Most wanted App thread split and un-split

Should we split topics that have a lot of replies? We don’t have a very clear answer. We do split topics that become to long. Just to keep things more readable. In this case we got a request to un-split the topic and set everything back to one. We had a discussion @ moderators including members of the forum and we decided to put it back. I’ll put some of the discussion in this topic to keep the topic itself clean.

I guess since the mods were asking for examples where they used their position to do things against the common Group will, this would be an example for that

This comment got lots more support than the mods’ one, and we didn’t get your decision overturned or even get any response at all?

Long live the original MWApps thread, please restore it to its original greatness. Hours and hours of passionate work put in there, so please

You got a response from me on PM on the day the new part was created asking to make your points to @ moderators. We decided with more of us to create the part 2 of this topic. So I can not on my own decide to un-do that. That’s why I’ve asked you to make your points on PM so other mods could look at it again.

EDIT: In a reply on PM you asked me to tag them I see now. I should’ve done this before, sorry. I’ll forward to @ moderators and make you part of the discussion as well. Check PM.

Ok thx got the reply

Please mods don’t slice my baby in half :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry I’m probably being a bother. I give up. Do what you want.

We’re seriously discussing this with you in PMs right now and the last 2 days…

They took my emoji’s and now your thread. All needless and pointlessly executed. This forum seems to be gradually degenerating. A subtle and advancing encroachment on our expressions. Hence my reduced participation. Back into the shadows I go…

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Are you serious? Who took your emoji’s? Not any mod/admin afaik.

EDIT: After a request from @whiteoutmashups we decided to un-split his topic back to one. So here it is, just one topic.


Thank you guys very much I really appreciate this! This is a very special thread so I’m hoping it can be the one exception to that rule :slight_smile: very much appreciated!


He he, that was fun! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Don’t leave man!! We need Mr Tonda

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