My baby fleming network feels lonely. Can we share our sites/apps/junk on zeronet?

Call me crazy,
but I’m the type of person that likes to be able to show the work that I’ve done to others.
And I also like seeing what other people have done.

Currently, there’s only the baby fleming network that works locally, so in order for me to see your site/app/unfinished junk, I would have to run it on my own computer.
Since that’s all we’ve got, I suggest sharing all our stuff on zeronet, because why use a clearnet?

If so, what’s best to do? Create a git centre?

Zeronet has a git centre and released it’s source code for it, so we could have like our own git centre on zeronet.


One heart was all I needed and now I’ve got two.
I’m going to build the site.
I’ll let you guys know once it’s up.


It’s up. Not everything works yet though. The indexing is broken.
I hope I’ll be able to fix that soon.

But here’s the URL:


Indexing has been fixed.


Great idea, but in the short term why not use clearnet?

  • easier to do, so makes it more likely people will participate
  • helps raise our profile with those on the clearnet (eg github)

I have to explain the disadvantages of non-clearnet to a safe network proponent?

When you suggest clearnet, clearnet supporters will suggest github.
Microsoft owns github.

  1. Microsoft’s strategy for any of it’s competition is Embrace, extend, and extinguish. That will include the safe network the moment it gets popular enough. Why should I want to support this? If any group likes playing zero-sum to any competitor, I will want to play zero-sum to them.
  2. Microsoft has called Linux ‘a cancer that attaches itself to any intellectual property it touches’. What do you think it’s going to call Maidsafe?
  3. Github is used by Microsoft to study who the best programmer is and then buy those up.
  4. If someone wants to create a private repo consisting of a Teams/LinkedIn/Office competitor, Microsoft will be able to look into it.
  5. They use tracking cookies.


  1. Github hosts millions of clearnet projects that is nothing but clutter for people looking for safe network projects.
  2. If any special safe network related feature is needed for it’s software development hosting site, we can simply build it.
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GitHub is a very convenient and safe way to share code with the git protocol, certainly safer than zeronet.

When safe network is out this protocol could be implemented on the network itself and the code could be self hosted.

But for now my guess and also the team guess is that GitHub is the safest place to share the code.

I suppose also they have duplicated it on other places for security.

I’m no fan of github, which is why I made a proof of concept SafeGit for both alpha 2 and then Baby Fleming. So I’m completely with you on the long term, but in the short term it benefits the project to get exposure on the existing, if poisonous services.

So rather than make life hard for ourselves by cutting those ties too early, we can try to build the alternatives while still getting the benefits of what is currently available, including gaining exposure for Safe.

As things get worse at github, which I think is already happening we should keep things under review, and also keep up the pace on building alternatives.

I’m very excited to see what your building @folaht as every developer puts their own stamp on things and roll extend the reach and appeal of the fledgling network.


Not good enough.
For me, it’s distronet or bust.