Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network


Only my suggestion. Just because it’s not an app but a new idea about the whole. If people want to keep it here, I’m fine with that. Just my opinion…


OK, I think I’ll leave it on this thread as I know dallyshalla and whiteoutmashups are both keen to keep the thread intact. However if they would like to create another thread that would be quite OK with me.


Another APP idea.

Was reading this:

Only with a spin…

This is already working but the tech used is kind of old school I imagine and you would need some resources e.g. call centre personnel for this to work properly and become a success.

A concierge service APP for drivers.

Concierge services are not new and have been used for premium model cars and offered by manufacturers for a long time. I read somewhere that they already have a few million vehicles signed up to such services and they are also implementing the above new EU laws by 2018 (emergency ‘ecall’ features need to be installed in all new vehicles which dial or send an emergency message to emergency service in the case of an accident).

Usually what they do is contract the service out.

The problem? This service has so far only been available to the rich and famous. What if we had a simple app that anyone could download and use at a few bucks per month?

The services provided are simple.Safety, routing, navigation, traffic avoidance, ATM search, hotel booking, advice for tourists, weather, recommending onboard entertainment etc.

As I say this service is already available for the rich in premium model cars, lets bring this service to regular folks.


How about a “slideshare” app. Something to handle slide show presentations.


anyone building Safe-Dice?


Something for the future, could be a fairly near future actually, is apps that write code from higher abstraction levels of natural human descriptions. I wrote about that somewhere else, but here is Stephen Wolfram describing basically the same thing (from about 54 minutes):

And it made me think that such apps are a decentralization of the code and functionality and not just decentralization of the data. Today basically all apps are written by hand as static silos. Imagine an app framework that dynamically can produce code on the fly automatically depending on input from ordinary end users. Sounds pretty futuristic perhaps but it may be something we will have soon.


OK so this one is super far-fetched.

But I’ve always been interested in where we come from etc, and research prehistoric man at times, and I have a pretty interesting app idea:

An app that stimulates our ancestors the “cave man” in all their different species.

I think this is possible (in the somewhat far future) because we have:

  • complete genome mappings for most species of cave man
  • knowledge / fossils of most of the plant life, atmospheric composition and environment of their time

Combine that with powerful enough computation and I think we can simulate our ancestors and watch them and learn from them and possibly even try to communicate?

I just think its fascinating where we come from and to learn more about history. Could even be made into a pretty crazy educational game. And technically it can become possible because of all the data we currently have. But we are talking about similating everything, starting with DNA and creating a simulated embryo up to a functioning sapien, so it’s still far in the future.

While fantasy worlds / games will be big in the future, I think games about our own world and nature could be equally if not more interesting. Because this same idea could be applied to dinosaurs / all kinds of extinct species / historic environments.

Move over, flight simulator '95!

tl;dr: Cave man simulator / game based on cave man DNA


Not even close.

I know they have recovered some neanderthal dna, but where is the rest?

Most of what are told about the past, whether by scientists or priests, is more-or-less plausible fable with no historicity, that can be pulled apart with some logic and pointed questions.

The whole twentieth century, the new and old testaments, human origins, dinosaurs - all are shaky narratives that will certainly be replaced with something else.

You want to see something well-researched that hits the ball out of the park? Try this: That’s just a start. tl;dr: The concept of a “species” is almost useless.


Kinda reminds me of this episode. Life simulator.


note to self:

(mobile shell)
Remote terminal application that
allows roaming, supports intermittent connectivity, and provides intelligent local echo and line editing of user keystrokes.
Mosh is a replacement for SSH. It’s more robust and responsive, especially over Wi-Fi, cellular, and long-distance links.


French Inria announcement: Software Heritage Project

Universal software archive: collecting all sourcecode of mankind, archiving, grouping, offering to the public, etc.

Future: Publish to safenet directly.


An application to automate out the hierarchy in a local government- county, city, etc.

An application that replaces a local government’s board, executives, managers and supervisors with software and direct democracy systems, leaving just the line staff and the population. In the US we literally have 87000 different local jurisdictions that think of themselves as governments. Almost all of them work on a top down centralized fear based model. They do provide services but they are based on a pyramid filled with serfs and a sponsored politician at the top. The worst part is the sponsored politician at the top. If these governments could be flattened out and reduced to direct democracy systems it would be possible to override the sponsored (vice elected) shill at the top of these and get rid of an endless amount of corruption. The line staff that remain in these systems could be freed from the toxic environment- they would be free at work and therefore free at home and finally set the example that pubic service is always going on about.


Have you taken a look at the BitLaw threads?


Not yet but I wil now. I also plan to look at the liquid feedback primer.


I would like to download podcasts from SAFE - ie a podcast distribution protocol. This could perhaps be build on Project Decorum.

We also need Group ware software. Thinking how complicated the current software is, I wonder how difficult it would be to port say, Libre Office to be a SAFE application.

Edit: Libre Office is not groupware but goes along side groupware. Groupware is calendar, contacts, email, task which should be a priority as SAFE apps.


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Congrats on the Alpha release guys! I tried introducing my fb friends to SAFE…I got tumbleweed, but i guess that’s to be expected as most people either aren’t aware or don’t care about the flaws in the current model.

Anyway, I’ve been getting more interested in Mutual Credit Systems (MCS) at the moment. provide free community banking software/services. I’d love to see something like this ported to SAFE. The Cyclos software features a content management system, marketplace, internet/mobile banking, POS android app and Smart Card for making quick payments. The same software is used by the Bristol/Totnes Pound etc…although they’ve opted for a fiat-backed system.

Combined with community-focused crowdfunding platforms i think it could be a useful tool for financing public services/innovations. Regarding credit scores we could perhaps use some kind of user profile based feedback system (like ebay). In order to deal with interoperability, you could have decentralised exchanges where you can trade credits in exchange for Safecoin (or another cryptocurrency). Anyway, just thought i’d mention it as it might be good way for the SAFE network to gain some interest. Cheers!..and keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Hi Glen,

I’ve recently created a system that uses Cyclos to create an even more flexible trading platform, and have also started work on integrating blockchain services, etc. I’m open to using it to help the SAFE Network in leveraging this type of powerful and much needed economic tool.

I’d be happy to give you a demo of the current prototype banking / trading system if you like.

Here is some background information on the CrowdBucks initiative for your review:

CrowdBucks Youtube Videos ~ https ://
About CrowdBucks ~ https ://
CrowdBucks Overview ~
CrowdBucks Commerce Examples ~

~ Neil


Sounds great Neil :wink: I’ll have a closer look at the docs in a bit. In the meantime i have a few questions…

What technologies are you using? Cyclos is Java/PostgreSQL right?
What kind of hosting are you using?
Will you still be able to use the smart cards that Cyclos offer? I really like this feature.

So it’s a mutual credit system where you get a digital receipt when you make a transaction. Is that right? Isn’t the transaction already recorded on the ledger? Why do you need a receipt?

I read that you also have your own cryptocurrency (CBCoin). How does this fit into the MCS? What tech did you use to create this? Ethereum/Nxt/Bitcoin clone?

I see you have crowdfunding baked into the system too. This is great. And you mentioned that there is a trust mechanism (similar to ebay/fb). This is great too. I’d like to see this in action :wink:

I don’t know if it is of any interest to you but i was working on a browser extension which lets people earn credits through crowdfunding. I decided to use a browser extension as i wanted people to crowd-fund anything, anywhere. It’s also makes use of user profiles where you can assign trust to other users etc. I’ve given up on the project as i prefer the simplicity of mutual credit (and i have very limited coding skills), but if you think you can make use of it in some way then please do…

Regarding the demo, please PM me some details :slight_smile:


The current system uses a full java stack - including Cyclos - Mulesoft (ESB Server) - Liferay (Enterprise Portal) running on Postgres. The basic idea is to leverage the Cyclos engine using their APIs thourgh Mule middleware, and augment the Cyclos system from there using other services - like Stripe/Paypal for payment integration, and Magento, etc for external Storefront integration. The Cyclos user interface has been recreated using LIferay, so anyone familiar with using Cyclos will recognize the system.

All the Cyclos functionality is still in place, and we can now provide a super-set of Cyclos services using our basic API services collection, which we hope to grow over time in order to integrate many more services. The overall concept is to provide a common integration platform that can be customized for virtually any purpose, and use any type of currency/currencies that the members want, including Crypto, Hours, Mutual Credit, Tokens for just about anything, etc.

The crowdfunding marketplace has not yet been created, but most of the needed components are now in place so making it work is mainly about system design. The trust system starts with keeping networks invitation only, and I have ideas on how to implement a more extensive system that can grow and evolve. I’ve also got basic crypto-currency related stuff prototyped so we can support both Omni tokens (including our current coins) and Bitcoin, but we still need to work out issues with integration, etc.

I’d be happy to have a conversation to review potential synergies, so I’ll PM my Skype handle to you and we can chat when you have some time.

~ Neil