Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network


Oh no chain gangs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Anyhow I don’t see the need for datachains to secure this. MDs with the owner set to not owned (ie random ID) will secure any data by storing the datamaps of the data it is securing. All crypto provable to be correct and unaltered from the time it was posted.


Good point so just set that data to public and it’s just as good?


A lot of blockchain gambling apps and platforms out there already all based on the idea that it’s decentralised and transparent, so biggest selling point is they can’t double dip. I prefer the ideas for apps stemming from the original concept for the SAFE network connecting computers and the opportunities this brings.


SAFE credit for women, mentoring, planning app- to help reduce 160 giga tons of carbon by 2050

New reporting at global level says single most powerful thing that can be done to reduce carbon quickly is education of girls and female empowerment. So beyond micro credit and empowerment through culutural awarness and a Khan academy type offering is something like SAFE coin and SAFE network which is hard to jam on printable raspberry pi type hardware, adding solar powered mesh aimed at the developing world. So its really wanting mil spec durability with the bottom of commodity pricing combined with SAFE’s viral toughness and viral disruptiveness. Also like to add a life alert type feature so that with the press of a button women can come to the physical aid of other women.


An App to sync ios/android data (photos, videos, etc.) to the network.


So someone advertised Archain, earlier… (guess it was deleted), basically a crypto based around the idea of the likes of and their website archiving activities.

I read up on it and it’s pretty vague… there were statements such as [paraphrasing] “generally media won’t be archived, but can be hashed, and if in 10-20 years people wanted to find the linked file, they could offer a bounty to find the same file that matches the hash…” (needle in a haystack?!)

All I thought was… er… surely you could have a “safe://archive.kenroolsok” website on the safe network that did this, including hosting all of the content, no stripping of media?! Why a new currency?!

I’ve seen that are still subject to DMCA complaints (so not completely archival), how would that be managed in the Safe environment? Would it be worth getting them engaged to fund an app? or at least a Safe website?

Sorry if this has been discussed already.


You mean here

This is better under most wanted APP, since this will be an APP not a feature of SAFE (I’ll move it there)

I see no reason why someone won’t do it at some stage. Kind of “this is what the internet used to look like without SAFE”


Yep, sorry, I thought it had been deleted since it didn’t turn up when I searched archain… although now it does?!


SAFE Sports Streaming Service. I’d subscribe for some SCoin. Possibly tie it to a sportsbook :slight_smile:


Definitely agree with the SAFE sports streaming, I’d happily subscribe :+1:t2:


Government Accountability App.

An app that explains how to set up the circles below and how to use an iterative inquiry process to create accountability and transparency that will also bridge to a clear net protonmail account to make the actual anonymous email contacts with the legal depts that takes the public record requests. In the US there are literally 87000 governments so some updated listing of those contact emails might be helpful but not essential. Maybe just all the city, county and major agency contacts with Public Records Request Act info links for each context

In the US at the top of a government will be a sponsored politician or group of them. These people have basically relied upon a criminal bribery based process to gain their position. They also tend to be fly by night. They rely on technocrats or buearaucrats to get things done but under sponsorship their influence will tend be corrupting at best. When bueraucracies with all their inherant problems also become fundamentally corrupted with nepotism and cronyism they become literally dangerous to the citizenry.

On the other hand they tend to be composed of citizens at both the base of their pyramid and at the top. In the US there also tends to be a legal counsel at the top that can be queried by the citizens that make up the pyramid through the PRA and FOIA laws.

The Public Records Act in particular allows for anonymous queries and imposes time lines on the legal counsel and forces the response to be actually responsive. This means line staff can use blinded transparency to interatively question that entity. What is great about this is answers don’t just produce records, in practice they force answers that have to be vetted for the press (court of public opinion) and court so an interative process of questioning followed by research on provided answers in successive narrowing down cycles by the querant group begins to increase exposure for the legal group which forces them to address discrepencies they uncover as they go as their exposure and skin in the game incrementally increases, but in practice this also increases the legal group’s power so its can be positive for their job satisfaction.

So what happens is the line staff in base of the pyramid can act as the legal group’s eyes and in so doing if line has have blinded transparency they still get recognized credit which works to purge the fear based environment that corruption relies upon but it also means the chain can’t practically retaliate with claims that its authority is being subverted. Paradoxically they might retaliate somewhat blindly but that retaliation would be recognized for what it is will and subsequently be drawn into the focus of the iterative process, plus its hard to prove intent or philosophically reject the process so enforceability is not practical. So this is a top down transparency process that can be used to nulify almost any chain and especially abuses that revolve around productivity ideation and associated terrorizing of staff by generally useless management. Its a flatener, presumably the staff can use it to eluminate coercion and the fear based environments that get people sick

All it takes is small groups of people to get together and begin the iterative inquiry process. Straight transparency would be very protective but right now in say the example of a county a line staff member may give a friend that doesnt work for the county a couple hundred dollars to go buy a net book with cash at a retail store and then have that friend act as a proxy only using that net book for anonymous county counsel PRA queries and only on the friend’s own ISP but also using anonymous protonmail account with Tor stick- that provides at least pseudo anonymity and probably more for now and then acting themselves as the proxy for a small group that will come up with the successive queries and research them- that makes retaliation impractical because no one is keeping track of who comes up with individual queries. No, its just the only citizens in a practical postition to police a buearaucracy policing it. And these groups don’t have leaders or structure or actual memberships or even names just some shared values and norms especially wanting work environments where they have a voice and are trusted, and valued and have autonomy and some security- none of this is present in fear based environments.

SAFE takes the place of TOR in the above scenario but still needs bridge, or maybe SAFE on TAILs to Proton. Maybe SAFE to TOR to Proton?


Updated the links for my SAFE Network Potential Apps websites,
as the previous links had become broken over the years.

Legacy Style Website

Current Website

Enjoy the inspirations! Don’t forget that all the logos are clickable, so you can view entire pages describing the ideas / impacts they can have

Will port this to Alpha 2 soon if size permits (it should :slight_smile: )


the most wanted app for sure is our substitute for a bar where we can find all our friends. We are here to- and need to connect to other people. Facebook came a long way with this and now we see what was missing on the web besides chatting. Sharing your ideas, art, sorrow an grief, joy and success. A bar where you can express yourself and shout out and people choose to react or not.
So somethng like facebook. how wonderful would that be without control!!!


It would be nice to see something like + @ seneca’s mining idea combined. Basically a user comes to your site and you use their cpu to mine a coin, it would be fun if the profit could split up between website owners and users. Even if your website doesn’t got a lot of users, you could maybe also visit your own website and dedicate your cpu to mine these coins. Just a random thought… :stuck_out_tongue:


A shopping cart plugin.


an application that lets you publish to, browse and search a library of immutable archives of books and digitalized artwork. Forever.


Would like to see a feature like 000webhosting with a one click website setup. For wordpress, prestashop, joomla, opencart, magento, etc. Maybe if someone can add a feature to accept altcoins(safecoin) as payment for the products sold on the website would be awesome.


Someone is actually working on that right now. Safe-CMS - Censorship is a thing of the past


That’s cool. I am a newbie here. Didn’t know. Also my technical knowledge is comparatively low. Thanks for informing me @upstate


Thanks for the publicity! At current pace, this should be released in around 3 weeks - I’ll send you a direct message once it is @subutherobot. :slight_smile: