Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network


Is Jira an open-source app?


Walletmark Tipper with (Pay Per Like)


Brief brainstorm on recent Mozilla Thunderbird issues: someone :wink: needs to connect Thunderbird with maidsafe/safenet, and implement a mapping of public inet domain names into maidsafe/safenet representation of the same (maybe via dns rootservers and their signed reposnses, dnssec, dkim, and all related, havent thought about any of this for too long), as the thunderbird folks are desperately in need of new business cases and users, and if thunderbird could function with maidsafe as a side channel decentralised way to emulate or virtually do smtp via its own means and still be reachable for classic internet via domain names and all would be great.

Their recent blogpost on thunderbird user base surpassing 10millions each week day.
Thunderbird blog post:active daily users surpass 10 mn.
Wonder if rest of the worlds billions of mail users want to be trapped with their fine webmail providers or if more would flock to applications such as Thunderbird if maidsafe-enabled.


Puppet Media Terminator

Puppet media is the process whereby ordinary people are separated from everything they have including their rights, its also the enabler of terror.

Fuse a Decorum front end to a Slur back end on SAFE to make every state and corporation transparent and telegraphic. Try every last one of them in the court of public opinion. The OJs will fall out the remainders will become FOSS.


Sorry, @Warren , what is puppet media exactly?

I’m not getting it, sorry.


You may want to have a look at Qubes OS, it sounds similar to what you’ve described.


While you’re creating the new Runescape, for the love of Goddess give it better graphics and sound as you’ll be able to store them on SAFE and it’ll amount to the same thing. Also if you’re going to have a free market why not allow people to create and upload their own gear and/or resources. And if you have it on SAFE you could expand the “Runescape” universe and have people add their own resources and new professions too.


@faddat Its sponsored media, it installs puppets. The point of sponsorship is not sales but media capture and enclosure, it is pure censorship. It exists to propagandize, to spin and drown out. To mislead people about their basic interests and to keep the attention and power away from people who would derail the money as power and rule by inherited wealth agenda. Its about keeping and growing inequality. It filters for, inserts hooks in and installs money puppet politicians. Its the primary means of replacing the middle class with the plantation. It tends to work on the modal ad, and it tries to reinforce the cheapening of attention and the capacity to interrupt at will. If the “medium is the message” its mass one way hierarchical and top down. It is the primary means of terror and dividing and conqueoring with fear. Its nonstop psyops. It has to be replaced or eliminated, its the deepest conflict of interest a democratic society can have and it can’t stand it for long.


Yes, it’s been mooted a few times. It would be good to have someone to explore this and any other options.


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Every time I see the hysteria over large lottery pots it reminds me that there is an opportunity for a global cryptocurrency to absolutely smash all records, and corner the market as a FAR less expensive, and FAR greater reward, lottery. It wouldn’t happen over night, but with each new record high would come more publicity, and incentive for people to use it. The fact that it could pay out all, or most, of the money is something states aren’t willing or able to compete with.

I don’t want anyone to pay the idiot tax, and I don’t want to fund the perpetual killing/enslaving of people. A crypto lottery could put a dent in the violence.

I originally thought that a raffle DAC/DAO could be made where it not only functioned like a typical CC, but regularly (preferably when the most people on the planet were awake simultaneously) it would pay something like 99% of the total pot to one of the addresses that paid in at random (I figured that 1% would go to incentivize the resources for the network). I don’t know if Safecoin could work the same way technically, as it wouldn’t be as simple as knowing each address that paid in, but it sounds to me that the small % that went to the network would work even better in Safecoin, as it would just become non-existent, and become available to be earned again at whatever pace resources/product/services were provided the network.

This was the first concept I imagined as a DAC. Then it occurred to me that if an already existing CC could incorporate a trustless raffle like this, even with paying out 100% (or maybe especially) it could be worth it just for PR/adoption. Nowadays I don’t care about any other project (or I should say, I don’t have much hope for any other project), and so I hope this is something that could be provided on the SAFE network.

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Whaaaa pleeeeeeeease don’t do this, let’s keep MWApp list the longest and best thread on this forum please don’t sever it in 2

Pleeeeeeeease we put so much work into it


I’d just like to let developers know that I am looking for a platform or app for trading USD for MAID (SafeCoin) and vice versa.

I think if we can do this it would be a great sign of how solid SAFE is because it no longer relies on Bitcoin for getting in and out of the market.


Let’s just make that a platform for trading any fiat into safecoin. Keep it simple.


Yeah or that. I only said USD because well its USD.


Lol jeez thx guys :stuck_out_tongue:


When I create new apps, should I be using html/css/js or rust would be a better choice?

I am still waiting on the API so I know how to implement apps on top of safe. I’m still clueless on building apps on top of safe.


The Things network is an Open Source IOT project with a manifesto

This is the Architecture

I’d be interested in a Safe app that could act as an handler & application server for Things Network nodes.


Maidsafe has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and participate in a forum for the first time in my life. I am really enjoying the experience because this format allows for everyone (who chooses) to have a voice with no interruptions. I would be interested in a forum app on the Maidsafe network.


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