My attempt at a simple CRUD app (safe://simple.crud)

So i finally got a chance to install the SAFE browser and had a go at a simple CRUD app: safe://simple.crud. BTW I found the video that @jimmyhacksthings posted below was a useful resource :wink:

I don’t have a lot of experience building web apps so the code probably sucks. I haven’t yet figured out how to update a specific field as opposed to the whole record. It would be great if someone could create a really simple CRUD tutorial that uses only JS/JQuery as opposed to a framework, or perhaps take what i’ve done and clean it up.



Sounds interesting Glen, can you /have you put this code on github?


Glen, that’s a really nice clean example.

I’m not clear what you had a problem with. Is it one of the functions in or do all those work.

But as I said, it’s a really nice simple example and I think others will find this useful. [high five] :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: Yeh the problem i had was when i was updating the post. I couldn’t seem to figure out how to edit only the post body. It not a big problem though, I’ll just rewrite the same post title.

I’m still not clear what you are not sure about, the update function looks fine to me.

I think i was just confusing myself lol. The last DB i was playing around with was a graph database where you can update specific values, e.g. gun.get(key).get(“postBody”).put(“some text”). I was expecting something similar, but it’s fine anyway. I’m still fumbling my way around this web dev stuff :wink:

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Congrats @Glen_Simister!

The fact that you don’t do a ton of web development but were still able to get something going on the SAFE network is a huge testament to the approachability of the tech stack. This is great validation regarding “adoptability” for new entrants into the space that aren’t blockchain developers, who in my opinion, are the future developers of these ecosystems.

Glad you found the video helpful!

– Jimmy


You’re not alone Glen :wink: I haven’t touched Graph databases so you are ahead of me there.

Jimmy, do you do much code yourself? I imagine you’re pretty busy trying to cover so many projects. I pretty much stick with SAFE and Solid, and that’s a lot to get to grips with along with all the ways of building on top of them.


I do quite a bit of code. For the day job thing, I’m a software architect so I can never be too far removed from code.

Thanks to all of you wonderful people, I’m about 1/4 the way through the Rust book, enjoying it so far :slight_smile: