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Ah yes, the good old days of unaccountable despots, how I long for those. Probably not long to wait in UK or USA.

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You must be joking @happybeing we are on the brink of Boris and Biden just flat out saying “we know what is best for you and your children”

Things like this are a prime example of where we are heading. Why is the government acting like we are all greedy pigs who can’t tell our children one chocolate bar is enough. If the greedy want another chocolate bar they will just buy another. If they really want to help wouldn’t they ban something like cigarettes?

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The problem with oligarchs without government is that it’s a free-for-all and the wealthy have an advantage.

The problem with oligarchs with government is that it’s free for them, but not the rest of us as we are held captive by the gov. gun and the oligarchs have EVERY advantage.

But getting a bit off topic again.

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God forbid that the left torment the rich by helping the poor, establishing free healthcare and education, and a welfare state to ease the pain of being the grist in a capitalist owned mill, or to provide healthy messages about diets to counter the industrial scale propaganda pumped into living rooms for decades, pushing them towards poisonous but profitable food, products, habits and lifestyles (which for example destroyed my teeth my parents’ teeth and my grandparents’ teeth), while we were being taught by a press owned by overseas tax avoiders’, to hate foreigners and be ready to go to war to defend their masters. I could go on.

However, you misunderstood my point. The despotism I warned against is from the authoritarian right here and in USA. If people think that we have escaped that it is just more likely to happen. In the USA the right is getting ready for another attempt at overthrowing the democratic process. Here we continue to have a populist liar backed by foreign oligarchs including a dictator we’re in a proxy war with. Nothing is simple, but the threat from an authoritarian right is clear in USA and UK. Anyone here concerned at what just happened in the Philippines? Or the Brexit vote?!

In UK start by looking in detail at the laws being passed right now which begin to outlaw protest, or bring government censorship online along with invasive mass surveillance, including of encrypted private communications services. Also voter ID, and progress towards national IDs for access to government services, rights and ‘freedoms’.

How convenient for the far right if like their friends who own the press, we complain that we need more of the right even as they dismantle the healthcare and other services that make life worth living, because we are apparently settled into full on nannying, despite important facts such as that - under these apparently too left wing governments - millions are going hungry (in UK FFS!) and poverty is rising rapidly in UK, and at a frighteningly increasing rate.


I agree with almost everything mark and believe me no one despises the greedy bloodsuckers more than me but what has happened to personal responsibility? My parents and grandparents wouldn’t let me eat to much sugar as they know it would rot my teeth and I’m guessing your younger than my grandparents. You blaming the government and corporations for losing your teeth is a bit of a stretch isn’t it?

As for left and right. The extremes of both of these are abhorrent and both lead to misery and the despotism you fear is happening regardless of who is in power under the current system.

What we need is for people to pay more attention and not discard information because it hasn’t come from a ‘reliable’ source. In today’s climate you can’t say it’s raining without being a meteorologist. Massive reform is needed and people from all walks of life to be represented in government. Not just the pre selected nonsense we have now.

I’m glad we have common ground.

It’s not a stretch just because you had carers who for some reason were strict on sugar and mine weren’t. Why was that? Are you saying my parents were irresponsible? Gullible? Stupid? I’m sure you don’t mean to, but that’s the implication of the Daily Mail nanny state / personal responsibility justification for feeding addictive poison to the population for no reason other than profit. We’ve know this for thousands of years. Johnson probably read Socrates going on about it when he was at Eton, but having only gone to Grammar School I didn’t read that until twenty years ago. Many of today’s health, social and governance problems are well known from that time, and known to those in power, yet look what they do with that knowledge. It’s why we’re here I think, to help everyone benefit from makeping better use of all human knowledge.

The demonisation of the poor is a common right wing trope that is easy for anyone who doesn’t want to be labelled with it, to adopt.

In defense of my parents, most damage to my teeth was because at senior school we were allowed to visit a sweet shop over the road at break time (the only shop in the area), so it wasn’t really my parents fault, but mine apparently at fourteen. Not the shop keeper’s, the school’s, the council’s etc. or in fact the massive industry built around selling poison to children.

I was in fact lucky enough to have very responsible and capable parents. They inherited nothing, paid their way and got me through uni, (and a sister to Oxford) and me able to make a good life, again without inheriting anything. So while they weren’t poor, they did a lot with very little, ran their own business for most of their lives but struggled in old age through bad investment advice. You can’t be responsible with everything. Those lucky to have more can and should help those with less. My parents did that with very little, and I do too, with a little more than they because of their example. I believe that a society that rewards selfishness is poorer financially, morally and in terms of general well-being. It will ultimately fail catastrophically as well.

We’re not talking instances here (my teeth, your responsible carers), we’re talking about the effects of mass propaganda and sociopathic business models which exploit people, because those behind it lack empathy and integrity and are not held accountabile. So if you do agree with most of my points, I don’t think what you say recognises the root of the problem and how to ensure those services and benefits are restored let alone saved at all. The right have a long term goal and the power and patience to get there gradually. And they are.

I believe that we should encourage and promote personal responsibility, while recognising everyone has their weaknesses and their limitations. But what of collective responsibility, in business, corporations and dare I say government?

So let’s use personally responsibility to help people help themselves, rather than as an excuse not to help, or to demonise and justify taking away things that ‘irresponsible people’ don’t deserve because they don’t work hard enough, don’t look after themselves etc. when they are in fact denied those opportunities through cynical policies, tropes etc


Again I agree with most of what you say and can see we do align on most opinions.

Unfortunately for us those that do the exploiting and mass propaganda have grown up in a totally different environment than the vast majority of the population. They probably don’t think that what they do is that bad which is terrifying for the rest of us.

Without giving to much away about my personal life I to had a great upbringing with great parents but on a council estate. Some of the sights you see where I grew up and live would give some people nightmares. There is only so much you can do for people but some people don’t help and don’t want to help themselves. What do we do with those people? Tell them we know what’s best for them? How does that make us any different from the ‘elites’ trying to tell us how to live our lives?

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We can help those people in lots of ways, but saying they are irresponsible helps nobody and as I noted, is one of the tropes used to divide and conquer.

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But there has to be a cut off point in trying to help. How many chances and resources would you be willing to sacrifice to help someone who doesn’t want your help?

Of course, but we are nowhere near that - because we’ve been moving away from it most of my life. Things are much harder now and poverty is increasing because of it.

We’re one of the richest countries in the world and one of the biggest growth areas in the UK since 2010 is food banks. How are kids who go to school hungry supposed to lift themselves out of poverty these days?

You and I did it, could you do it today? My kids have had a good start but only because their parents have been able to give them a big dollop of financial help, and had the time to look after them, advise and guide etc. Others in my family are in a very different situation and their future is an ongoing concern.

I look at what my parents did and I doubt they could do it today. And I doubt I could as well.


Was definitely easier for older generations than mine. How the next generation are supposed to do it is beyond me. We definitely need a reset but not the one the Davos clan have in mind.


Looks like Musk is still spending a lot of time with Starship, even to the point of doing an update with Everyday Astronaut explaining updates to the Starship

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The man never sleeps. Bot?

He’s the prototype for the Tesla-bot.

But he’s a future model with skin that allows him to time travel.

He’s also building skynet under the name “starlink” … he thinks he’s fooled us … but we all know we’re going to die.

edit: you may wonder how he can be the prototype AND the future model … but come on … we’re talkin’ time travel here.


For those who have missed Elon’s self owns, and for those who haven’t:

And here’s the CEO explaining to Elon that he’s an idiot, and Elon’s answer was a shit emoji, thread:


Full Veritas clip [ 7 min. ] of the above:

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This could be a case study in confirmation bias.

Regardless of whether there is a bias towards the left or the right at twitter, the opinion of one worker does not constitute proof of anything?

Calling this “actual journalism” is hilarious

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This issue being reduced to a misleading and nebulous left vs right mudslinging match on “social” tabloid media is no surprise, but the fact that framing has so much traction here continues to perplex me.

We’re on a forum for a technology which threatens to put the public commons back in the hands of everyone, decentralise access to publishing, make anonymity easy, give people private economic interactions, and give people the opportunity to build new spaces outside of the control of these self-serving profit-driven capitalist demi-gods.

Is it possible that private companies controlling people’s right to speak publically and their access to information, was an issue before and after the recent changing of hands of the private company in question? Is that a minority opinion here?