Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network


I’m sure that I am not the first one to suggest having a forum app but I just wanted to add my two cents why I would love one. I just did not want to go through the extremely long old thread to see where a forum app was suggested to put my comment there. Doesn’t it being closed means I could not even comment there anyway? Considering whiteoutmashups’s understandable frustrations with the splitting of the old thread, may I suggest the following:

  1. We start a new more organized tread (part 3) of the "Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network. Seems counter intuitive but bear with me.

  2. This new thread would begin with a statement/instructions such as:
    a) We would like to get a good idea and take a record of the most wanted APP on Safe
    b) Below are the top 30 plus suggested so far
    c) Please like and or reply to the app you are most interested
    d) If after reading through the Apps that have already been suggested you have a new idea for an APP, please reply to this post and it will be added to the list of Apps
    e) Please do no make general comments, replys to this tread as we want to keep it as a clean form of record keeping of the most wanted APP’s.

  3. Each of the 30 plus Apps would be a reply to the post so that everyone can like or comment under the App they are most interested in. Reply’s would be hidden so that when someone opens the thread, all they would have to read through are the Apps. Any reply to the post pertaining the an App would be moved by the mod to the App the comment pertains to. That is if the mods are wiling and able. I’m not trying to give you more work then you already have.

  4. The list of 30 plus Apps could be listed from the most popular at the top (based on whiteoutmashups current record keeping which I’m sure he is probably doing). Periodically we would rearrange the Apps so that it is organized from most popular (most likes) at the top the the least popular at the bottom.

  5. Each of the 30 plus App post would give a description of the APP and the number of likes it already got from the part 1 thread. A big job I know and I am willing to help with this part if you need it @whiteoutmashups.

  6. If this thread can stay organized and clean, it can be the one exception to the thread gets too big we split it rule.


We already have something like that on the original MWA thread. @whiteoutmashups already went through, and does go through periodically to update, and counts up all the likes and updates all he apps that have been suggested on a big list at the top of the thread. There’s also the App site he created. There’s no need for another app thread and additional beaurocracy.


Did not realize that. Should have looked before making my suggestions. Sorry about that.


Check the links at the top of the thread there dude. :smile:


stitches baby (thread) back together


Safecoin transacts faster & cheaper than btc , and an offspin of the safenet could be a ‘magic’ programming giant : What do you think of this ?


A market exists for providing access to academic journals like sci-med a la Aaron Schwartz


It’s not a market, even better it is open access: free access to every scientific paper ever published. That’s amazing - thanks for the link.

I hope they’ll move Sci-hub ( to SAFEnetwork, because Elsevier are trying to close them down.


Hi All, I seemed to have joined the group with another email address so think I will look like a newbie to you but have been in the forums for a while under Frontrow_Al.

I did hear of some talk about how someone may be able to reset their safenetwork password if they were unfortunate enough to lose their credentials. I think it was along the lines of storing a few email address’s of friends that you could have a new PW sent to, is that still on the cards? Im pretty good with PW’s but have been in this situation a few times and have needed to get a reset from somewhere.

Same question applies to the Safexchange, Im not expecting any central point of support but a method of resetting somehow.

Also, what happens if someone does keep attempting to login to my account with willy nilly PW’s, they may eventualy get in if they ahve an ID and that ID does not lock or at least have a 5 miin delay after say three unauthorised attempts.

Many Thanks All



Gamification system that rewards users for doing an activity.

It is easy to do a task that was assigned to you by your boss than it is to do a task that as assign to you by yourself (self employed). Self discipline is an hard thing anybody can do especially when being trained by statist for quarter of their lives.

There is no reward activities in real life exception of a few. Such as business gives out employee of the month/year, free dinner, and so forth. People get so obsessed with xbox achievements, playstation trophies, valve digital items far more than IRL because they get to show it off to everybody on their profile, or while in gaming. Like dota 2 cosmic items. Whereas in business, you only show off to your new business boss to show how ethical you are via resume.

All applications use this gamification system such as khan academy, code academy, online schooling, gaming, business, organization, community, basically every aspect of our lives.

It should be very flexible so apps can create reward system for that particular app. Create logos, or digital items that can be used in gaming, or whatever.


Three APP suggestions:

  1. Soundcloud & Beatport style solution for uploading, sharing and selling podcats, music and audio.

My younger brother is a musician and so are many of his friends. These guys would jump at the chance to use an alternative solution to both Soundcloud and Beatport. Soundcloud has gone into a mad frenzy in recent times and has been deleting a lot of music from its servers because people have been remixing and doing things they have always done with a few of the larger companies complaining and so SC has just been running rampant. One of my brothers buddies has had songs deleted which he actually had the rights and permission to use, there was no warning, nothing just a message telling him the song was deleted and with it all the likes, listens, shares and comments. Once he showed them the rights he had they let him re-upload only now he had zero likes, shares and comments.

Beatport I hear is a great tool but the downside is there are two middle men. Beatport is one of the middle men and the other is the record label. Musicians that sell on Beatport can have a track in the top ten, make hundreds of sales and they will be lucky to earn a hundred bucks from the label.

I am not sure what the solution is but I’m thinking the following features would be pretty kick ass.
-No middle men, peer to peer transactions of music. I make a song, I upload it, you pay me.
-Rights should be easy to manage. If I want to remix a song on yours I should be able to connect to you via the platform and get approval or upload my approval manually.
-Safecoin payment

How we manage copyrights is another topic but I would assume it would be similar to other online services where a user can report the audio and make a takedown claim.

  1. Friendfund / Buddyfund.

I absolutely hate it when a group of us (my buddies and I) are going to the same event (concert, movies, sports) and to secure seats and make sure everyone is paid up and ready to go at the same time there is always that one guy that gets lumped with organising the tickets and its a God damned nightmare because half your buddies want to pay you in cash, the other half want to pay digitally either by bank xfer or paypal and of course there is ‘Mr. I Owe You’ who is adamant he wants to come but has no money or whatever.

If we take the crowd funding idea and contract it to just you and your own group of friends this could solve the problem.

Anyone can create an account and you simply add your friends to it, supply all of the event details and the cost of each ticket or whatever. You add a time limit and then your friends just simply join, select their funding method of choice, fund their accounts, they get marked as paid, they can tip you a little something extra and once all the funds have been added and goal been reached you can pay for your tickets. Done. No more bullshit.

You could even add a group style chat to make it a little more fun.

  1. Food Roulette

This app helps you and your friends where to eat.
I dont know about anyone else but when me and my friends or my wife and I are trying to decide what to eat it can be so frustrating. One guy wants Chinese, the other wants Pizza, and of course there is the annoying Vegan.

This app has a database of restaurants with locations, star ratings, food choices and prices.

You log into the app invite your friends, add the details (time/date) everyone makes their selections e.g. price, star rating, food types and location and the app then tries to offer a solution from within its database based on everyones selections OR you could all just agree to spin the wheel and go where it sends you.


Music synthesizer app


Good article on the value of Dapps with a few mentions of Safe. David Johnson who is quoted several times is an investor in MaidSafeCoin through his Dapps fund:


Talk to @frabrunelle
On The Discord chat


Just to build on this: add SafeCoin to it!

Not just points, but SafeCoin too!

So you can get homeless people to stop collecting bottles etc and start Cleaning public parks sidewalks etc IDK

but if people from a Community donated into a “clean our park” SafeCoin Multi sig wallet, and released prizes from it when someone Cleaned the park successfully, then parks would be cleaner :slightly_smiling:

A greatLy needed thing once SAFE distributed voting gets rid of government And SafeCoin gets rid of government Taxation etc

Replace “cleaning parks” with “building schools,” roads, putting out fires IDK. Anything.


That’s the point. If a user is self-employed, he could lock his 1safecoin, and could not get it back until he achieve the tasks.

So you can get homeless people to stop collecting bottles etc and start Cleaning public parks sidewalks etc

What? Dude homeless people collecting bottles are doing their jobs, and doing it survive. They already cleaning the parks and streets by collecting bottles. lol… They get money for it because nobody else wants to, AND they have other things to do. They can earn safecoin for collecting bottles, rather than fiat. You’ll never get rid of them. As for cleaning the sidewalks, and such. There are several cities I been too, there are no street cleaners nor public bottle collectors. Rather, it was the individuals cleaning it up because they knew monies were to be made by collecting the plastic/glass bottles. In several cities, every property owner cleans proportion of their sidewalk to keep it clean. No public funding!

But yeah, I see your point.


what it means is that they can have additional means of making money, in addition to collecting bottles. Nothing wrong with doing that, but something like this can add financial incentive to more things as well as collecting bottles


This Most Wanted APP thread is absolutely facinating and I’m sure just about everyone who has contributed to it also agrees however I’d like to put the question: “How would such a list of APPS appeal to a curious outsider?” I suggest each of our suggestions may loose their punch and get lost in the jungle we created. So I’d like to propose a simplified way that will/could incorporate the majority of these excellent ideas. I’d call this aggregated facility “TelelinkGlobal” an APP running on the amazing new Internet, the SAFE network. TelelinkGlobal would provide four basic modules: Currency, Commerce, Communication and Independent Media. The currency module would introduce a Negotiable Trade Credit (NTC) and provision for exchange of NTC, SAFEcoin, Bitcoin, fiat and allocated gold between users of the facility. The NTC currency would be created with each sale and redemed by each purchase in line with the Austrian School of economics but (the reverse way that the old LETS scheme proposed) . NTC could also be issued by the facility in exchange only for allocated gold. At launch date each NTC would be valued at the then US$ spot price per gram. It would be a complete facility for all forms of Payments, Investments, Loans and syndicated infrastructure expenditure including soft infrastructure being health and education. At no time should there be a counter party to any transaction. All transactions are simply bookkeeping entries between buyers and sellers; and at different times we’re all both. All fiat and crypto settlements should be settled in real time with the participants’ financial service provider - that way we stay clear of just about all financial regulation.
The Commerce module would provide for buying and selling globally and locally all forms of Commodies, Goods and Services excluding derivatives of all forms but include an accounting facility in only NTC.
The Communication module should ultimately incorporate all known ways in which humans communicate, most certaily including voice, video, text etc. At no time should the facility be classifyable as a telecommunications provider, again to stay clear of the plethora of regulation appertainig thereto.
The Independent Media module is to provide a platform for content providers to counter the propaganda churned out by the corrupted six western presstitute corporations and also for widespread dissemination of educational and scientific papers.
The entire facility is to consist of and be owned by all the users of the aggregated facility and the proportions of their respective share at any given moment is to be the ratio that their NTC balance bears to the total NTC on issue. All gold would be vaulted as non-allocated (shared) in secure facilities outside the control of the banking system and clear of nations likely to have aquisitive ambitions.
The whole TelelinkGlobal facilit is to be monitised with NTC credits paid to sellers, its developers, content providers and for suppliers of network facilities such as international fibre system providers. Users of the facility would be debited with micro sums for their use of the aggregated service’s facilities.


Not following your train of thought completely but the idea of modules is way compelling. Development should be as easy as can be, but also leave room for new paradigms. (I suggest we move this to another post header.)


Is this idea just yours or have you discussed moving my suggestion to another post header with others, particularly @frabrunelle, whiteoutmashups, or happybeing ?
Perhaps you provide a rationale for suggesting a move?