Musk and Twitter

Kevin McCarthy is the presumptive candidate to take over Nancy Pelosi’s Speaker of the House position if the Republicans take back the House of Representatives majority in the November mid-term election here in the US.

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A pox on them all. Americans deserve better than fascist redneck on one side and corrupt megalomaniac hegemonists on the other.


You must do something about this obsession of yours, @happybeing.


Agree that us Yanks deserve better from both sides. The problem is our two-tier justice system. The rule of law in a civil society such as ours must apply to all. But we are allowing it to be ignored for some, and then used as a weapon against the other.

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Same thing is happening in Scotland. The Gender identity/Trans fascists are protected while normal people who believe in science are persecuted. Sturgeon is the greatest success MI5 ever had.

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So he asked people to deny he was there and then posed for selfies :joy: obviously not as smart as he’s made out to be

Here’s some more positive blog posts. Doesn’t hurt to see multiple sides, right?

posted without comment.


I was very surprised when I saw this picture of Buddha.

I like Buddha’s actions and words. He is a man of speech and action.


Musk should be surprised.

You don’t see the contradiction in the tweet. Point to the misinformation, then point to the (semi) correct information.

Asking people to deny he is there is the obvious misinformation since he willingly posed with others for their selfie shoot. Surely the hate/obsession you have can’t have blinded you that much.

And no press allowed is standard fare at many of these “only rich or powerful people allowed” events so is moot really.

My opinion here has zero to do with the man being good/bad/both. All the billionaires have/attend these sort of events to get favour with the politicians who help decide the future legislation which affects their businesses. Smart business sense to expand contacts one has. The politicians are more likely to try and understand the concerns of a business if they have some connection with the boss etc.

Some of that results in wrong favouritism and some results in politicians making more informed decisions


Not much of the latter - research shows ordinary people have f*ck all chance of getting legislation passed that really helps them . . - it is nearly all the former . . and the recipients are, as usual, the segments that make up The Military Industrial Financial Intelligence Media Complex . . it takes a LOT of money to run an empire that can pay for 800 military bases around the world . .





"Mr. Zatko’s allegations and opportunistic timing appear designed to capture attention and inflict harm on Twitter, its customers and its shareholders. Security and privacy have long been company-wide priorities at Twitter and will continue to be.”

– Interesting…creating a performance metric (mDAU) that by design hides the very flaws and spam-account numbers on the platform seems the very anthesis of transparency to advertisers and shareholders. Twitter’s explanation of this insidious attempt at gas-lighting should blow up in their face? So now Jack Dorsey gets subpoenaed. Wonder if he takes the fifth?

Not about Twitter, but about Tesla.

Cristina Balan has been fighting for years to clear her name in courts. Tesla accused her of embezzlement and kickbacks but still insists they have to solve their dispute in arbitration. In court, the case would be public, and people would know if she is guilty or innocent. As the accuser, Tesla should want to prove its point for everyone to see. It doesn’t. Alexander Yatskov is just the most recent example of that strange behavior.

That seems to me not very transparant from Tesla.

Maybe it has something to do with proprietary trade information possibly coming out in open court.

I’m not a lawyer, but as I understand it, the critique of some towards Tesla is or you keep also the accusations behind closed doors (‘in arbitration’) or you give the accused also the chance to defend himself in public court.
I probably do not understand it well, but what with the All Our Patent Are Belong To You | Tesla? Not up-to-date anymore or only for certain type of patents?

“It won’t make sense to buy Twitter if we’re heading into World War 3”

Somewhat O/T - its Zuckerberg, no Musk but this seemed the best place to put it - the bastard billionaire thread as I think of it