My dad was President and so was my mom

I was President and so were a couple of my sons. This kind of crap is not even dynasty its monarchy or plantation. Its a 4th term for Bill Clinton. Its wrong!

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We need to abolish the US Presidency and purge the supreme court of its elitest structure. But on the way to doing that we need a century rule that bars anyone remotely related to anyone serving in the role of president or vice president for 100 years from any Federal post.

No more stupid inbred dynasties and no more cult or religion of ‘leadership.’ No more executive no more comander n chief all that crap has to be tossed. A magic 8 ball would be better. There will be no Clintons, or Trumps or Nixons or Kennedies in any role in the Fed for the next 100 years. No more idiotic bloodline hereditary nonsense no more first spouses etc. No more lines of sell outs who will do anything for useless money who prositute the population for personal gain who want to keep the value of capital elevated so they can protect and prolong a system based on raw abuse. Capital as a role has been defunct for 5 decades and its not coming back unless automation goes away with us getting knocked into the stone age. Its time for real freedom.