My campaign to earn 1MM MAID in 1 year, 1 hour at a time, doing crowd directed SAFE development


Benefits to rewriting it in Rust would include:

  • Rust is a better language than JavaScript improving the development experience, maintainability, and overall quality.
  • Rust is the lingua franca of SAFE itself.
  • An opportunity to revisit any prior aspect of design or implementation that should be improved.

If those are valued sufficiently it would be worth it, otherwise I don’t believe so.


I can respect your wish for privacy.
But to me it seems like you are at job interview without a cv.
I could not hire you if you cant show yourself capable of doing what you want to do.



I can certainly appreciate your point.

I would counter that the overhead (read: cost) of hiring, and potentially firing, for an employed position is much greater than evaluating a contractor in as little as 1 hour increments.

Being occasionally responsible for technical hiring, if a candidate appeared out of nowhere, demonstrated an immediate conversational competence with the domain, and was ready to demonstrate ability on a short term contract basis at a discount rate, I would and have agreed.

That’s not to say this campaign is currently the right fit for everyone. For some it may be preferable to wait until I’ve delivered results here.


Awesome. You will be the first person I contact if I got a killer app idea. There is no chance I would be ble to develop one myself so I would definitely need someone’s help.


That is certainly an improvement. Maybe the PtD rewards could be set to be the MaidSafe Foundation Charity to aid the charity.

I feel we would need a community “board” to oversee the administration and work done. Thus people can contribute to the projects whether someone pays them or not. A community project, and any payments to others is not handled by the “board”, the “board” is simply there to look after the github account and ensure PtD address is set to a worthy charity.


I am of course for this, but I want to offer something that I think will make more money for the MaidSafe Foundation Charity…

I am assuming that more people would give money for development time if they could earn something. So for me, the real road to success is:

  • 5% of the PtD rewards to be directed to Charity
  • 5% for advertising
  • 90% to be distributed among investors…

Just some thoughts. Right now when MAID is at is lowest since before early 2017, it is a good time to be a reciever of a salary in MAID. I would personally keep the powder dry until Fleming success, if funding would come from investment capital and not ongoing cash flow. On Fleming success any paid salary would have got leverage from the rise of invested capital

I would probably only pay in advance if I knew all information about the one that was going to do the job. Otherwise I would pay hour by hour or on completion.


That requires a legal entity, pay taxes, etc. Its not something that can be done independently of having legal entity. The reason is you are distributing funds and record keeping has to be made, and audited each year.

By setting the charity as the receiver of the PtD then there is no need for anything since it is a legal entity receiving the funds and they handle it from there.


I think you would have to do some reporting either way. Regardless of who gets the PtD rewards you are still paying an employee. At least in Canada when you pay someone hourly you have to keep records of that and deduct taxes as you go then at the end give them a slip of how much tax you already paid for the employees reporting.

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Very interesting. In Bulgaria, all crypto is magic monopoly money. Paying a worker with them is like playing a game…


Ya the more I think about it for me to hire someone from Canada @anon57419684 's requirement to remain anon is just unworkable. It doesn’t matter if I pay him in gold bars or bags of rice, you have to report that transfer of value in exchange for work to the government and you can’t say I hired some mystery man. So as much as I would prefer to hire him, I would probably have to just find a programmer in Canada that was willing to do it with full disclosures.

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I have a solution to this problem. You can hire me and point me out as the person receiving your money in front of your government. I’ll give you all the information you need. I also have a valid electronic signature if I need to sign something.

Because MAID are magic money in my country, I don’t have to pay taxes on them and I can pass them on to @anon57419684


That is the responsibility of the contractor. Normal stuff
If the one paying wants a tax deduction then they will report it too, Normal stuff
In any case the payer needs to record the value of the coin given as a value on the profit side of their ledger

This is NOT what I was referring to

Most western countries AFAIK are going for the “trading” side and you have to value the transaction for each transaction and list them in ones P&L for extra income

That’ll work for the other person. Just make sure your tax office/government does not change definitions/laws on you.


Every year I file a declaration for all the crypto I have bought. I only owe tax if I turn the crypto into fiat money. If I turn from 1 crypto to another crypto I owe nothing. :dragon:


Seems to me that it would be a better idea to use the donated funds to hire MaidSafe to work on it. They have a higher level of trust with the community and are best suited to see what needs the most urgent attention.

No offense to latch or his enthusiasm but this isn’t the first time this forum has seen people come in like a whirlwind and leave just as fast.

If latch is interested in writing a good app, there is nothing stopping him from creating the product first and then collecting PtD or offering to sell the source code to make it open source after (just like the rest of the very talented software devs on this forum are doing/planning).


I don’t necessarily think paying MaidSafe to do an app makes sense at all. Why would they write an app they don’t have control over? Nor do they have the dev resources to divert to that project.

I also think calling him out for his rate is uncalled for. Sure, in the UK, and pretty much every country not the US, devs don’t make as much. I’m not saying he is from the US, as I have no idea, but $50/hr is a reasonable price for even a minimally experienced dev here. There are salaried devs with 5 years experience making $100k. Heck, on the West coast, that’s right out of college money. Any contractor in the US makes ~20% more than salaried employees to account for an additional tax burden and insurance, so $50/hr is really a bargain price for a dev in the US.

I have no intention of hiring someone to do coding, since I could do it myself if I really desired to, but if you are hung up on the pay, you can always go on Fiverr, or something, and hire a dev from India for pennies on the dollar. Meanwhile, this guy is here, and seemingly enthusiastic. I don’t like his chances of getting his desired full time gig from this, but if someone wants a project done and has a pile of money to hire a dev, it seems like a reasonable proposal.

It would be probably helpful for the OP to code up a simple chat program, or some other simple task, with a minimal UI, and put the code up under some throwaway GitHub account to at least demonstrate basic competency, though. I understand the desire for privacy, but offering zero proof of ability is a little odd. Seeing as even the most basic tasks showing competency would cost the client $400-500, that’s a decently large ask on faith alone.


I think this is pretty fair. Overall not a bad idea at all. Why exclusively Rust?



Thank you for your kind words.

I would be happy to produce a small project at my expense.

I invite others to join me in identifying the greatest immediate need having the following properties:

  • Commonly useful - By building something of value to multiple SAFE users I’ll learn in some detail how others use SAFE.
  • Simple concept - By limiting the scope of my first SAFE project I’ll learn what I can currently accomplish with Rust and SAFE in approximately 40 hours.
  • Immediately feasible - By restricting ambition to existing SAFE features, as of the most recent update, I’ll avoid a potential production impediment.

Possible ideas:



Using one superior language for all of the software I produce is an efficiency strategy that makes it feasible for me to

at a high level.