Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network


I don’t see an option to PM - so you can just use N-Crowd to contact me on Skype…


I would love to see a viable OneNote alternative! In other words, the ultimate note-taking program that lets you easily and seamlessly integrate touch/written input, images, audio, and text with great organizational tools and sync/upload across the SAFE network.

We really need a non-Microsoft alternative for a program like that…


Inter-forums are totally needed. I guess all of this can be summed up as something like:

  • Data interchange formats
  • Great javascript for interacting with that data
  • exploration of new kinds of user interfaces, like VR


A different way of sumarizing time or Bar Clock

Now this may not be SAFE specific but it might have a place somewhere in SAFE interfaces, apps and projects.

Its a sequence of horizontal bars in vertical progression i.e., minutes is a solid bar progresses from left to right as the seconds tick down. Below that hour bar as the mins tick down, then 24hrs day then, then month, then year, then life span. Also project deadline bars in the same fashion.

It should be customizable so that notations and markers (I persinally like total minamalism) can be set and removed. For instance, life span can become time line.

I am guessing the most impactful presentation uses the full width of the screen for the bar length with a small minamalist abreviated label just above each line, left aligned. A second simple contact anywhere would bring up full tic marks. And tapping a bar full relief.

Now for some it will be an utterly brutal presentation of time. But familarity it should be possible to get an instant sense of things on a single phone screen even time to aniversary and days till xmas and birthdays. Maybe personal bars run backwards?


How have I been missing out on this thread for so long?! :scream_cat:

My vote: Video Sharing FTW! :smirk_cat: It’s really just file sharing though…

Anyway, it’s absolutely necessary for both cat videos and anime :heart_eyes_cat:


I’d love a collaborative IDE like this on the network at some point.


I love this idea. My first program two years ago was for my wife, pregnant at the time, to be able to ask a question or enter keywords and receive back information that I consolidated from all of our pregnancy and herbal medicine books.

I also think a lot about wanting help, perhaps with augmented reality, with plant identification.

In my previous life as a farm worker I always enjoyed the great knowledge of the old guard and old timers but it seems to not be consistently passed down anymore.

Anyway, great to find someone like yourself in this community. :grinning:


Agree We very much need a replacement for Facebook


Thank you. You might look into but I think we need something far more in depth than that not to mention permanant on the SAFE network. But it’s a good example of a starting point.


We’ve got a couple of those already, the problem being people don’t use them. But yes it would be good to have SAFE based social media, a SAFEbook if you will.


SAFEBook …,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,…,.,.,.,


So I think my idea of what the killer app for the safe network could be an is IDE like the one above, bundled with a chat client like , bundled with some sort of github and the ability to press a publish button and get your app running on the network.

You would basically have the ultimate developers kit with the ability to save and publish apps directly to the network. What better way to “attract talent” to a new network? :wink:


I just uploaded one with no safe network functionality, l will do later, here is the link safe://codetest.testing/ happy new year


The initiative on this guy! :smiley:

Wish I had skills enough to partake! back to the learning board I guess! :wink:

To visualize what I had in my head, an app with a codeview ala VSCode where the folder structure is saved on the safenetwork and you can publish directly:

change to one of the different panes on the left and get the chatview ala discord up, where pulls, changes, etc can be automatically published to chat:

change to another pane on the left, and bam, safebrowser:

That would be a pretty epic browser bundle for the network amirite?


I just remembered there already is a safe code editor safe://safeeditor.davidmtl/ and here is its githbub:


This reminds me of something Adam B. Levine posted when he was trying to figure out which direction to go with LTB… He mentioned the Spider and the Starfish, and a few systems designed with the principles in mind. They allowed for anyone to participate, and for everyone to rate everyones’ contributions. At least one of the systems would pay contributors based on the collective rating of the contribution. It would also rate individuals ratings compared to the norm, and allow, in theory, for biases to become obvious, and weighted… Unfortunately I don’t remember what the name of that system was, and I’ve never been able to find it again. After reading about it, I’ve always thought it would be interesting if one of those “freedom townships” tried to implement that sort of system of governance.

Anyway, your suggestion just reminded me of it. If anyone happens to know what I’m talking about, and if it, or something like it, is out there, please do tell!


Crypto Will App - distributes assets on death. For example see Dead Man’s Block


Says his biggest challenge may be encrypting large info, sounds like safe could come in handy.


Would like to see @maidsafe mobile client have these capabilities and then some


A browser plug-in that connects to a machine learning AI app that scans text and recognizes logical fallacies. Also a fact checking, cross referencing feature could be useful. Not my idea, heard it on a podcast but I want it!