My first, and probably last, video show-casing the SAFENetwork. And why I'm leaving


Exactly and I find it rather insulting that a broad brush has been used describing this diverse community with many ideas that do not necessarily agree with the dev team. But we discuss the ideas and determine their actual worth rather than an emotional (its my pet idea and must be good, come on it must be :slight_smile: ) worth.

All I can say is what I was once told and that is when ever you point the finger there is 3 pointing back at you. Its the old put down like fan-boys, cannot think for yourself, and so on. Just unimaginative attacks on a specified group.

Discussions is the key, and never expect a pet idea to be practical or good when exposed to the light of others

Also this community is definitely not in agreement with everything, only takes a little bit of reading to see the diverse and often opposing views. But the Maidsafe team set out with a set of fundamental goals for the project and anyone who wishes to create a differing network/project are free to do so and as @mav says there will be plenty here who will want to follow your project. Probably best to create a topic in #related-projects for your project and post updates there. I am sure you will not get the opposition since you are not trying to change the fundamentals of the SAFE network.


Of course! Feel free to also subscribe to my YouTube channel to get updates :smiley: I’m actually talking to Bancor about a potential partnership in another project upcoming project, if I work with them on that it MAY delay some thingst. But either way, I’ll keep you updated :slight_smile:


OK, honestly I am very glad you did not get “hired” in team MaidSafe. From your video it is clear that you are a poor representative for the system.

There are no servers

How on earth are all these sites hosted then? Of course there are servers. The computers of the users will eventually “serve” these sites. I say “eventually” because, as I understand, the alpha network is still very centralized. It is hosted at a central hosting party.

Your ideas come from someone who does not have the faintest notion of software development.

creating my own version of the decentralised internet, taking certain codes from the SAFENetwork as needed

So you are taking certain codes from the SAFENetwork? Why not just take all code? Please tell me why you would only take certain codes? Are there some codes that you think are too ugly? Codes are not like jellybeans, where you only pick the ones you like. Code lives in an ecosystem, where each snippet of code depends on another one.

People will also be paid to surf on the network

Wat does that even mean? How are you envisioning this? Who is paying who? What is surfing? Is it clicking on links? Is it staying on a page? Is it typing search words? So many questions. A development team will soon be really fed up with you, because you don’t have a clue about the implications that your crazy ideas can have on development. And yes when that happens, you will have to be extinguishing your own little fires 24/7 and eventually burn to the ground.

browser will have awesome GUI

There is no such thing as an awesome GUI. What a good GUI is for you, can be very bad for someone else.

A dictator with crazy ideas is the best way to kill a project. If you would be hired in team MaidSafe, that would be a major red flag for me.

Sorry if I come off as a little harsh, but you just don’t seem to be open for other people’s opinions and think of yourself as the next Steve Jobs. You are not! Steve Jobs knew when to listen and to whom. I would advise you to become more humble. You have a big mouth about a really complicated project, while you probably never wrote one line of code (as I read in your resume)


Hi @mrmagpie you might want to see this topic for the servers, because there really are no servers in the general sense in the SAFE Network.

Are Safe Vaults servers or not: a discussion


OK, since there is a huge discussion about it and I don’t have enough knowledge on the precise picture, I take back what I said about servers. Although semantically something HAS to serve something… But I am learning every day :slight_smile:


:+1: I see it the same way.


I definitely see your point and ads could have their place or even be supported by folks that see value in it rather than to be all over by default or opt out. I personally either look for what I want or hear of things through word of mouth and I’ve been managing fine. That’s not to take away from the positive experience you’ve had but to show another perspective.

I wouldn’t be surprised if their was a service that’s sole purpose was to feed you ads. You could pick from a laundry list of brands and products you like and even have it anonymously track purchases to feed you more relevant products. You could choose banner style ad notifications or even visit a full page to make it more interactive. Maybe the ads could pop up where relevant when surfing to show you more options… If ads were fed data more personally and didn’t track your IP etc like can be achieved more easily on SAFE along with other techniques, then I think it could be even more valuable for you.

If you could set it up where the advertisers pay you then you could pass on the PtD rewards to users OR you could just let advertisers advertise for free through you and you receive the PtD rewards. The first model would bring in ad seekers (be similar to BAT in Brave) and the second would make advertisers flock to you.


I believe there are a number of great projects that will never flourish because of lack of exposure and poor or non-existent marketing. There are also an abundance of crap projects that do well because of maximum exposure and good marketing. Combine a good project with good marketing and it’s the moon.

Developers and coders can be a touch anti-social in attitudes. They can be their own worst enemies when it comes to promoting their products. I hope the SAFEnetwork doesn’t suffer this fate because the underlying concept and potential is revolutionary.


True, in many ways, but yes a generalisation, some devs make great companies, like Google, Apple (?), microsoft, paypal and more. However in maidsafe our marketing team don’t code and our devs don’t do traditional marketing, but they market us through contacts, talks and much more.

Marketing is such an area of soundbites and generalisations and then saying everything is marketing. I think the trick is, have a great product, tell a great story to as many people as possible and then you stand a chance. So as the accounts person does not code parsec, neither do the devs do the financial planning etc.

All of the above assumes the finances to achieve these teams, unfortunately not all people have that luxury and I say to the lone devs out there, market yourself, stay honest, tell a great story and try to grow your support.

Just as there is no company with perfect code (look at support forums) there is no company with perfect marketing as many will always say, it could have been better. So these questions do not have definitive answers and each product likely has its own story to tell. If the story is good enough and the product valued enough and all the legal, finance etc. are in place it can work.

People, to me anyway, seem to think it is just 2 things to make a success of a business,

  1. Product
  2. Marketing
    and they slate both of these in any order they wish, but the key is that it is always a much deeper story. Each depends on the other to differing degrees in my opinion and can be considered inversely proportional in many ways (great products need less marketing and vice versa). If it were only as simple as 2 things though wouldn’t it be great, every business would be able to run with a single page instruction set :wink:


The basics is that the whole network is a big server and you might be able to stretch the definition to say that a section is a serving component of that server. But no node can be a server since they cannot operate on their own, a node is like the disk controller in a server, it just gives the “sector” (chunk) asked for by the section which the network asked for.

So you could visualise it as the SAFE network is the server with many components. The sections are the file system components and the nodes are the disk controllers. There is no component in the safe network that can operate on its own, it takes the network to act like a commonly accepted internet server.

I am sure this will be the case. And there will be plenty of forum members here that will be able to help in general and specific cases. I would expect that the process will be as simple as sending your MAID to a “burn” address and you setting up a coin-account (via a wallet APP) which will receive the SAFE coin amount.


Nice analogy! 20 chars


I like this explanation.

I’ve always thought ‘if my node is serving data… it’s a server of some kind’, but I can see why that’s not the full picture; if my node only provides a small fraction of what is required to ‘serve’ a request from a user, it’s just one component in a big autonomous server.


Precisely. When I’m making hiring decisions, one of the primary things I look for is professionalism. Pouting and lambasting a company for determining you aren’t the right fit is not only unprofessional but also validated their choice to pass you over.


LOL good luck with that.
You are the second one claiming that, and the first one disappeared in aether surrounded with suspicions of fraud.
If you think it is simple to do the R&D for yourself and finish it first, well good luck with that.

Yes, there is a void in the marketing side of MaidSafe but in your post you come across as being too green for the position they are looking for.

Btw, with that attitude you won’t last long in any job.
Or get one in the first place.

Edit: just saw your CV and it is ridiculous. Good luck finding a job.


How in the world did this thread get so many comments???


“He commented” :wink: :smiley: :smiley:


I’m amazed - on so many levels…


He who must be obeyed created this topic. We must bow down to the superior knowledge being given to us from on high. The mortals of this earth just cannot comprehend the wisdom being espoused and we fight against all that is good.

Drats beaten by @dirvine in posting sarcasm. Also have we another nvo mastermind here?


Although I understand your question, that’s another extra comment that is added to the many :wink:
And also this comment is, but I’ve just seen the video of the OP now.
Let me comment on it. If find it also a good, enthusiastic video. And thank you @foreverjoyful for demonstrating the to-do example which I modified to work on the alpha Safe Network.


Seriously though, the damp thud with which any arguments hit the inner mush of @foreverjoyful’s active matter, the void of relevant reaction to some finer nuances and even some very blatant and concrete reasoning, gives me the impression that this is a full blood, real, hard core narcissist.

So utterly unaware of the bizarre nature of his appearance, it makes no sense to frame it otherwise.