Most would be stunned by what an actual equal income distribution in the US would look like

Even assuming assuming the economy didn’t grow with an equal distribution of the product of the US on an annual basis you could pay every person from birth to death $53300 per year. Over their life they would on average accrue 4.19 million. Right now on average their total income over the course of their life might be a tenth of that. At that rate assuming savings the average 18 year old would hit adulthood with almost a million in the bank and of course the income of 53k plus per year. This could be the guaranteed basic income of the country. We have the automation and resources to do this and index it and do it in an ecologically corrective and sound way.

We really have to reverse things and reverse them hard. We could start with unions. Granted, unions aren’t good enough and need to be completely replaced by full cooperatives especially the kind that eliminate all the hierarchy. But in the mean time unions should be the ultimate power in the firms they are involved with because it should be recognized that workers, even workers whose skills have been obsoleted are first among stake holders coming way way way before owners.

The powers should include at a minimum the ability to cancel dividends, divest all the stock, change the charter, eject the stock holders, fire executives, managers and the board, cut their pay retirement/benefits and to convert the firms to full cooperative with full employee control while nixing the ownership aspect- membership control doesn’t require the stupidity of ownership. To effect this at a minimum the workers should be able to strike at will and without limitation and with a total bar on replacements. This is hardly even the beginning of what is fair, what is also needed is hardened retribution in the form actually enforcing fairness. No more crime based system.

All the capitalist theft and crime has to be paid for by the capitalist class through a quick correction of the distribution of the wealth and power. Most of the things capitalists think of as a right should actually result in sentencing with automatic minimum terms. The US also needs to unilaterally revoke all of its obligations in trade deals and bar any future trade deals. We also need to get rid of Wall St. We don’t need public firms or speculation or stock based insurance what we need is cooperatives. And as always sponsorship and bribery and money as speech doctrine needs to be eliminated. Also stripped from our legal system should be the notion that law is not about fairness. Law that is not about fairness is crime.

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Wow, crazy. That’s how much the rich are keeping away from everyone? Lol.

I’ve often thought about how stupid it is for rich people To do this, instead of investing in things that empower everybody (like SAFE), because people can only make inventions / process / discoveries that benefit everyone (including the rich) if they aren’t busy with poverty / busywork jobs all day.

tl;dr there aren’t as many cool things / cures for diseases for the rich to buy if everyone else is being busy starving every day lol

SAFE / equal access economy ftw

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The assumption is the top (say 20% of all workers) of the value creators would work just as hard to create that much wealth.

That assumption is completely unwarranted.

The second assumption is that it is somehow okay to introduce a 100% income tax on all income over 53,300. (Or alternatively legally limit income to 53,300).

People would simply go elsewhere (say Mexico or Canada) to make more. And the remaining serfs would be poorer as there would be no 53, but 35 K, to redistribute/share per capita.

So the only way this can work is to have a totalitarian world government. Not that Obama or EU leadership isn’t halfway there.

But you get the point. What do you do with a majority of society displaced from the workplace over ability? Attrite with contraception? Takes too long. Exile them? Insist they can’t have the fruits of automation? We know the prison surveilance state isnt the answer for any class of people? Trying to increase control of people won’t work.