Moving/transfer of data within SAFE

Expecting an obvious FAQ will be…

What options are there, or what is the intent for future, to allow movement of data within SAFE?.. Paralleled by a check on what is deletable.

  1. What is deletable?.. if I oops and uploaded wrong document, am I liable to human error… is there an edit-undo… or a pause before action to check the user is not erroring… or is this necessarily a feature for service providers and tools??.. Is there a toggle for making public data private?
  2. Can I transfer nrs to another owner?..
  3. Can I transfer a FilesContainer to another nrs?.. perhaps not and reason not to ever prefer the xorurls because such change would require a new instance??
  4. Can I transfer a SAFE file to another FilesContainer, without bouncing off local copy?.. by transfer again perhaps necessarily copying it.