Mr. Robot's "AllSafe" an allusion to SAFE?

The well received first season (9.1/10·IMDb 97%·Rotten Tomatoes 9.3/10· already known for supposedly accurate representations of hacking culture and tech/research has the lead character working for security company “AllSafe” which helps protect a megalithic conglomerate known as E corp or evil corp. Its sounds like a take on AllState insurance and SAFE. The lead character is actually fixated on getting rid of evil corp. So in a sense he has infiltrated evil corp before the show even starts.

Was SAFE part of the inspiration for the show?

Evil corperation = NSA

Hacker with a disorder = gary McKinnon

mysterious controller person = guy who spoke and was never identified who spoke to ross maybe the person in his diaries.

But really most tech tv or film can be in some way loosely connected to anything . so most likely not


On the flip side, it’s funny to think how their attack vector would be rendered totally inefficient with the safe network.

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Makes no sense, there is nothing in AllSafe that even resembles SafeNet or MaidSafe.
How is a mediocre security company that has 80% of its revenue from a single customer related to MaidSafe in your eyes?

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Too literal. Author may jus be generating unconscious mindshare for the term in anticipation.

But on a more concrete level it does make some sense. From the security community come’s the rip off’s down fall. Also makes allusory sense from the ISP angle in that SAFE will have end users repurpose a network that they as end users paid for and financed but that the ISPs were stupidly encouraged to think of as their own and to meddle with to generate profit through their irritations. Instead, SAFE as a kind of Trojan Horse dumb pipes them, essentially locking them and their manipulations out. AllSAFE in the show is supposed to keep the parasite safe but instead acts as a poison pill vehicle.

This is confirmation bias, versus Jung’s synchronicity.

I doubt this connection, but I do appreciate discovering new sci-fi titles!! :smiley:


I think Sam Esmail has his eye on SAFE because the show is known for trying to get hacker things technically right. I could be wrong but do suspect the hacker community either loves or highly respects efforts like SAFE.

I saw the season finale. F SOCIETY succeeds in wiping out all the planets debt.

I saw it as well. What the story writer apparently didn’t realize, is that when you destroy all debt, you destroy all fiat money, because fiat money is debt. So yes, people’s debts would disappear, but so would their positive bank account balance. And the entire banking system for that matter.

Getting rid of our debt-based monetary system is probably a good idea, but not through an unexpected attack that’d cause a global economic collapse. Instead, better alternatives should be designed and presented to the world, so that when the old systems fail, people can transition voluntarily.

You never know, maybe this is all Elliot’s imagination.

Well it didn’t evaporate the cash but people did have trouble using their cards. Main character agonized over the result. I hear what you are saying about debt and money, but I don’t think its quite that simple either. You have M1, M2, M3 etc., the ordinary cash in circulation doesn’t amount to much of the iceberg and that tiny portion in any give moment is a lot of the day to day capital an ordinary person has. I do get that the next day their employer may fold over short term credit pretty quickly. But for most people suddenly their home loan, their college debt, their credit card debt, their medical debt all this useless debt they never had before their wages and quality of life and security were stolen by the useless economic rolayalists all of that was gone. They were dancing in the streets happy. Governments would just issue a new currency float some Ben Franklin style public banks and if they were smart make sure the plutocrats were fully evicted not able to buy back in and make laws to make sure they could never come back- carve them into stone on all the monuments and the reasons for them so future generations don’t forget.

But it seems that AllSAFE in the show was the vehicle for a new world.

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Maybe its like that. But it seems Elliot may have been used on some level by E Corp. Is Tyrell one of Elliot’s aliases? That seems like too much of a stretch but the damage to the hands and showing up in his vehicle? The early E. Crop contact between the two and running into him when first attempting to plunder the E. Crop data center. And Mr. Robot and Tyrell considering working together in the same vehicle that Elliot ends up in this vehicle sans Tyrell. You see Angela was grilling the E Corp CEO on how he can be so confident. Then in the cliff hanger after the credits you the Chinese hack group Whitrose talking to the E Corp CEO asking him if he who was responsible and he indicates he does and planning world events ad the CEO’s house. And why the connection to Angela if not for Elliot. Its a stretch because you see Elliot talking to Tyrell’s former secretary asking for him and she asks who are you? You expect Elliot to get hit by Tyrell in the prior episode because Tyrell puts on the gloves, instead Elliot seems to get hit in the coffee shop. If Elliot has been victimized we have to remember that Mr. Robot seems to know a lot about Tyrell and they are apparently collaborating for their mutual benefit and most tellingly Tyrell is some sort of secret agent plant meant to take down E. Corp.

But the most important scene that strongly points to Elliot and Tyrrel being the same person is when Tyrrel’s wife speaks to Elliot in another language. She must know he is split. Could be he is split like a Manchurian Candidate. .Angela is also seeming split. It may be that ECorp manufactured these two because they come out of the same tragedy that supposedly involved E Corp. The executive that offed himself and the one who lost his wife may be people who weren’t playing ball and were getting targeted by the E Corp henchmen Elliot and Angela. Remember when Colby kicked Angela from a meeting?

Tyrell wife speaks to him in another language?? I got to watch that.
It sounds like a stretch though, as you mentioned, the secretary doesn’t recognize him.
Also it makes no sense that he is an executive at ECorp and an analyst at AllSafe, the first episode were he is being offered a place at Ecorp would make no sense.

I know. But its something from the psych literature. MPD/DID Between alters they can be virtually unrecognizable to their immediate family members their face and motor movements change so much. They can have different allergies and different eye glass prescriptions and totally different psych test results on the whole ranch of such tests. The community doesn’t like it because it shows their models of almost every thing ware wrong upside down and BS. I remember a young professor saying she though MPD was BS then one day at mental health ward she heard a nasty old lady behind a door and then opened it to find a 3 year old girl. So yes its not something the neuro theory of consciousness flat landers like very much its not going away and the show may be playing to this aspect of it.

Do you remember a scene in which Tyrell and Elliot are together where they are interacting with other people and not just with others in the background? Angela and Elliot are in a room together and Colby kicks Angela from the room.

Remember Tyrell going on about Elliot and the solution being right under his nose? Evil Corp CEO Phill acts like he uses triggers with both Angela and Tyrell. When he fires Tyrell its sort of a bizarre exchange weirdly mechanical. When he pays for Angela’s shoes there is a bizarre familiarity to it that seems out of place, like he knows what her responses will be. White Rose is another split or at least gender ambiguous person. If these people aren’t splits are they literal androids or bio android experiments? Something is up. I thought Elliots dad looked different earlier on. The guy who shot himself looked a lot like he could be Tyrell’s father. Before he shot himself, while under considerable pressure, he kind of switched the way Angela did in the shoe store. Did someone flip a kill switch?

E corp is screwing with its execs. Colby indited, one kills himself, one is fired and one’s wife is murdered. Then you see E. Corp CEO Phill address his minion in that domed chamber where he is way up on high and they are in oddly cultishly arranged seats. Its taking on a as the press mentioned an Eyes Wide Shut feel. And it starts out that way with Tyrell in a room heading a group of people Elliot identifies as thinking they rule the world. In that room its not clear anyone but Elliot and Tyrell interact.
Elliot’s hands get bloodied more than once but Tyrell does things that should bloody his hands but he wears gloves.

It would make sense to me if Tyrell is the actual person and Elliot is the alter. Tyrell looks more like Darleen and Mr Robot than Elliot does, although the mother is more olive. Tyrell is is bisexual and touchy about homosexuality but its Elliot that finds out the tech tycoon is peddling footage of abused boys and busts him. Is it a coincidence that the ALLSAFE owner is gay. Its him and Tyrell in a room together when ALLSAFE messes up initially. Remember how the ALLSAFE head is with Elliot when they are alone in his office he doesn’t respect normal social distance. Acts like he knows Elliot better than he does.

I found the translation to what Joanna Wellick said to Elliot in Danish: “hvis du har gjort ham noget, så slår jeg dig ihjel” which means “if you have done something to him, I’ll kill you!”

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That’s awesome, I was having trouble finding what language it was. So if the theory is right she just threatened Tyrell or she is speaking under her breath at Elliot, but its a bit loud for that even if cloaked in another language. Maybe she somehow had something with Scott Knowles, maybe why Tyrell offed Knowle’s wife- long shot. Or Tyrell isnt Elliot and she is really is threatening Elliot under her breath about Tyrell.

The simplest explanation that fits both observations (Tyrell secretary asking Elliot what he wants, and Joanna threatening Elliot) is that Tyrell is really another person.
We should be wondering what’s in it for Tyrell to see ECorp crumble. At first he looked like an overambitious guy obsessed with his career at ECorp.
So did he simply became revengeful just because he was fired? Or was the original aspiration to become the CTO part of a greater plan for something else (such as destroying ECorp from the inside, such as Angela’s supposed intention)?

Also, @warren your theory that Tyrell killed because Joanna cheated on him is quite trite for this couple.
You have to remember that Joanna didn’t give a crap when Tyrell had sex with a guy just to infect the guy’s cellphone with a spyware.
This couple have a mission together, human emotions are beneath them; and any ruse, technique or manipulation is fair game to achieve their objectives.
This couple seems to be the imperfect copy of The Underwoods from House of Card, just a tad more imbalanced and volatile.


In the early episodes we see (at least me) he is some sort of spy. From very early on I had the impression he wanted to bring E Corp down but needed the CTO spot to do it. Remember he approached Mr. Robot. Argument may have been over degrees of capitulation. Once the alliance occurs they go with a much more straight forward attack.

Secure access for everyone S A F E
is safe access for all
is AllSAFE

Agreed, but Tyrell seems to be more into JoAnna than she is into him, she’s pretty frustrated. And she did demostrate allegience and emotion with regard to the baby. She said she gave up a baby at 15 and spent everyday trying to atone, regretting it and didn’t know it was possible to love something so much until she saw the new baby. Tells Tyrell to tow the line and perform or get out. Also, Tyrell while not strictly homosexual takes offense to the bigotry of the underlungs and acts out demonstrating a sense of ethical action even if angry and unthought out. Also demonstrates self loathing, a willingness to be part of of the family, remorse and regret for his screw ups and impulsivity. But is a sadist to an extent and is anti-capitalist (a value) gleaned from the remark when paying the indigent person for the beating “spoken like a true capitalist.” Also capable of histrionics.

Watching again. Noticed that when Elliot first hacks Tyrell he finds it super easy and is shocked by it. Somehow he guesses the password contains Sweden’s independence day. Remember that in the last episode Elliot searches for and finds a flash drive in Tyrell’s truck and thinks its Mr. Robot’s and surmises he will know the password because he know he and Mr. Robot share some of the same memories. So it seems Elliot knows Tyrell’s password by the same mechanism.

There is an early meeting with Colby, Tyrell, Elliot, Gideon and Angela. Colby kicks Angela from the meeting through Tyrell. Then Angela is angry at Elliot. She tries to say it was for Elliot protecting her in the meeting. Elliot and Tyrell weren’t next to each other but in retrospect it seems again Elliot and Tyrell are the same person. Tyrell knowingly eyes Elliot put away a packet that would have fingered F Society and instead hand over a goose chase in response to Colby’s apparent rood treatmentvof Angela.

In a meeting with Tyrell and Elliot early on Tyrell makes clear his intrim CTO status is the result of the hack and he will take Colby’s place as a result, but he seems to need Elliot, in retrospect to make it stick. He doesn’t get Elliot, maybe Elliot’s deeper skill set is needed and fails, seems to know of that likely result when Elliot refuses in his employment offer in the meeting. All this despite Tyrell saying “I want you here where you belong.”

More interesting is it seems Colby may be part of F society or partially behind it. In the second F society TV anouncement, F Society refers to Colby as their leader. But they also refer to themselves as being relentless. Now Elliot dismissed Colby as a “moron” a non tech literate CTO for carrying a Blackberry. But note Colby supposedly takes an interest in Angela offering her a job for being smart and relentless. Remember Mr. Robot saying you take a corp down limb by limb. Well, four E corp execs are down by the finale. And E. Corp CEO Phil Price tells Angela that Colby was impressed with her and Colby and that Colby is not easily impressed. Remember Angela gets Colby off.
The hack they plant in Colby’s name, that Angela clears him from, is the one through the root kit left in place that seems to enable the meltdown ultimately. Remember Phil Price confirms knowing who Elliot/Tyrell is to Whiterose at the cliff hanger and that he isn’t worried about the crash. It was just people that did it, his people and he is restructuring the company limb by limb.

Tyrell seems to be what they like wouldn’t be suprised if Tyrell is the actual physical body and shows up next season as the E corp CTO and Angela as another exec and maybe Whiterose as another with Phil and Terri still at the head.