MS upsets SJW's

Really cool event, I wish I was there to enjoy myself watching the dance as well as the raging Social Justice Warriors :slight_smile:

(The fools at the Register couldn’t resist the urge to give this news a misleading title - those were no schoolgirls, only the uniforms were).

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I see, so you were misled into watching something other than “skimpy schoolgirls dancing”? Hmmmm…interesting.

It’s clever marketing, a faux “disaster.” They know that the nerd crowd hate SJWs; look up Gamergate and Vox Day. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Register is in on it.

Haven’t you heard that Microsoft are hip now? :wink: Why, they’re even hosting the Ethereum blockchain and one of their people says here that “it’s not the old Microsoft.” :wink: