Movie - The UK Gold - The British Tax havens

The Tax Haven countries must be running some form of unbreakable encryption technology…despite all their efforts, the worlds security agencies are powerless to infiltrate their systems and shut them down /sarc

The UK Gold, a new documentary on corporate tax avoidance, airs on London Live at 8pm Wednesday 25th March. Narrated by Dominic West, and featuring an original sound score by Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Robert Del Naja (Massive Attack) and Guy Garvey (Elbow)


This is what developments like Slur on SAFE are for. Pickety made some estimates in his book of the level of evasion. Seems we may find out if he was wrong. In the mean time the evaders needed to be bailed out and austerity needed to follow to enable more evasion? Libor scandal was just the beginning it seems. Maybe the UK can finally rid it self of its imported German eye sore royalty. I don’t get it, its like a reminder of everything that was wrong with the past, like calling the dark ages the good ole days. How could you ever let inherited wealth, a grotesque experiment in human breeding ever represent your country in anything? And it stands even in a territory where if the car you drive is a Rolls or Bentley its libel to be keyed.