MutableData should maybe also respect existing values

I’ve played with the idea before to import a bitcoin privatekey in a SAFEcoin, but it might work to the SAFE Networks advantage if existing value can also be imported and turn into MutableData.

Let’s say that I import 1bitoin privatekey and the moment I do that a SAFEcoin wallet would change it’s passphrase through an api call and turn that value into MutableData.

I guess what I’m saying instead of only being able to create a type tag, it would also be fun if existing value can be interpreted. Most blockchain value have a privatekey, so I would say that it makes sense to have this data as MutableData on the safenetwork. Through each blockchains port you could do what is necessary to validate the value. Blockchain 2.0 coins could also easily be identified. The wallet could still show the value in their respective units…