My First 24 Hours With Purism's Librem 15 v4 Laptop And PureOS

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I’m really interested in Purism, and I know they take a long time to source their hardware and write drivers to ensure privacy, security, etc., but they dropped the ball big time on their last product refresh. They came out with a “new” machine on a Intel Core Gen 7 when Gen 8 with two extra cores on basically the same power usage had been out for months. They should have been anticipating this, and building the rest of the hardware around the Gen 8, and then just sourcing that when it became available.

They also follow the Apple pricing strategy of charging way over retail for upgrade parts. I don’t understand the markup for these items, when they get them below retail themselves. Their products are already expensive niche products, it doesn’t make sense to charge $500 for a $150-200 500G NVME drive which just seems like a kick in the pants to those who want to support their mission. I realize most of their consumers are likely technical enough to replace or put in these parts themselves, but it doesn’t make it any less annoying.