My coin is in poloniex

how exchange process will work from maidsafecoin to safecoin its necessary to move my coin to omni wallet if yes? then anybody can help me?

yes, you can withdraw them to your omni wallet just the same way you would withdraw bitcoin.


You need to login into omniwallet & import the private key (you need to export it from a bitcoin webwallet or whichever wallet you’r using) & you need bitcoins on that omniwallet as you still pay the onmiwallet transactions fee in bitcoin.

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thanks <3 but i am still confused :confused:

No. You can move your MAID to any Bitcoin address provided you have the private key to that address.
You only need to import to omni to send the coins if you would like to move them later - not to receive them.

From the image above it appears your test transaction was successful.
What are you uncertain of?


deposit process successful and what is withdrawal process? from omniwallet and thanks for valuable comment

Personally Id suggest searching the forum for info and help on paper wallets if you intend to keep them long term.
You can easily withdraw/send from the address pictured above once they are in there. (Will require more btc sent to the address though)
Sorry Im driving all day, cant be much more help right now.

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The exchange process is not even planned in detail yet.

Other than that it will be a 1 to 1 exchange rate.

So be patient and just keep an eye on the forum.

Im sure there will be plenty of noise about it once we are close.

Once test safecoin is worked out we will be alot closer.

To withdraw using’s wallet

  • Make sure there is enough BTC at the address your MAID is at. At this time that would be between 0.0013 and 0.003 BTC
  • Import the private key for the address into the’s wallet. Unless you’ve done this previously
  • Use the wallet’s send function to send the coins to whatever address you wish to.

This is why people say only send your coins to an address you have the private key to, because without the private key you cannot access your coins in the new address.

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I use zumminer wallet, it is good and free