Musk and Twitter

You can’t help how people perceive you, you can only be you. It’s not like teens are known to be these bastions of logic and self awareness. They are self absorbed and overly sensitive.


Strange how with the (allegedly) richest daddy in the world, the “daughter” couldn’t get laid and is now screaming for attention by deciding that he is “female”.

Transgender folks are always asking to “Accept me for what I am”.

To which the answer has to be “Accept yourself as you really are and stop whining for attention”.


Current Status: hoping that these comments are coming from people who are not and never will be parents.

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Musk has said he supports transgender issues, but has come under fire in 2020 for transgender and nonbinary people for criticizing preferred tweets. tweeting: “I absolutely support trans, but all these pronouns are an esthetic nightmare” and “Pronouns suck.”
Love By Life

Isn’t it possible many people are reading too much into “Pronouns suck”?


Too late… twice times.

I always made a point of approving enthusiastically of my boys various choices of partners. 99% of the time this was dead easy - and the sole exception lasted a whole two weeks

Or is it possible that putting this out in public rather than having a private conversation with his daughter and leaving it at that, or just keeping his opinions to himself when they are obviously unhelpful to her would have been the right thing for a father to do?

As a father who has had many deep conversations with fathers about their relationships with their children (including one with a pre-trans daughter) I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it is wrong to blame an eighteen year old trans woman for rejecting her father, and take the view that he’s probably failed her before even considering what he’s said publicly about pronouns etc.

There are other possibilities of course and I’m open to those as well, but in general my view is that the parents bear responsibility for their children rather than the other way around.

We’re going off topic again so :man_shrugging:t2: but we can each judge the factual information that’s been posted for ourselves.


Exactly, and I assume you have a good ongoing relationship with your sons whereas Elon :man_facepalming:

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Has its ups and downs of course but as long as they dont smoke ALL my grass and I dont drink ALL their beer we generally get along OK.


You are still interpreting his terse tweets in the most critical way, without giving him the benefit of the doubt. My position is that those tweets might have just as easily been comments on the semantic difficulties of the trans discussion, without inferring any personal biases or feelings.

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You’re giving much more importance to his tweets than I am. The most important point for me is his daughter’s decision to cut off all connection with him. The rest merely points towards the cause. We don’t know for sure, there’s obviously more to it but making comments like that in Twitter is IMO very unwise for the father of a trans teen.



Are you talking about Xavier Alexander Musk (for now) or Elon Musk? :wink:

Anyhow, I would certainly understand if X Æ A-12 or Exa Dark Sideræl Musk would want to change their names when they are allowed (>=18 years old).


I m not even sure why people are discussing what that lunatic is raving about.

Sometimes the best thing is to ignore…

Before there was twitter I was hoping there would be something like it but never with ads or sponsorship(its a democracy killer.) Tesla rose up without ads or sponsorship. But even as Musk intends to replace sponsorship with subscription at Twitter, he was recently saying there is an argument that says give into the fud extortion and pay off the consolidated sponsored media with its protection money which would also be allowing it to begin to manipulate Tesla’s relationship with its customers to charge for alienating them. All that is wrong! The FUD on Tesla only relented sleightly or took a different form because with S&P 100 inclusion some sponsors that do pay the censorship toll road speech enclosure fee had some of their money at stake. Twitter has been censoring Musk’s posts. Musk has described the potential of Twitter as societies speech platform. I think that is true because it is interactive. It is also a place to take on search and offer killer app society changing unsponsored GPT powered search and AI access.

‘Sponsored’ media must be outlawed Sponorship and the damn money filter has been converting US democracy to useless oligarchy for about 50 years. You can already see policy people have to make excuses and be embarrassed for doing the right thing and only as a last resort and there is all this call for compromise (which is now code for corruption) as if a certain amount of corruption were obligatory in everything. So things are already inverting to where instead of getting incarceration for intentional wrong doing it is being normalized and eyebrows raise over its absence.

We don’t have media. What we have are people who are bribed to lie to the public about the public interest. What we have is paid lying and resultant bribery based info systems, politics and culture. Besides misleading people to keep them divided and disepowered and unable to recognize and respond to their own interests, this system has been put in place to allow media consolidation and capture and in turn to allow legislative and regulatory capture. Politicians taking money (bribes) to give to this same damn bribery based ‘media’ or closed loop system of bribery is an example. With any media where there is ads the customer is the product. This isn’t just a theft of attention and right to interrupt model, in mass aggregate over time it results in loss of already tenous political representation and loss of democracy where people are converted into property through a lack of voice and hijacking of law. It means media is defacto sensorship and spin. It means media is just paid propaganda. Propganda is bad but being paid to lie to the public about the public interest is the worst. Profiting from lying to the public is the lowest and most reprehesible because making drowning out censorship and propaganda pay with ‘profit’ is a way of putting a ring through the people’s noses and converting them into defacto property.

The West tossed out the cronyism and nepotism of the spoils and patronage system. Tossed out nonsense like peerage. It also recognizes undue influence and truth in advertising. And it recognized the concept of “conflict of interest.” If most of just law is centered on addressing money based conflict of interests we surely recognize that we can’t have a damn money filter on our politics that gives might-makes-right illgotten gainer types veto power. Look at the fight over neutrality. Speech is a permanent commons that cannot be alienated from the public. That means speech conduits are dumb pipes by definition and not means of extortion and exploitation where criminals are incentivized to set up a system of paid throttling and interruption and ‘prioritization’ and caps as something for nothing gimmicks or allowed to spy on people and sell their data or force sponsored (bribery) based manipulation. Any of this should lead to loss of charter.

The same goes for sponsored search. Sponsored search is a way of corrupting and limiting the frame of even the questions people ask and hence the frame of dialogue and societal narrative. Search must be open, honest and transparent. Open, honest search will replace the extortionate manipulative ad industry.

This system has also been backed up by interlocking boards- which the West (US) outlawed but caved in on just as it did in trying now since the 70s to say that money (bribery) is protected speech. Look at all the media boards where Blackrock and its proxy in the managed side of Vanguard own a controlling interest. And more and more Blackrock is hiding behind a manufactured controversy over a smoke screen social agenda. Blackrock is one thing and one thing above all else: the largest funder of fossil fuels and the extortionate system of energy peonage and energy rent seeking- all of it wrong and totalltly unnecessary, its just a system of slavery by another name that has to be ended. Blackrock I think is a play on the rock of oil- think oil foundation or base of petrol enslavement. Look at the version of sponsored ESG its been pushing- Exxon gets a high score- look at how its sponsor captured media has covered that. Look at how sponsor captured media never covers what derivatives actually are (socializing losses on bad debt permanently stranded fossil fuel liabilities sold to pensions, and insurance pools as assets and used to corrupt the book values of fossil fuel companies) or doesn’t cover fossil fuel bailout wars like Iraq, Afganistan, Libya, Ukrain for what they are- another tribute based bailout of totally unneccessary idiot petrol based slavery. Look how it never covers that almost every person in the West is paying the equivalent of multiple mortgages over their life to this extortion when its making the planet unlivable and poltically unsustainable.

Notice how it has no investigative power or memory or persistance. Unfunded pension liability… hmm how did that actually happen… instead its just constant innane distraction. If a real isssue is raised its only raised to be dropped. That is its brought up to signal to most people that other more motivated, knowledgeable, empowered people are doing something when they actually aren’t like sending out a fire truck with a siren but only for show.
Sponsored media also switches off the justice system. Like the fake fire trucks there will be videos of law enforcement beating up people in the street to distract from doing nothing about the white collar corruption which drives violent crime.

There will be a lot of focus on distracting social issues to avoid looking at the underlying political and economic issues. There is lots of pushing of entertainment to distract. Blackrock through the board has been sinking Netflix allegedly. Issue there is while Netfix recycles some sponsor tainted refuse it is unsponsored and pure subscription and so it makes sense a oligarchy and plutonomy pusher like Blackrock would seek
to undermine its content and model through board level subversion. It wants to knock down exceptions to the money filter. Ironic Blackrock says to be stake holder oriented or be out of business- which is true because a business that is anti social or pure profit motivated is just organized crime and needs its charter pulled. But
fossil fuel rent seeking isn’t a legitimate interest- charging huge amounts for ‘energy’ which is so abundant it should be free and dirty destabilizing forms at that is criminal. When Blackrock completely divests fossil fuels and fossil fuel finance and divests media it can be taken more seriously in its stake holder model but right now its green washing.

If we had a functioning society wide info system without a damn money filter we could and would shut off fossil fuels over night. We’d first switch off the profit which would be easy given the transfer payment nature of it- its been raw theft for a long time. We’d then treat it as the organized crime that it is at this point. There is no right to profit from charging people for something they don’t need. To state it accurately the fossil fuel industry aims to enslave through extortion and terrorism (its been the source if it) by forcing the constant obligated purchase of a superflous / redundant unnecessary commodity at massively inflated ever inflating enslaving prices. Its the salt scam parts of Europe foisted on India all over again. This is all a functioning media would ever talk about until the problem was gone if we had one.

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