My campaign to earn 1MM MAID in 1 year, 1 hour at a time, doing crowd directed SAFE development


Fortunately I’m not seeking charity. To the contrary I’m offering to work at nearly half of my normal rate.

I am not offering an investment. I am offering development time.


It’s a charity in that you are asking people to fund something that helps the community at a cost to themselves. If you think that’s not a charity then neither would it be if you just donated your time. Your proposition is not attractive from an investment perspective because you are’t giving me anything exclusive like you would be getting from the deal in the form of people buying your time for money.


It is the Tragedy of the commons and it usually doesn’t work. I say usually because if you remember we managed to raise money for a video clip and the fact is that many good people support my efforts to promote SAFE …

Maybe among us is someone rich enough to hire a programmer to do the program he wants just because he wants it and money is no problem…


All you have to do to donate to development is pump the hell outa MAID so they actual dev team where we have sorta kinda solved the tragedy of the commons with digital tokens can hire another guy. I think if you want to be a freelance dev it’s gonna be reallly hard to find a rich person to just pay you to do whatever. If you want a rich person to pay you they probably want something in return lol.

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No offense but I find that a somewhat narrow way of perceiving this. It’s more like an investment than a charity. Either you own MAID or Safecoin and if your app idea creates any buzz or draws anyone to the ecosystem then you could be getting a return on your investment and that’s not counting PtD rewards. Even if not strictly a financial reward, the network is stronger the more users/farmers there are to secure your stored data or give you the opportunity to farm. Perhaps you value anonymity in which a more prosperous network would more robustly facilitate that.

If there are no apps there isn’t much point to using the SAFE Network and you can’t expect Maidsafe to seed the network with all of the apps that would replace everything out there on the legacy internet.


I like what you say. Let’s act then. I’m redirecting my budget from the Monthly Twitter sharing event with prizes of 2400 MAID to this campaign.

Anyone who wants to get involved can send MAID to: 3G3fxSc1pTXDBPstkDtjd1EePMD3haoQWr and when we reach 102560 MAID (160 hours x (50$/h / 0.078$ MAID) ) for development we will hire @latch.

We’ll run a poll for which app to hire him. If we do not raise the money for a certain time, say 1 month I will return the money to everyone back…


Some very valid points here… still I think dev team is there to solve the big everyone problems. To finically help solve those just support them and get MAID in the process so everyone wins.

There is certainly room for freelancers but they should not just ask for money in exchange for nothing more then everyone else gets. I mean please prove me wrong but I don,t think many people would want to put in when they could just let someone else pay and get the same reward. If you want me to pay you by the hour to dev something it really would have to be something where I am essentially buying the longer term PtD rewards.


I like it! I’ll throw down. Should we get a list of apps to be chosen from to drum up excitement even before polling? Curious if that would help or not, either way I’m in.

Edit: Dimitar and I will be creating a post soon if anyone is interested, keep your eyes peeled!



I’ve thought of a related risk that would fall under my purview and I have a possible solution to propose.

I’ve stated that sponsored code I wrote for projects would be available in public GitLab repositories, however that should be further specified. Similar to @dimitar’s escrow/pool a community GitLab account could be created by an entity separate from myself.

The asset provenance would be:

  1. Community account creates empty repositories named for projects.
  2. I build with my account and in my forks of the repositories.
  3. From my account, I open merge requests with produced assets (code, documentation, etc.) in the repositories of the community account.
  4. Merge requests are accepted by community account, assets are merged, and assets are outside of my control.
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I must apologize for missing your point.

My personal opinion is that this campaign has the following forms of value to investors:

  • More SAFE interest and activity.
  • An example of sufficient technical confidence in SAFE required to accept MAID for compensation. (off-ramping 60% to fiat)
  • Accepting MAID for a useful professional service creates demand and adds to MAID’s fundamental value.
  • As I begin working with SAFE I will be functioning as a beta tester to the developer on-boarding process and opening issues/pull requests, GitHub’s term for merge requests and SAFE’s repositories are hosted there, that I believe would improve it. Better developer on-boarding, easier developer on-boarding, more developers, more building.
  • As I build experience working with SAFE I will be able to review existing design decisions and implementations, offer critiques, as well as contribute to ongoing conceptual development. More competent eyes, more ideas, a technically higher quality end product.
  • More avenues for those having good SAFE ideas and capital, yet lacking in technical acumen or time, to realize those ideas.

I minimize risk by engineering granularity into production. Smaller and faster milestones enables failure to be revealed and ROI to be ascertained earlier, reducing capital exposure.



If I understand correctly, the CEP is directed by MaidSafe. Although that is a very valuable program I believe an unserved market exists.

What I’ve proposed is similar and complementary with the difference that this campaign is community directed and funded. Another difference is the CEP structure has a higher barrier to entry for developers, requiring uncompensated proposals and a long lead time, whereas what I’ve proposed will give me the peace of mind of knowing that time I invest does not carry the risk of being uncompensated.

I’m hopeful that if this campaign is successful the CEP could adopt elements of it and thereby avail the model to other developers.

If some projects of this campaign could be funded in whole or in part with CEP funds that would be all the better.


Thank you for your willingness to take a chance on me.

For sake of maximizing the odds of success, I would suggest initially organizing it less ambitiously.

Rather than setting a high and arbitrary bar of 160 hours, I would prefer to begin with something smaller that allows us to establish results almost immediately. Stage 1 of a CMS at 9 hours is a good example.



As Safecoin apparently has or will have the ability to distribute rewards across a set of addresses per some proportion that is an option.

Furthermore, projects don’t necessarily have to be public and open source. The topic’s language doesn’t cover that case so I will add it. Thank you for identifying my omission.


Hey @latch do you intend on being the one to receive the PtD rewards? The answer to your post on multiple adresses, the answer is yes that an app can have multiple owners.

Just to lay out my opinion is if someone hires you then the work is effectively theirs but perhaps there could be a percentage agreement in PtD rewards going into the hire that some or most would be comfortable with.


Oh, I was just giving the nod to the suggestion resuming work on Safe-CMS would be pretty cool, should you end up getting funded.

As for your idea, of course it raises eyebrows and questions, but if it works out, it will be interesting.



Thank you for your willingness to take a chance on me.

I would be happy to assist your decision making process where useful.

That CMS was a Node.js project, but you said you wanted to work in Rust - would you plan on doing a rewrite in Rust, or continuing to develop the existing code?



No. As stated here I have no intention of deploying sponsored projects to collect their ongoing Safecoin rewards.

I’ve added a FAQ section to the original topic. Is the language adequate?

That’s the law [in my jurisdiction], the industry standard, and what I would expect. Assuming that is why I didn’t include language covering it in the topic however being explicit is an improvement.

Excellent, thank you. (@andyypants)

Naturally, having confidence in SAFE and a long view of it, I would very much appreciate such consideration.



[Re]write entirely in Rust.

Analyzing the viability of that would be an element of part B of stage 1.

I initially feel rewriting might be a waste of resources but if the functionality, UI, and vision can be progressed in the same vein but in Rust then it might be worth it. SAFE-CMS is a powerful tool, especially with the templates.