Mozilla Is Offering a $2M Bounty

@nicklambert you super ants can take this easily :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah yeah they talk about hardware, but the software part is also important



Participants must be individuals who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, or organizations (whether nonprofit or for-profit) that are incorporated in and maintain a primary place of business in the U.S.


Minor technicality.

Circumvent that with a good US attorney. Mozilla is already aware of MS by way of SF Meetup.


How disrespectful to other people on the internet who are capable to create an decentralized internet.
Hmmm sorry for my stupidity (of course they can’t be forced to add a backdoor). :wink:

It would be fun to see a crowdfund from the crypto community, $1B to fund the hardware of decentralized internet, but it’s probably me having unrealistic and dumb fantasies. Our marketcap is over $100B collectively, but I only have to whisper a word about this and it will be interpreted as unrealistic and dumb fantasies.

Wow what a disruptive ICO that would be, I can read the headlines:
Mozilla shame on you for offering a lousy $2M, the cryptocurrency community just dumped $1B to power a decentralized internet.

$10B and the crypto community would give ever ISP on Earth an heart attack, but these are just my unrealistic and dumb fantasies. :kissing_heart:

@nicklambert if you guys want to do a crowdsale of a hardware to decentralize the internet and you ask $1B minimum, I’m all in. :stuck_out_tongue: Would you send Maidsafe $1B, to create the hardware? They are already doing the software (what a publicity stunt that would be).


The tech is already here really. High speed satellite uplinks to local mesh networks.

There are quite a few big mesh networks up and running in the world, and what characterizes them are generally that they are local community efforts. You can fund as much as you want online, but if it isnt implemented by communities locally it’s hard to make it a success.

This is one of the bigger mesh networks in the world:

Edit: I’d also argue that Barcelona might be an interesting potential partner for the project in the future (I know their technology officer follows maidsafe on twitter), as the city government are fairly forward looking and it would be a good place to test it on mesh networks also.


Check the comments. Only one mention of maidsafe and it is being downvoted into oblivion.
Silicon Valley (TV series) is the top comment.

Nobody knows what Maidsafe really is; most think it’s a storage solution, the rest have never heard of it at all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s a good thing SAFE still flies under the radar. The whole project is vulnerable until it isn’t. Post launch I intend to go nuts writing stuff and being active in reddit and everywhere else I can think of (I have some stuff already prepped), trying to get it mentioned and seen as much as possible. After launch more publicity means more users, which means a more secure and robust network. Pre-launch it’s quite possible that it could do the project more harm than good to be fully understood, what with some of the implications for ‘security, privacy, freedom… for everyone’ :wink:


lol I have prepared a lot for post lunch as well :slight_smile:
The 2 of us will set up a task force for marketing purposes.
In the meantime I have not even upvoted the poor maidsafe comment in the reddit thread and feel a bit guilty for that,


Count me in!

And don’t worry neither did I, I don’t even have a reddit account… yet. :wink:

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Hmm, you might want to make one now and start participating in random stuff. Redditors tend to be extra skeptical of brand new users with little/no history that just start promoting something they’ve never heard of before.

Just a heads up!


I’m hoping it’s the content that’ll be persuasive. The tech will exist by then so it’s really just alerting people to implications and letting them judge for themselves.

But yeah, you make a good point. I might create it sooner anyway so it’s not a total noob account…

So what is for lunch - roast beef sandwich? I hope you have plans for post launch as well :wink::stuck_out_tongue:


I would think targeting activist and (pardon me) adult industry folk would be two really receptive groups.


Considering this is almost a replacement for torrents, I’d say that the torrents community would be very early adopters.

The “almost” is better than it sounds because it takes away the negative aspects of torrents and replaces them with trackerless, untraceable, secure, distributed, always available and easy to use.


Count me in too buddy

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It seems like a trap. That US requirement means the damn spy agencies are their partners.

It needs to read USG feeling threated so bribe 2M for building trojan back door decentralized network and help us figure out also how to slap workable competitors with forbidden IP status.

We were talking with a couple of friends at school and we were wondering, what if a delaware company is created in the US by @whiteoutmashups and @hunterlester and setting the structure to be a parent company to MaidSafe.

The only requirement is to have a company in the US, it’s participants to be US persons and to be the primary location of business. The primary location would be it’s HQ.
We would need a lawyer to fix the details, but I think it would be doable.

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The problem is SAFE is so revolutionary you can’t really promote it until it launches and get established because people have never seen anything like it before so they have no point of reference. The irony in this however is ONCE it gets established no one will ever be able to stop it ever.

And SAFE is not going to decentralize the internet. What SAFE is going to do is create a decentralized internet. The former modifies what already exists. The latter creates something completely new and much more grand.


It is not just decentralized either, it is a distributed internet.
This is a huge distinction


Is it too late to rip off the plot from SIlicon Valley and host the internet through smart fridges? We can call it AntonNet in memory of Anton.