Music in the SAFE Network


Hey guys my name is Rob D 510 I’m an Artist from the Bay Area and am wondering if a version of Soundcloud can exist on the SAFE Network?


There is no reason why not.

There have been sites on the test nets with video and sound.

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If I were to create a personal website to sell my own music, would the users of the safe network be able to pay me for my music per play in micro transactions of SAFECoin?


There’s no Maidsafe Spotify yet and no one has suggested that as of yet.

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When safecoin division is implemented (which will be after safecoin implementation) there is no reason you could not do this. The exact mechanism will be up to the developer.

Before sadecoin division you could sell “X” plays for one safecoin.


You can maybe check N99 if your looking for a platform


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Hi neo,

And it is possible to make live stream like this on youtube few years back, when Felix Baumgartner skydive sets new record in on-line broadcast to 8 000 000 simultaneous views ?


Just do live stream as writing to a file and the viewer software reads the file and waits if necessary.

This way the person can do “live pause” or go back if they missed something. Then also there is a permanent record of the stream. Then you only need viewing software that knows to wait if it gets “ahead” of the live stream.


There is already a app for this, sell things and digital content using decentralized technology like SAFE network, it’s called Openbazaar


Lol talking about SAFE & Music, if anyone wants to know why they call me WhiteOutMashups, I used to make mashup music in college :joy:

Most popular one by view count (PG-13):