Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network


Are you still using Cyclos? Any experiences you’d like to share?


I think, considering the safe nature of the SAFEnetwork it would be a great achivement to be able to manage, review and change my personal data that company’s/healthcare/government got from me. This would be managed at one place, the SAFEnetwork, and thereby is distributed and decentralized.

Something like the SAFEnetwork as a middleman. Company’s etc. struggle to be compliant to new laws (such as gdpr), witch force them to be more aware of the data they store from their customer. But what if companys store all the user data in the safenetwork and the user on the other hand can manage who, what and for how long anybody can use this data.

The company’s who do this wil become SAFEcompliant. This will be the standard in te future;)

The user can access a portal with a nice GUI were he can manage all of it.

  • Retrieving his data from an anoing email newsletter.
  • Give amazon access to his homeadres
  • Checking his medical reports from all healthcare
  • See what information local government can see about him
  • Set up groups: if i set company x in group A, they will only get my email adres. Companys in group F will get my medical data.

Just a thought


And then sell it to groups B-Z :smiley:


I would like to have SAFE Docs, an app similar to Google Docs on the SAFE network. Or maybe an app like MS Word would be better if it can run on several OSs. Web technology still has its limits.


Not really :smile: let’s keep pushing it!


My final master project was about this topic and I agree that a service/app like this offers tremendous advantages. The difficulty with this is indeed what is mentioned below your suggestion, and I am not yet certain if safenet offers the right functionality to offer this. What I mean with functionality is that the company only gets access to the processed data. They have to develop their code, their code will be executed within a vault/sandbox open for validation and then the required data to offer a functionality offered by the company is send through.

As far as I understand most applications in development today on safenet are executed on the device itself and the (raw) data is then processed in the application, if a company would want to misuse your data they could develop a backdoor and copy and indeed sell your data.

Farmers are providing storage to the safe network but do they also deliver a certain amount of processing so these raw to processed data handlings can be executed in a/the safe environment?

This needs to be solved from a network perspective but then you also need a few important usability issues to be solved and included in the network capabilities. One of those would be the requirement of descriptive permissions. Currently in the test setup people have to agree with certain permissions to give an app access to their data. But for the average Joe this needs to be very clearly translated into: what data, why this data is needed and how valuable that data is. The value of that data can then be connected to the safecoin and the internal market. I would love to see this as a hard coded requirement, that the API (SDK) requires this the same way as the authentication keys are required to decrypt the data.

And of course we need to discuss about standardization for certain types of personal data. This means that if I store my home address on safenet using my insurance company, I don’t get a duplicate data set when I am signing up for a newspaper that uses a slightly different format for my home address.



Graph Api for public data. Time series db for private data.


Currently I want a SAFECard / SAFECal first. (CardDav / WebDAV).
Then KeeSAFE second (KeeWeb).
Third would be SAFEtreon. (Patreon)


Seconding Patreon.

Microtransactions will make this very interesting


Not an app but…

Would it be an idea to create a sign in plugin much like facebook and gmail?
Imagine going to a webpage, forum, or an normal app and signing in with your
safe ID? Is that possible?


If @maidsafe made a collection of dynamic website templates to use :slight_smile:


If there was a store for premade SAFE smart contracts that provide a range of functions


This would be very neat, but I’m not sure about implementation (I think you’d need a central server in the current Web to create the link with SAFEnetwork). I’m thinking it doesn’t really help much, creates more security issues and would be dangerous for users who didn’t realise it probably means their safe-id could be tracked, de-anonimised etc.

Worth thinking about, but in general, any bridge between Internet and SAFEnetwork creates these kind of self defeating problems.


If you are using a safe webpage, forum or normal app, your digital identity will already be presentable. That is, there will be no need for this sort of app. Just wanted to point that out in case it wasn’t obvious! :slight_smile:


Cheers. :slight_smile:

Yea. I was trying to think of ways to attract people over from the normal net. Drip services across untill people just suddenly find themselves fully MAID up.


Crowd-working platform, maybe based on Daemo:


An app that transparently tracks supply chains via data chains. Also a chain explorer :wink:


One great thing about this compared to blockchain solutions is that all kinds of rich data can be linked & hosted relating to even a specific item (e.g. gps logs, surveillance camera recordings, signed paper scans, notes etc etc). This could all be secured by data chains so it’s provable and can never be altered or falsified :slight_smile:

Provenance ( is a UK company doing this with blockchain… may be worth reaching out to them about a Safe implementation once data chains are being tested.


I’d very much like to see a token platform on Safe.

Could be a bit like Colu or Ethereum ERC20, but faster, cheaper, easier to use, with greater functionality.

It could enable features such as paying dividends to token holders in Safecoin / other tokens on the platform, and the ability to give access to specific Safe hosted private data.

Templates could be available so anyone can easily issue currency tokens, voucher tokens, bonds, digital content access keys/tokens, voting tokens, ICO tokens, and other useful formats of token.

Issuers could post verifiable documents that are hosted on Safe an easily accessed from a token info safe page. This could help build trust around an asset / token.

Ideally every token that wants to could be added to a token exchange that’s also on Safe, with an automatic newtoken/Safecoin trading pair created on issuance to add easy liquidity to issued assets.

The first use case I’d like to build for this is a bond market for people to borrow against property, so basically a decentralised P2P crowd-fund mortgage bond market.