Musk seems to be seriously considering doing a new crypto

Seems like he would be aware of SAFE just for its fame from the Silicon Valley show. Musk observers think he is serious. Someone should reach out, its a simple tweet.

… never used social media not going to start until there is something like SAFE so not me, plus I don’t have the knowledge to handle a follow on tweet if its noticed or even pitch it right- I catalyze but you need a champion if this moment is real.

This is a magic moment because right now Starlink just signed up Google Cloud but that is a very low bar and maybe a step backwards for what Musk has in mind for Starlink.

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Musk could put node software on each satellite receiver to kick start a users introduction to the safenet.


Mesh mil spec dirt cheap solar battery powered raspberry pie SAFE nodes everywhere like dust linked transoceanic by Starlink something like this must exist. I love that part of Starlink is line of sight optical. Maybe some of the SAFE nodes can use this roof top like a roof top layer of Starlink and fuk ISPs!


Ideally, Doge speeds up block time 10X, increases block size 10X & drops fee 100X. Then it wins hands down.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 16, 2021

Seems like “much wow” about nothing to me. To Achieve the aims here really appears out of reach for blockchains.


I’d like to see Musk take an interest in something like what Travis Boyd was trying to do with Daowisp, and incentivize distributing the actual network. Not only would it be profitable for his network, but would solve for any deficiencies in bandwidth and coverage.


I’ve reached out a few times in Twitter but the chances of him seeing any such tweet are tiny, let alone following it up.


Musk’s comments about Bitcoin being a hustle and his “fumble” of Doge SNL, would be the actions of a cowboy hustler looking to ride those innovations. Sometimes belief is contagious enough that it gets stuff done.

I can’t knock a man who put a car into space :smiley:


In a sense Tesla and SAFEnet are very similar. They both provide a “system” that unlocks unused potential: An autonomous car and an automous network.

A modern private car is on average 4-5% utilized. Our electronic gadgets probably something similar. In aggregate there is a massive supply of extra transportation services and computing resources not being used.

The barrier is complexity (security, incentive structures, design, engineering). But Tesla and Maidsafe are providing systems that remove these complexities, thereby unlocking resources that can be utilized at a marginal cost.


If I am not mistaken I think it was Dodge that he referenced as a hustle. He has long been mistrustful of block chain it seems. He has to have been watching it since the launch of Bitcoin because he got his start in fintech and surely still has friends in that realm. There are something like 77k lines of C++ in BTC, what really lurks in it?

Maybe he would trust the idealism and purity of design and concept more in SAFE. Have to think he knows of it but may not know it survived to get to the ironing out the bugs stage.
The one thing that still bugs me about bitcoin is my worry that it may be possible to manipulate its energy consumption so that it doesn’t drop as expected even as Saylor seems otherwise persuasive trying to contextualize its sources of energy and magnitudes and likely progression. One issue I have with Saylor is I think he is the best salesman I’ve ever come across by far. His past association with Facebook also bugs- what would he be doing at a pos firm like that unless he was the government handler? And the way FB spywares people and BTC ledgers and honey pots evading seem like plausible linking theme. Also note that ship that appears behind him its like he is a pirate which appeals to my inner pirate but may also be more than some call to adventure pitch. This stuff is so bizzare. The marketing on bitcoin is so amazing from the name (can’t get binary coin name its taken by the original) to the insanity of realing in people’s cold hard cash with curiousity killed the cat. How outrageous is it that they plunked money into something without knowing where it came from- that this was actually a selling point?! What if the choice was either its unknown or it came from a USG financial warfare black project? They wouldn’t take it with even that little bit of context. What if was: it came from the USG. That wouldn’t work either because it couldn’t be explained. It had to offered as an unknown and people had to be able to try to recreate it on their own and get it going on their own. Once it was up and running no one cares if it is the USG (some that got honey potted or doxxed relatative to the USG and will care) but some will now trust it because it seems to be USG and its scope is limited but important and it won’t appreciate forever- and maybe by 2035 will cease to derive valuation from mining but fees as 99% of coins will have been mined.

Interesting that the natural gas pushers like Gates and Buffet and Dalio were like sell stocks meaning sell Tech (sell Tesla in particular) and buy value or commodities (natural gas) and whining that BTC sucked because people were putting money in that instead of the natural gas scam. And then suddenly bitcoin look like its not kicking the fossil fuel habit and Tesla backs off.
But if NG can’t keep all its pollution and CO2 in the ground than it should be shut but it can’t compete with green anyway because green is more and more just free energy.

Thank you. 4x is good. Never know, but timing matters. Things work out. Can’t rush stuff trying to get born. But its a good sign for SAFE that he is still not satisfied with crypto. I buy the store of value story for BTC. I can’t say I really want a crypto currency otherwise- I just can’t seem to get excited about or care about its potential outside of a way to patch fiat and quell volitility and speculation. Fiat currency finally killing deficit myths is more exciting to me. Modern Monetary Theory as I understand it is more exciting. But what is super exciting is David’s original vision. I don’t want pay the producer unless it gets rid of ads and sponsirship and theft of attention and the token is just a box checking lure.

He may be interested in a new crypto but he is more interested in stroking his ego. He doesn’t want bitcoin or maid, he wants his own thing because that’s how he works.


Musk has influence: gets attention, has money, has probably a lot of contacts. But I doubt he knows that much (technical details concerning e.g. greener crypto): that takes time. And time he lacks, I think. He is already doing a lot (or should be). I also remember this: Elon Musk and the Thai cave rescue: a tale of good intentions and bad tweets.


He can though easily deploy a very high quality team. This doesn’t mean they can deliver anything, as we’ve both noted (me on Twitter) his submarine was dangerous nonsense. But don’t think he needs to personally do very much. He probably spends most of his time running teams. This is perhaps his skill - how else can be do so much?


I think we agree: he can deploy a high quality team. But they listen to him (how much initiative would they get to do their own thing?). So he has to know what that quality team must try to do and what not.
And probably a big part of his success is indeed attracting very good people. But I wonder: is that attracting factor (his image) still as high as a couple years ago?

During the crash of 2008, he scooped up very many brilliant young minds from tech companies, google, NASA,etc, who lost their jobs. It was easy pickings, and perfect timing. This is his true genius, he is a brilliant strategist and business man. The way he plays the legacy auto industry is really fun to watch.

On the other hand, electric cars have been around since before ICE cars. Since 1832, ICE: 1860. So nothing new, just repackaged and made sexy.

His Boring tunnels, were once called subway tunnels, which can transport a lot of people at once, not just one car at a time. Our green solutions are the old ones, that we had in street cars over a hundred years ago, but vanished quickly because of the car and tire maker lobbies. The green solution was called public transit. I also remember the reusable rocket thing from back in the 70ties. So he knows how to take old ideas, repackage them, and resell them as something better. Yes, they do work well, hence the brilliant young minds he collected.

MAID is a brand new idea, not sure if he will ever get it. His cars and satellites are all centralized. MAID thinks forward, as Musk obviously lives in the past, where he gets all of his ideas. Now if one if those brilliant young minds happens to hear about MAID who knows?


Elon Musk uses his influence a great extent, a recent example was the Dogecoin. He first enabled the trust of investors in investing in Dogecoin and also made the currency legal in purchasing the Tesla Cars. This influenced many persons to buy this Dogecoin and thus its price skyrocketed, but suddenly he realized its demerits he withdraw his support from Dogecoin and thus now this cryptocurrency has fallen on the ground suddenly. These all are due to influence of Elon Musk.

Doubt he withdrew his support. Read he had been trying to work with its developers for over a year behind the scenes. Something about crypto that just really bugs me. Milton Friedman was pushing replacing the Fed with code for ungamed predictibilty. Then in interviews late in his life he said he changed his mind not long after proposing replacing the Fed. Someone must have exlained the advantages of fiat to him. The virtues of crypto are not in laundering or evasion or even in privacy- really serious about that- because main reason for wanting that is not paying for hookers or pot or mistesses or hook up rooms but for bribery to turn law into crime and extortion and blood money and trafficking.
The real value of crypto is a stabile alternative store of value to limit volitility and speculation… And real value in better accounting and in more security in transactions. The real value is not in enabling more sharp dealing and more stupid scams to try to bleed off money.

Every crypto, car, submarine, satellite or even spaceship which is built for monetary reasons won’t do any good except money gaining and that will be its primary goal. People who were led by ego are not doing anything to be segementially reliable and perfectly optimised but to find the shortest way to be more popular so that bunch of others, materially led people can reach excstasy when they hear that their rolemodel launched something that is mainstream now. And that’s the enchanted circle. Micromanaging is the favorite way of functioning for entire subrace of egomaniacs and you just can’t be good at everything like they are convinced to by themselfs. That is why Musk or any other alike won’t be able to succeed anything like the Maidsafe team did here. I wish him all the luck with the new coin.

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