My first, and probably last, video show-casing the SAFENetwork. And why I'm leaving

I try to stay away from this stuff, but I just can’t restrain myself. So you basically want to be Dictator of Maidsafe. And out of the goodness of your heart you even offer to take on that position for free? As long as Maidsafe pays for your expenses? Come on, man. You are either a child and thus still have a chance to grow up, or … I don’t know.


Wow. Is that how being part of a team works? Is your Dad a dictator or something?

You definitely need your own project if that’s how you want to work, and nobody with any creativity or insight will work with you if you only listen to yourself & dismiss any other views.

Best of luck with whatever you do in the future, and I hope you develop some humility & respect… that’ll help you more than any other skills you could gain.


:slight_smile: Oops.
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Why are you continuing to beat a dead horse??
This was NOT up for a vote, this was a Business decision on the part of Maidsafe, they didn’t ask for your approval, nor any of ours. They didn’t determine it was worthwhile, regardless of YOUR opinion!


Just passed some of the most recent posts. Really nice video @foreverjoyful and thanks for showing JAMS! It unfortunately doesn’t currently work with the latest releases of Peruse browser (only SAFE Browser) but that will change soon. I feel like I have to add that info whenever speaking about it since we’re behind on the API changes. It’s too bad you won’t make more.


Your enthusiasm is great @foreverjoyful - a cool video that provided and enthusiastic view of a community member and does get at some of the great things about the network. I think many would empathise with your frustrations as to some of the aspects of the projects marketing, it has been the theme of many threads on these forums. Although some of the suggestions in your “CV” may have some validity they lack thorough strategic thought, and from my perspective I would not hire you if I was responsible for that decision, particularly not for a Marketing Strategist role, even if you wanted to work for free.

Marketing is more than just building awareness of the project and having the proxy token listed, as much as both of these things would be nice to have. Energy needs to be devoted to shipping product and attracting developers to explore the current Alpha testnets and possibilities. That type of outreach is what is needed and I think it is coming, despite a perception that it may be waning.

As others have pointed out, being in charge as a dictator is not a leadership style that works well in any organisation, let alone in an organisation that is building open source software and has an open community of developers and users. Being in charge is more about listening, asking the right questions and being able to delegate to people you know are capable of executing, but also capable of challenging your decisions with pertinent and valid criticisms.

All the best with your pursuits and future project!


You ain’t going anywhere. We like you. Because… you bring us so much joy.


Wow…just wow :flushed:


Yup, my thoughts exactly. Narcissism. Haughty, arrogant, apathetic and egotistical, but often damn successful in achieving goals.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for his version of the Network. I’m stoked.


Okay not only are you bitching that you weren’t accepted to their marketing team but also declaring your vision that has a couple key flaws:

  1. If you’re working 24/7 when do you sleep? If you’re focused on marketing who is coding your project?
  2. Seamless integration with the clearnet is a SECURITY risk which is why SAFE hasn’t done it. The lack of integration is a feature not a bug. If you connect to the clear net how do you plan to maintain anonymity and security?
  3. So… you plan to fund your decentralized internet with ads? Don’t we get enough spam as it is? What every 15 minutes of surfing we get a popup? Or perhaps you’re going to get into the nasty habit of selling people’s data? There’s a reason people use ad blockers.

If these are your ideals I can see your proposed project crashing and burning.


I have not much to add.

All of it is obvious.

My only recommendation:

  1. Go out and get yourself some real world job experience, thus far you have none. Working at McDonald’s is a start.
  2. Read a book called How to Win Friends and Influence People. Once you have read it, read it again.

P.S. let us know how you go with getting us listed on exchanges :smile:

That is all.


Just wanted to say thank you for this piece of advice myself. I’m not the OP or tied, just passed by & red this comment & gonna buy the book/borrow from library.


Wasn’t bitching at all. Actually wasn’t surprising. I kinda expected it but at least now i can say i have REALLY tried.

If you have read what I said carefully. You’d understand what i meant was development teams AROUND THE GLOBE, IN DIFFERENT TIMEZONES will work, such that there’ll at least be one team of people are onto it any hour you pick in the 24 hours of a day!

It’s called, having a private mode in the browser that’s not enabled by default, because 90% of the people don’t care as much, if they do they can obviously CHOOSE to have the option to have the browser not visit any site at all that’s clearnet…

There’ll just be banner ads and other non-invasive types of ads, there’s many types of ads. I don’t even know where did pop-up ads come from. People can choose to opt out of ads, they just won’t be paid to surf the network. it’s very simple lol.

Website owners can also choose to put ads or not on their website, or even block users to visit their site if they have blocked ads(just like some sites do now). Although I think 99% of sites will have ads because that’s how the current internet works and how people are incentivised to create content. The current SAFENetworks economic model isn’t exactly sustainable as i mentioned, especially with Pay the Producer and no recurring revenue streams(altho the apps may generate additional revenue, and/or the team will change the code if it doesn’t end up working, idk). Also cutting out ads will basically make websites put on ads anyway because popular site will get approached by businesses to put banners up for a cost. So end result is there’ll be ads anyway and you probably can’t even block them. The approach taken by the team won’t work in the real world but they still couldn’t wake up to the reality. Altho, I do want to say I am certain SOME people will still use the network(watch the last bit of my video and you’ll understand why) but it is unlikely to be mass adopted, that’s the difference, what I want to create is a network that’ll be mass adopted. And people need to be incentivised to use it, and why wouldn’t they, since they browse the net anyway. and content creators can get paid, while good start-ups businesses can promote themselves easily to the entire user-base of the network if they so wish. Everyone wins.

There’s NO WAY advertising on the internet(and in general really) is going to stop because some team has developed a new technology and different software layer for the internet. So you either embrace it at a network wide level and make the network a great one, or don’t and (especially) with the current marketing style, join the group of Tor browsers and Bittorrent. Theres no advertising in those places and they have rarely any marketing too.

Sigh…anyway… I do appreciate your questions but would be really nice if you spend about 10 minutes to yourself thinking of solutions to such problems before asking. If you have any further questions, after thinking and can’t figure out a solution please feel free to bring it up.

I’ll personally only be using ad free services on the SAFE Network. I think most people dislike ads so if alternatives exist I think they’ll find that appealing. It’s up to us to set good examples and give people the option to choose rather than just give up before we’ve even begun.

I think people really miss the point that this is our second chance to get the internet right, make a massive improvement, shift the way we interact with data, the web, each other. We should be getting as idealistic, creative, and collaborative as f*#% right now so when our kids grow up they have something that helps them instead of hinders them. A life with less distractions and more answers. Somewhere they can safely store their ever evolving ideas of the world without potentially being prosecuted for having an unpopular thought. Somewhere where their digital identity/activity isn’t bought and sold by corporate pimps.

Let’s try to do better not accept the fate that others wrote for us.


Do you know sometimes the ads are very useful. Until recently I used Audible but I saw an ad for Scribd and I’m in love… so far I have been paying for 3 books a month on Audible and now on Scribd I have access to unlimited number of audiobooks… this is a game change for my life thanks to advertising :wink:


Anyway I don’t think there’s much point to me explaining here. My time is better spent finding people that can understand what I’m trying to do. Basically why I’m leaving now, instead of trying to change the MaidSafe team.


Don’t worry, people in this community may not understand. I mean… they’re after all still here so must follow literally every bit of the teams philosophy and thinking. But it’s less than 100 people out of billions in the world. Literally everyone else I spoke to tho, outside of this community, so far is interested in the idea. So I guess you have to realise the community here’s preferences of what they’d want/not want in the network don’t matter as much given the grand scale of things, and move on with better things in life :slight_smile:

There’s no way advertising can stop, regardless of if the SAFENetwork is out or not(from my experience in online marketing), altho definitely not for the worse!

I’m interested in following this project, can you please let me know if / when you start so I can keep up with the latest?


I do not like the idea of an embedded ad system. In my opinion MaidSafe’s proposal is much better plus it does not rule out the possibility of ads. Just the focus is not on the ads. This does not mean there will be no ads.

I’m a member of this community since 2014 :wink: And I will not go anywhere else :wink: The SAFE Network is much better than anything else in the crypto sphere…