Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network


SAFE Credit Union. First as digital automated non profit cooperative where the customers are the owners (non profit and customer ownership are part of credit union definition) so no stock holders but also no execs, managers or supervisors. Then later as pure code based non profit DAO. These are optimal money stretcher and crowd sourcer platforms.


Crowd lending tends to be a rip off. The rates are high, and the default rates are high too – especially in the crypto end of the market.

I think that when you move to asset as currency compared to debt as currency, credit is going to be a thing of the past. Nobody loans their gold out hoping for a 3 or 5 percent return.


I don’t think crowd sourcing is rip because people are giving tiny amounts in the hopes of starting something. But crowd lending is possibly a longer shot despite that being what all formal bank lending is supposed to be in concept. But bank lending is often secured.

Asset lending sounds interesting as a credit replacement but wouldn’t need to at least cover displacement?


Lending a deflationary assets is a losing proposition.


Which is why the banks want you to believe inflation is awesome and deflation is evil.


Well that’s at least part of it.


How easy will it be to backup existing websites to the safe network?

I guess if you have SSH/root access you could just install a client on your server? Is there a way of getting sftp data into the safe network?


Any machine logged onto SAFE can mount a virtual drive, so you could copy to that by any means, including sftp from your server to the local virtual drive.


I don’t think it’s going to be needed.


The hard part isn’t copying the website. The hard part is the fact there’s no server side scripting on SAFE, because there is no server on SAFE. So no PHP, no MySQL, no CGI, none of that. Anything that relies on any of that backend will need to be rewritten.



I didn’t find anything using search, so:
The SAFE concept would be ideal to start an true open access scientific journal. Decentralized storage would keep the costs down… No more paying thousands of dollars for publishing a paper. All papers would be accessible everywhere and for ages. Safecoins could be used pay editors, typesetters a little. Blockchain technology could be used for verification and keeping track of publications.
Now go a little bit further and fix some issues with the classic approaches, mention the reviewers and typesetters in the papers - brings reputation - this stuff could also be stored in a blockchain.
Of course there are new issues with what papers get accepted/review process/… to get ironed out.
But it would be worthwhile to think about.



Agreed. The biggest beneficial here is now users have complete customization on how it looks on their end, not server side. That eliminate the security risk for server/client side. The safe should only provide actual data, like the 90s. Just plain html format. Reading this article would help you understand that 90s web was the easiest way to keep documents in order and archive them for history. As we progress to today, it is becoming hard to store the actual data, not the data that server side provides such as django, node.js, etc. It is stored in folders that is statically harder to find.


That’s AWESOME idea for an app!!

SAFEjournal SAFEnature lol IDK I just always have an urge to make a title and logo for every idea IDK why


An app (Java web browser game) like RuneScape!!!

RuneScape used to be the $#!+ it was awesome back in 2006-2009 when free markets were allowed.

But then big brother came in (I think) and they took away all the exciting things like the ability to freely trade gold / anything to anybody, high-stakes dueling, and anything free-market related… For “safety” they say…???

Here’s a graph of what that did to the player base:

I want my RuneScape back!!

Somebody who knows Java please make a (decentralized & uncensorable) simple clone of this with FREE MARKETS again!!! (oh yeah, and become A MILL/BILLIONAIRE:)


LIFE IS PEOPLE - ANTS meet up will be live link up with - SAFEnetwork Decentralization and Cryptocurrency meet up in Ruidoso New mexico USA this SATURSDAY 31st OCTOBER 17HRS MT 16HRS PT [23HRS GMT SATURDAY] - this meeting is open to all - feel free to post any topics of you would like to discuss - will post the LIFE IS PEOPLE hangout link later

Proposed topics for discussion


Brainstorming unique uses of safenetwork apps yet to be created. The possibilities this tech will bring that just aren’t possible any other way

Will post the link to hangout on Saturday

ANTS meet up in various time zones

Feel free to raise any topics to discuss
contact @optictopic for details of location

For those unable to join live or wish to view


freecycle also a reliable one


Apologies if already discussed, do not see it, so introducing 2 suggestions:

  1. 3D scanner app [current Ex 123Dcatch by Autodesk]
  2. 3D online photo gallery [current Ex Deviantart]

3D scanner App creating 3D images of any object captured through smart device camera or PC camera. 3D online gallery for community.

When built will incorporate into our appointment mechanics, can be used as stand alone apps easily. Though also utilized further to pull for images identifying your avatars for alterantive apps hosting games, education profiles, profile on network , etc. Also can be utilized and contributed to for/by designers, architects, graphic artists, communal discovery.

These 2 apps could be used in tandem with anything bazaar, showing products available for purchase yet on the exchange to be ordered, and printed out easily. Product example could be 3D designs available through bazaar for printing something specific.


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There is one thing that I’ve been scratching my head about for the longest time. In open source software, isn’t it better to have many people want to participate in one good APP instead of having many people start their own individual (similar) under-maintained APPs? Well, then why limit development credit to one person? This no doubt will start more flame wars than vim has ever ended.

There is an APP that has yet to be coded. I see it as a combination of Github and Jira - in that it is a decentralized (distributed) repository of source code with all of the usual pull requests, merges, forks…all the goodies along with story points.

With the information supplied by that APP, there can be code to attribute credit where credit is due based on the statistics of the contributions by any and all devs to the codebase.


A long time ago, in a topic on some forum, quite a lot like this one, was Builder Hub discussed…