Mozilla should implement the SAFE Protocol

Mozilla asked me in a email to share this video

I hate the talk about privacy, I love the SAFE Network, because it’s taking action to SAFEguard our privacy.

@ioptio the next time you visit Mozilla, can you ask them to implement the SAFE Protocol on Firefox? If they do they can spend their money on better stuff, than making video’s about our privacy.


Yeah I know that I’m overdoing this (since the SAFE Network is not up and running yet, but they need to prepare), but i also email them since they are asking for feedback:

Dear Mozilla,

I got your email about privacy, if you really want to give me privacy
implement the SAFE protocol on Firefox.

Read about it here:

See what it does for privacy here:

The SAFE Network community loves Mozilla proof:





Hope it pans out! :slight_smile:


[quote=“whiteoutmashups, post:3, topic:7223”]
Hope it pans out!
[/quote]I’m actually hoping that all the members on this forum would send them the same feedback. But I know it’s to earlier. When the time is right we should let all these browser manufacturers that we use know, that they should implement the SAFE Protocol. It’s one things that companies talk about encryption, but when a new internet is here with encryption as default, I just want to see them put their code where their mouth is.

Maybe we should use the domain that I registered a while ago, to sign petitions to get all the popular browsers out there to implement the SAFE protocol (if you talk privacy, code privacy). BTW the domain is, but it inactive now.

Apple is making a whole show now about it’s Iphone’s security, maybe we can also make a show in the future to force these browser manufacturers to do the right thing. I’m sorry that I gave Mozilla feedback so quick and energetic, but since they asked for my feedback, I use Firefox and this talk was about privacy I felt like saying it as I hope it will be.

Glad to see that your crowdfunding reach it’s goal, good luck and keep rocking bro


Have you guys tried the Brave Browser? @janitor pointed it out. Its by the controversial ousted former head of Mozilla- remember the gay rights controversy? Following Janitor I paired it with DDG. What a different experience!!

I was finding Firefox after the most recent upgrade almost unuseable with all the constant reloads and ads dragging scroll bars. Even the work around ad ons woudn’t overcome it. I think its constant release break the ad blockers intentionally. I see their rhetoric but I have a still fell like its become almost unuseable and feel that so much of what they do is about trying to keep the sponsored internet alive and I am broken record but even beyond our privacy I think that’s deadly and literally a risk to our survival as it reinforces puppet governments and keeps us from being able to adress our grand challenges. Ironically Brave is based on Chrome and I don’t quite trust it to stay as a good experience, but what an incredible difference.

Mozilla gets most of its money from Google, if I am not mistaken. I know they did Rust (awesome and thank you) and the Tor people did OrFox etc., but Firefox always seem so compromised.

Not yet. They also seem to plan a bitcoin integration, but when you think about micro instant/free tx, it clear that SAFEcoin will be a better solution.

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Firefox always seem so compromised.
[/quote]Please give them feedback when the SAFE Network is up and running. The next SAFE project that I’m really ready to drop a ton of money on, is a SAFE browser.


I’m sure the Mozilla Team , as creators of the RUST Language , are watching closely the SAFE Project ; to begin with , SAFE is the first big project that adopted wholeheartedly the RUST Language and rewrote all its legacy code base into it ; and now also ethercore is written in RUST , as well , following the same design decisions Maidsafe has undertaken . However , it will be easy to integrate across the same language . I would not worry , if it is useful , and it will be most likely so , they , or someone … , will just write the hooks necessary to make it work in Firefox and Mozilla ; the rest will follow .


We do have contacts inside Mozilla (engineers and product people) who are waiting to see the SAFE Network and I believe will push our case internally. The MVP should start us on this road.

Yahoo have replaced Google in this role, worrying times for them given that Yahoo has for sale signs out on the lawn.


Oh that’s right, they dropped Google as default search. Yahoo has been terrible forever, its worse than a tabloid. Maybe this is whay stuff like scrolling has become so hard.

Why is it that the main browser kind of like Linux can’t be done as pure FOSS?

Do you mean Firefox? If so I think it is distributed under Mozilla’s own open source license. I’m not sure what you mean by pure FOSS, however, this does seem to by a hybrid of GPL and the more permissive BSD license.


Clearly I don’t know what I am talking about. Still, why was it that the Linux OS could emerge (even if it was a retool of UNIX- I know it wasn’t reinventing the wheel) but Firefox can’t be re worked in a form more like Brave or what SAFE would need and done without needing full time staff?

The scroll bar and reloading stuff is intolerable. All the modal ad, screen greying and pop up stuff is generally stripped out. It also doesn’t tell the sites you are using ad blocking, its not a spyware snitch at this point. Whereas Firefox is starting to seem like a Yahoo front end despite the Rust and all that. I heard FaceBook early on used some very advanced network tech and principles but alas its still face book.

I am not advocating Brave but do very much like the early experience before any of the proposed features have been added at least when ads are switched off completely. Its glorious how free and unfettered the interface is. And no scroll interferance, no interferance of any kind. Despite being a reworked chrome of (all things) it feels super light weight. I am aware of Orfox but have only used it on mobile and its still not lith or nimble, but given Tor its more understandible.