Mozilla Mozfest London October 26 - 28 - requesting proposals

Mozilla have put out a Call For Proposals looking for people to run sessions in various “Spaces”. There is a Decentralisation Space describe thus:

Can the world be decentralised?

In this parallel dimension, people self-organise into open groups that create art, write code, and even build cities. Their technology runs on consensus and their society is fuelled by data. But data is not just a resource — it’s an extension of individual identity and collective culture. People give informed consent to data gathering and enjoy transparency of use.

Journey to a new world and bring back powerful, resilient technology; explore radical, paradigm-shifting ideas; and take part in cutting-edge discourse. Explore protocols like DAT, IPFS and ActivityPub, alongside ideas such as net neutrality and proof of stake. Experience decentralised platforms like Matrix and Mastodon, and support the equal commons of all.

Let’s discover this wonderland, together.

Looks like a good opportunity for @Maidsafe to spread the word @SarahPentland @dugcampbell .

Entries need to be in by August 1st.

More info here


Great, thanks for the heads up @JPL - we’ll take a look into it :slight_smile:


Did you come to any decisions on this @dugcampbell?

Here is our proposal for mozfest :smiley:


Nice! All go at the moment isn’t it?


We submitted a proposal which gets tracked in this GitHub repository. You can track the progress of the proposal as well as we can by keeping an eye on this GitHub issue :smiley: I hope we get accepted: would be a ton of fun and hopefully we would meet a few members of the community too :grinning:


I think that’s the right topic at just the right level. Work through the process of creating a website to show how simple it is and then explain what’s happening in the background. Maybe you (or someone here) could create a few flashy sample sites to show off, or a couple of new templates or something?

Will you need to preregister some accounts to Level 1 beforehand? Otherwise the first 60 mins might be a bit quiet :smile:


Yes, I don’t know the exact specifics but I’m thinking we come with a few invite codes to get right into the meat of it. The idea is to first blow their mind with how simple it is to host a website on this SAFE thingy, then lure them into the forum and the nitty gritty :grin::grinning::laughing:


Even with invite codes they need to be Level 1 to create a SAFE account. Depends how hands-on the session is I suppose, but as it’s a Mozilla event I’d have thought a lot of people would turn up with their laptops prepared to join in.


If I have the Safe FUSE drive running by then you could also demo it from the command line as in the following to create and publish a website:

mkdir public/my-dir
echo “Hello world!” > public/my-dir/index.html
mkdir dns/my-app
ln -s public/my-dir dns/my-app/www

See: SAFE as a mountable disk (safe-vfs): First version

I’ve got the framework working, so just need to hook up FUSE operations to the SAFE API, although that’s a decent amount of work as I’m building a JS layer to simplify the API at the same time. It is now at the stage where people could join in and help though, and if you wanted to demo the above this could be done as a shortcut.

Oh, and I’m on holiday until September lol


This is coming around again. Worth another shot at getting a slot?