but I also have said previously I prefer open communications relating to SAFE as more folk get to hear of them and can help or be helped. That is what I do and am doing right now.

Good luck with your project, but please do not cast aspersions on people with bent truth. Be open be honest and be courageous, never be deceitful though. I am unlikely to help people who demand my time privately and have previously complained we do not launch fast enough, go figure dude :wink: .


How I’m supposed to know you have the setting off by you leaving abruptly without explanation? As far as I was concerned 6 months ago I talked to you fine.

Anyways no problem. Also as you know, the complaining is over now. :slight_smile:

Regarding collaboration, I think it helps everyone if we collaborate. :slight_smile: