My campaign to earn 1MM MAID in 1 year, 1 hour at a time, doing crowd directed SAFE development

I don’t think MaidSafe would want to spend $104,000 on freelance engineering(Rate of 40 hours per week @ $50 per hour for a year). $50 per hour is pretty steep for freelance, they would rather have a quality salaried person at that rate I imagine which comes with reliability and dedicated effort(but it sounds like the team right now is a good size to hopefully deliver on an MVP).



I’ve thought of another potential form of value your generous offer to provide free escrow could add. Multiple parties interested in sponsoring a directive could pool their resources with you first to prove interest as well as alleviate my record keeping overhead.



Yes and I think that that’s an excellent idea. It would provide an opportunity to salvage investment from the past by successfully realizing its value.

I have taken the initiative of beginning the evaluation of a project of that nature, skimming Safe-CMS - Censorship is a thing of the past and SAFEpress: A Web App that builds websites/blogs on SAFE Network and developing my thoughts.

I would approach it in the following stages:

  1. To know where we are, assess the existing investment by:
    A. Thoroughly reading both topics.
    B. Identifying options, unknowns, potential risks, and risk management consideration.
    C. Organizing the pertinent data into an outline.
  2. To know precisely what success looks like, with community input, sufficiently specifying a production plan organizing the concept into milestones.
  3. To see early and regular success, build a milestone at a time as discrete directives.

Each stage, being a directive, would include the summary of the work, produced assets as applicable, and provide the opportunity for regular community feedback to be integrated.

As stated here time I spend learning SAFE is at my expense and not yours.

I estimate stage 1 requiring 530 minutes or 9 hours rounding up.

A. 170 minutes.
B. 240 minutes.
C. 120 minutes.

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May I ask what specifically you are referring to? I wish to ensure that I do not incorrectly presume the value to you here.


I would prefer not to. Fully respecting that I’m new to the forum and showing no prior work, I’m happy to accommodate any reasonable method of alleviating risk such as My campaign to earn 1MM MAID in 1 year, 1 hour at a time, doing crowd directed SAFE development.


Without specifying the profile of the developer that’s difficult to discuss. Assuming you’re referring to mine that’s incorrect. My contract rate is $80/hr and is competitive. I’m offering it through this campaign for $50.

As with any aspect of this campaign, I would especially invite other developers to critique and challenge me.


I think the plan is to commission work from community members that have ideas and funds but no coding experience. The effort to obtain trust by being granular with time seems genuine to me. What is someone going to make off with $50? Even if that happened then they would be able to tell the rest of the community just as much as they could share progress of the open source repo if the work is completed.

Cut the guy some slack. I think it’s a possible opportunity and an interesting proposition for those with ideas and no coding experience. We could use more active development of apps imo.



That’s an incorrect assumption. A moderator could look in my messages and confirm that if they wish.

I’ve either already addressed your other points or IMHO they are irrelevant. For example, those helping for free are doing a good thing, but we are different people and unfortunately I do not currently have that option.

I have value to offer, I had an interesting idea, I proposed it, and it will be capitalized on or not.


Please also consider that the way this has been done previously is that the person presented their project and offered something for the contributors in return. OR the person did the work with the expectation that they would earn their “money” through PtD rewards that will occur over time.

To pay an “independent contractor” means they are earning at commercial rates then earning the PtD rewards after. In reality its the people who pay their bills who legally should be earning the PtD rewards since the contractor has already received their payment.

Thus in this situation we start to have a messy situation both in who should be getting what and legally.

This needs to be carefully considered.


I read this as anyone can hire you, including for their own SAFE net projects, kind of like a freelancer, right?


While you are indeed offering value, it’s like I pay you then you do something for everyone basically. Not that I would not consider a small amount as a "charitable donation… but as an investment I don’t see how you would be making me money personally.

I am doubtful you will find 1M of charity from our modest sized community. Perhaps if you could frame it as an investment you could get those kind of numbers. For example you create an app for me to own and make the passive income off.


I don’t think he understands this part of the network design… If you read this part of his topic you will see that he does not know that 5% of all SafeCoin is reserved for the development of the network and will be accessible to anyone who can contribute:


Well maybe there are some git issues raised on some of the MaidSafe repos labeled as challenging. If you can get in there with minimal guidance and refactor or add the additional logic in short time I am sure you could find a place among the dev team. SAFE is desperately needed, and if you are kickass brilliant dev then idk why they couldn’t pay out some big bucks to someone who can fully shoulder the burden in certain aspects of the network left to complete, crank out some thousands of lines of code and deliver what we need :smile:.

I don’t have any rust/decentralized/web 3.0 tech specialties so I play the cheerleader role around here even though I am a software engineer by trade, plus the day job keeps me too burned out to want to dig into big side projects.



Are you asking? Because it appears that you’re assuming and if so that’s incorrect. As described, any sponsored code I wrote for projects would be available in public GitLab repositories. I would have no intention of deploying it myself to earn ongoing Safecoin rewards.

What I’m offering is simply, buy my time as a developer and point it at any SAFE-related purpose.





Fortunately I’m not seeking charity. To the contrary I’m offering to work at nearly half of my normal rate.

I am not offering an investment. I am offering development time.


It’s a charity in that you are asking people to fund something that helps the community at a cost to themselves. If you think that’s not a charity then neither would it be if you just donated your time. Your proposition is not attractive from an investment perspective because you are’t giving me anything exclusive like you would be getting from the deal in the form of people buying your time for money.


It is the Tragedy of the commons and it usually doesn’t work. I say usually because if you remember we managed to raise money for a video clip and the fact is that many good people support my efforts to promote SAFE …

Maybe among us is someone rich enough to hire a programmer to do the program he wants just because he wants it and money is no problem…


All you have to do to donate to development is pump the hell outa MAID so they actual dev team where we have sorta kinda solved the tragedy of the commons with digital tokens can hire another guy. I think if you want to be a freelance dev it’s gonna be reallly hard to find a rich person to just pay you to do whatever. If you want a rich person to pay you they probably want something in return lol.

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No offense but I find that a somewhat narrow way of perceiving this. It’s more like an investment than a charity. Either you own MAID or Safecoin and if your app idea creates any buzz or draws anyone to the ecosystem then you could be getting a return on your investment and that’s not counting PtD rewards. Even if not strictly a financial reward, the network is stronger the more users/farmers there are to secure your stored data or give you the opportunity to farm. Perhaps you value anonymity in which a more prosperous network would more robustly facilitate that.

If there are no apps there isn’t much point to using the SAFE Network and you can’t expect Maidsafe to seed the network with all of the apps that would replace everything out there on the legacy internet.