Mozilla Festival - Decentralisation space CFP closes August 1

The 9th annual MozFest returns to London’s Ravensbourne University, October 26-29. It’s a gathering of our global community network (~1.7k attendees) to discuss, workshop, design, and interactively engage on 5 core topics of Internet Health:

  • Decentralization
  • Privacy and Security
  • Digital Inclusion
  • Openness
  • Web Literacy

Joining these topics we welcome Youth Zone, and Queering MozFest to the 9 floors of disruptive collaborations. This year’s theme is Data and You

We currently have an open call for session proposals, closing August 1. And I invite the SAFE Network community to consider applying to hold space in 2018.

Sessions should appeal to wide spectrum of experience and knowledge levels. The formats these will take:

  1. SHED - workshops, design sprints, crafting etc. where attendees create something of value

  2. GALLERY - weekend long, interactive displays, art & design, open project demos

  3. LEARNING FORUM - roundtable discussions, collaborative learning, technology intros etc.

Each space has a limited number of travel and accomodation stipends to help us ensure a diverse range of facilitators, whom might otherwise be unable to add their voice.

My Privacy & Security space wrangler blog on the CFP -
Decentralisation space -
7 tips for your proposals -
Mozilla’s CFP Help -
Proposals form -


Anyone from @MaidSafe or the community thinking of going along?

I’m considering it as it is a chance to meet Ruben Verborgh, but if others are going it would be great to spam them with SAFE T-shirt wearing bodies :wink:


Ruben tells me he and Tim are presenting, so anyone visiting will have a chance to meet two guys at the heart of Solid! cc @dugcampbell


I’ll be there and wouldn’t miss that :smile: The plus side of being rejected for presenting the SAFE Network is that I’ll be able to attend other presentations :sweat_smile:

Looking forward to meeting you and whoever else is joining from the community :smiley:


Yeah I’m planning on attending, sounds like great fun!