My first, and probably last, video show-casing the SAFENetwork. And why I'm leaving

So I’ve made this video, to show people the tech, the Alpha, and its implications.

But as the Maidsafe team has repeatedly declined to work with me, and rejected my “application” to be their marketing strategist FREE of charge(this was about a month ago, though i still made the video afterwards as I still quite like the technology and its implications), after me taking a long time to write my CV, in it outlining several suggestions I recommended them to do. I have pretty much never written a CV in my life(since I don’t really like the CV system), and especially not this long and detailed…they were like “sorry we can’t accept you without a CV” so i went ahead and did it, just for them… and they still refused…(for those that are really interested the CV is here)

Also, for the record, after attending Consensus Singapore 2018, and speaking to the OkEX listing team about the project at their stand, I was completely surprised that they never heard of the project(actually, i really shouldn’t be…) but anyway, I went ahead and talked to them about it and they were like “omg it’s in top 100? We were looking for projects in the top 100 to list! We have many project listed there that’s way below the top 100!” And I’m like… BIGGEST FACEPALM EVER

They pretty much indicated that they’d do it for free and they’re the top 3-4 largest exchange in the world!!!

So anyway, even after I’ve been rejected by MaidSafe to move anywhere they like and work with them for FREE, I still went ahead and spent a week making a personal video for OkEX’s whole team to have a look at( The listing person was quite enthusiastic about seeing the video. And I will do the same for Binance as I’ve got direct contact with them too(in fact video just finished uploading as I type this From my conversation so far with OkEX I think an exchange listing with them is quite likely in the near future.(yeah, I’m asking myself the same question, I honestly don’t know what their marketing team is doing. They have a marketing team? Really?)

So, anyways that’s all fine. That’ll probably(and i say probably because you never know the future) be the last things I’ll do for this project(other than still maintaining the Telegram group from time to time, And I actually can’t leave as an admin since I’m the creator of the group, Telegram won’t let me). But all in all, I think I’ll have time better spend elsewhere, such as creating my own version of the decentralised internet, taking certain codes from the SAFENetwork as needed. If i ever do, it’ll have much better marketing, deadlines and development teams all around the world working 24/7 in different timezones after i do my own fundraising. It would be nothing like this. People will also be paid to surf on the network, revenue will come from advertisers, browser will have awesome GUI and the browser will also integrate seamlessly with the clear-net. As for MaidSafe and this project, there’s no competition as it will have 1:1 token swap with existing MaidSafe token(with MaidSafe foundation also getting a % if I do end up using a majority of their code).

Anyways, do give some feedback on the video! :smiley: Feel free to PM me regarding anything too.


You live in Singapore?

Are you a developer?

Flew from Australia. Altho since i have dropped out of uni recently my address is “decentralised” now(no permanent address now, currently in mainland China). I’m looking for opportunities in this space, especially to work with projects I’m passionate about, or create my own.

Unfortunately I don’t code, I can learn it, and would, but i feel like my efforts are better spend at marketing and establishing business relationships, and working with a group of developers instead of coding myself!

I haven’t watched the video yet, but will do. However, IIRC maidsafe were looking for a marketing director. To me, that suggests at least 10y commercial experience, probably double that. They bring with them a wealth of expertise, based on prior successes and failures.

It probably just wasn’t the right time for you and your approach likely just highlighted that. Take it on the chin, find some good mentors and keep moving forward.


Thanks for taking the time to make the video.

Just a couple of points. Completing a CV is not a guarantee of a position, but it is a minimum requirement for us. Although we didn’t think you suitable for the role, your CV did give us a lot more insight into your background and experience over and above your initial email. So while I agree CVs are far from a perfect tool, they are still very useful.

Not sure who you were speaking to at OkEx, but they are most certainly aware of us, we have spoken to them at length a couple of times and they send us relatively regular updates. It’s not entirely true they would do it for free, the listing is, but they require an extensive ‘promo budget’ for airdrops/shows…etc…

Anyway, I wish you all the best with your future endeavours, James, and look forward to seeing your alternative SAFE Network should you wish to go down that road.


We’re looking for a Marketing Strategist as opposed to a Director, but you are correct, Paul, that this is a role where we are looking for a lot of experience in similar roles.


If you had posted this video the first thing you did on this forum, you would have easily 30+ likes. Maybe 50.
I think you did a great video, and had you posted it under a new nickname, or say under a well known and respected nickname, there would have been no end to the appraisals - with the exact same content.

You’re not going to get that appraisal now, since you have been involved in conflicts, which - bluntly speaking - has tarred you here.

Now I would say that above fact has at least two sides to it:

  1. You made this to yourself.
  2. People get “tarred”, and are not objectively judged by their performance only, but by saying the right or the wrong things, and being liked by the right or the wrong people.

I would say that 1. is something negative from your side, and 2. is very basic human problem, always existed, probably always will exist. People will like what you do based on how much they like you.
So a person that is liked, can jump one feet, and get a lot of applause, and a person not liked, will need to jump many times that high, to get the same approval from people. Basic psychology

Almost no company will hire (in this case collaborate, since you apparently offered to work for free) someone they don’t personally like, someone they feel wouldn’t fit in well with the team. From my point of view, the conflicts you were involved in, and how you presented yourself, made you appear as a person very much in contrast with what MaidSafe are looking for, when it comes to personal qualities.

I don’t think you came out that way at all in the video, so it’s a shame things ended up like that.
But, I mean, there’s of course something tangible behind how you did express yourself in text, so that’s still there.


I wasn’t looking for appraisal… not from this community anyway. Don’t know what you’re thinking. All the good people have either left or just not really focusing on this project anymore. My time is better spent elsewhere too now I realise.

Well, account that on non-native speaker here.
Recognition from the community for your work then, agreement that you have a point or that you did a good job. All those things.


Hmm, not really, I’m just posting what happened, aka facts. For people to see and decide whatever feedback they want to give the project, or don’t, doesn’t matter either way. And also that i’ll be leaving with the last video for the community, a basic farewell to be honest. You do realise you’re using your desires as a framework to judge mine, but you have to realise everyone is different, i don’t share your desires, definitely not in this aspect at this moment.

Thank you :slight_smile: Likewise for you and your team!!!


Paying attention to how you are percieved by others, and caring for how you come forth, is just basic stuff.
It’s the grease in public interaction, and works as a tool for you if you recognise its worth. People are people, you need to take that into account.

It becomes quite clear how things end up like they do for you if you do not recognise its worth at all.


The video seems to be very informative James, a nice touch.

We cannot refuse to let you work for free, you can do that and the video showed that. I have no idea why you want our approval for that never mind want to become part of a paid marketing team that you berate so much.

Nothing wrong with alternatives, this one is a polar opposite to us in terms of function, so that is good. Then we would cover a large target space similar to A|B testing approach, who knows?

This part is likely to be an issue, you see for us the 1:1 swap will mean the maidsafecoin tokens are burned, you would likely need to do the same otherwise folk would claim your coin, then go through tumblers or similar and claim again. So that process likely needs a burn phase, then it would be competition for the users who hold maidsafecoins, if that makes sense.

Anyhow, good luck with your future plans and if they involve fundraising and creating global dev teams then it will be nice to see, we have always stated we would love competition in creating some of the libs as we would turn that into partnerships. This is in terms of delivering our vision (for all of the libs), yours is different, perhaps, but we can still partner with anyone in the creation and delivery of the libraries, like crust, routing and all associated libs.

When I say partner, I mean the dev rewards would be shared with more people who improve those libs.


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Well… you obviously didn’t read the CV i took long to write, which is fine. I’ll explain again… basically, i wanted to be officially part of the team so what I say gets done. It’s no longer these long discussions with no result causing me to waste time. If I say we are going to turn to ERC20 so we can have use DEX and Bancor protocol for more liquidity, we do it, and if i say we are going to have our own rebrand, we do it. If I say we are going to get more funding by selling 10% more of our tokens, and market it so get more funding, we do it. If there are people need to be fired from the marketing team and new people employed, we do that too. If i say we need to hire this marketing firm etc, we do it… I can’t implement anything otherwise and I’m wasting my time.

Thank you! And sure, I think decentralising the internet is a global effort. Obviously can partner in some aspects, I don’t really see it as competition. I just want the project done. And mass adopted. SAFENetwork and where it seems to be going don’t seem to be able to get mass adoption to be honest, so that’s why I think an alternative approach is necessary, especially because you guys don’t seem to be able to want to listen to any of my advice… and…refuses to pay $200k to list on Binance in this space in current times, I will do things very differently in terms of marketing for sure, which I think is the key to adoption :slight_smile:

But hey, I may not do it. But I may. I will see.

I didn’t and don’t read many CVs at all, others do though.

We do listen, obviously, it does not mean we take it. If you create a large project you will not take everyone’s advice either, that is perfectly normal.

Great, the more the merrier IMO.

True, why should we (maidsafe) pay anyway? should we hold all the coins to do this, take away runway when the product is incomplete etc. As a company I would forbid us to trade in coins like a trader, I also think us holding huge numbers of coins is not great at all. We need to earn things and not be holders of huge quantities of coins pre-launch. After launch, we hopefully will get our rewards, but pre-launch we should not.

There are many reasons for not giving money to anyone who demands it. If an exchange can profit through trades then it should, asking for more is kinda daylight robbery or blackmail. We get several emails every week asking for listing fees on many exchanges, some pay to get on binance and their coin price drops etc.

However you can decide differently and pay, we will not deride you for doing so :wink:

[edit: I have scanned your CV now, FYI]


OMG… am i really hearing this… Well anyway, what can i say… it was actually answered in my CV – we live in the real world of cryptos in 2018, not an idealistic dream…

Anyways, you guys are great developers, with a great open source philosophy. But I think for anything to actually be implemented and adopted, especially in mass, in the real world, we can’t live in idealistic dreams. So anyway. Fairwell! Sincerely wish you and your team all the best David! :smiley:

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Only if you are reading out loud :wink:

Seriously this is how we work, you can do it 100% differently.


Nice video @foreverjoyful
It would be nicer without the accompanying drama.

Worth noting that

Is somewhat of an


I to have that dream :wink: one day, one day, but I doubt it can be in a company of more than one :smiley: