Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network


Web of Trust App.


OMG mwapp thread at 400 posts I’m so happy :smiley: long live this thread


Thanks for the link David, will check that one out later. Just saw the first few minutes now and cracks me up that John is in his car, talk about dedication :smile:


SAFE organization builder/template. Such organizations per @MrAnderson would (assuming I understood) consist of a naturally headless DAO where the organizations workers worked on computationally intractable problems and retained full control sans execs, managers supervisors, boards and other undemocratic mechanisms. SAFE will be a DAO these organizations would build on its example. Narrow AI was a cited ingredient for such a system in the human organizational context.


A “payday” app that manages distribution of safecoin from a “business” account to individuals. With that, I can collaborate on a new app whose earnings fund an account that is periodically distributed to the individual collaborators’ accounts.

Or, in the opposite direction, a business account that is funded by partners may make requests to those partners for additional safecoin.

Maybe some of the paypal features could be incorporated: automatic or recurring payments, etc.


This is one example. Many already exist.

The opportunity to become empowered through a visual educational platform, and not only for financial exchanges, most importantly for learning dynamics behind decision making models. Real-Time Direct Impact on liquidity of essential commodities such as gold, or coins used for necessities, are useful in personality assessment and strategy.


An anonymous “Craig’s SAFElist” is one (capitalizing on the well known craig name).

A SAFEcollusion app for those looking specifically for people to work on projects.

A limewire (SAFEwire) replacement that allows for file-sharing and browsing of a persons data library (I really miss that feature).

A procedural generated VR space simulation (SAFEuniverse) with growing user generated content (infinite planetary and extra–planetary diversity).

Synthetic intelligence distributed deep learning system (SAFEdls).

Game sharing (SAFEgame-share). Imagine that I modify a game like Skyrim in ways others have difficulty doing. This would allow me to share the very directory of the game I modified. The remote users saves/profiles would be saved to their account. Basically two or more people using the same exact files simultaneously to play the game but storing their saves on their own account.

Anonymous Paypal with a laundering feature (this can be tricky). This could benefit those who purchase things not located on SAFE.

Some sort of SAFEbanking system would be great. Help me out here people. I’m thinking something along the lines of a non-anonymous entity that holds money safely for anonymous clientele. Proof of identity is done via cryptographic signatures created using bio-metric signatures. Small withdrawals/transfers can be done with the key and large withdrawals/transfers can be done with key+bio-metrics at the expense of ones anonymity. There are some huge holes here I’m uncertain of. Please help! :grimacing:

Anonymous crowd funded coding (SAFEcode-funding). Some programmers risk their jobs doing freelance work. Even with pseudonyms, few have been tracked down.

Ever heard of teledildonics (SAFEtelesex)? Look it up… Sounds interesting doesn’t it. In its current proposed form, it allows two people to have sex remotely in real time. The issue of latency has been an impeding factor for mainstream release (get it? mainstream release… :wink:). I think though, that latency is not an issue for every one. Imagine you go away for business before you get to your hotel, wanting to surprise and relax you, your significant other has pre-recorded a “session” with all the sexual nuances you’re used to (technological limitations considered). You load up SAFEtelesex and boom, high latency love. :yum: For those without an exclusive lover, SAFE could have an app with bunch pre-recorded sessions. Now you can go into pervy sage mode until your head explodes… :sweat: Not even gunna touch that one… :disappointed_relieved: or that one… :pensive: going to stop now before I get myself into an infinite loop. :grin:

A SAFEtutoring app would be useful and easy for people to pay for with the advent of safecoin. Imagine the amount of subjects we could cover. Whole classes could be conducted for children who lack a decent educational system. In time kids in ghettos like my own could avoid dangerous schools/poor peer influence and opt for SAFE school. :grinning: OHHHH YEEEAHHHH!!! With people funding their education via safecoin, biased institutions could slowly fade into history. Teachers can work independently based on the merits of their ability. Imagine the quality of education one can get when teachers are motivated by people and not institutional policy.

Anonymous SAFEjuries app. Not just for legal matters but also for those that require unbiased opinions from a random pool of users.

SAFEsanctity anti-suicide app. The rates of suicide in places like japan is staggering. A place where people can go to be reminded of their potential value could help. Anonymity could make some less reluctant to seek help.

SAFEagriculture. Fund your local farmer with safecoin. Now you can control how your food is produced.

SAFEtransport. Of course we need people to handle the logistics of food transport among other things. Have your safecoin funded organic food delivered to your door or local grocery store for pickup.

Man! I gotta stop cuz the possibilities are endless!!

Please help me to solidify some of these ideas. At least the banking. I pass it to you… :soccer:


A SAFE reddit app would be great. Maybe without moderation and with personal ignore lists instead. Could get messy, ha ha, but would be interesting to develop as a test. One problem would be who would be legally responsible for the content. If the app owner(s) then oh my, that will become problematic since anyone would be able to post all kinds of nasty stuff. The good thing is that it would be full free speech and fully decentralized if all the data can be stored as individual users’ data.

And also, moderation and customization can be added as a layer above the app for those who want that. For example a ‘SAFE subreddit’ for politics could have several views with different moderation, filtering, ranking and look&feel etc. And different users can choose what view they prefer.


Jeez I love this post!! All the ideas are amazing man these are the posts I come here for!

This is really why me and @dallyshalla need to get the next version of the SAFE Apps site up and running, so EVERYONE CAN SUBMIT THEIR APP IDEAS, I CAN MAKE A LOGO, AND TURN IT INTO ITS OWN PAGE!!!

I guess I could do the basic idea with a simple google form for people to fill out about their app idea… Maybe I’ll just go do that now :slight_smile:


I had an idea just like this, where people with experience could teach others things (piano, math, painting, English, Java, anything etc) though video chat and get paid in SafeCoin for their time. Tutors could gain rep and reviews and make a whole full-time income teaching their craft and going deeper into it with their students! With everything built in already!! 1-on-1 time is essential.

And if someone wants to pay the big bucks, they can get the best people in the field to teach them personally!


Pretty sure this would have to be a separate thing, but safe telephone (not to be confused with internet phones).


Anonymous Real Time Decision Making System …as part of a the meshed distributed social heart of a Distributed Automated Cooperative

This system would keep personality and ego out of the decision making process and cause decision making to be based on the strength of ideas instead of force of personality. It would work with a flattened distributed automated cooperative where there was no overhead and no waste on magic eight ball type implements including no supervisors, managers, executives, board members or stock holders. In such a system people’s autonomy and freedom come first and there are no commands and no one to give them only mutual agreements where necessary including the upfront mutual agreement to disassociate if it becomes necessary but likely on pre-agreed upon terms as always by intrinsic equals.

Thread discusses it further:


All I get is an error after logging in – “requested URL not found on this server. That’s all we know.”

Like that’s really all they know… I thought they knew where everything is.

Any other way to see it?



Is an interesting FOSS webservice in this space. Aiming for consent, or consensus decisions rather than simple voting


Wow! That is a very close match. And its FOSS! Thank you. I wonder what those folks would make of SAFE if they aren’t already present and the anon format? I may try to contact them and point toward SAFE and the thread.

I see groups of 12 to 100 using it as a running ledger, organizational memory and planning collaboration tool. We get some of the anon power in chat rooms, but its still got the pseudo or the cement tracking which attenuates its power. We never see full anon among close collaborators. Of course after a while people would recognize or get a feel for the rhetorical style of commentator but there would still be plausible deniability and hopefully the spirit of deep cooperation in real time.

Decisions can always go through a revisiting process, so its dynamic. It could almost be like the traffic and gps system for collaboration. And I missed that vital bit about consent and consensus vice just voting, yes that get at the heart of work processes especially in an iterative fashion.


Here is an idea. I don’t recommend it but it might make people think of other things it could be useful for. The idea is extremely wasteful on resources.

The DHT would allow a chess game to predict the best moves. As each player plays the game the “AI” (not really AI) would select its next move based on results from previously played games worldwide. The “level” could be controlled by limiting this feature, and the game would have to have basic logic when there are no suggested moves to make (like when it first starts up and not many games played)

When a game is finished it is scored based upon certain criteria like “did it win/lose” and each move is given a score based on its perceived effectiveness. Like if it lost its queen it would be a reduction, but if won easily then that queen loss would also get a increase. As more games are played the game would become much more effective and win more often thus strengthening winning moves.

The idea is based on old 70’s/80’s methods of implementing learning AI, but interestingly studies have shown that champion chess players play more by recognizing chess games positions than by strategy, but both are required. One champion they put through brain scans while showing her various championship chess games and watched which parts of the brain were activated. They discovered that she was using a major portion of her visual cortex and in effect remembering the game as a whole and deciding the next move according to learned games.

While the potential board positions are enormous, it is unlikely that even a fraction of those would ever be stored. At least until SAFE had time to become extremely large.

To implement this would require the player to pay for storing/updating the relatively few SD’s required to be updated.

If anyone was brave enough to do this I could see champions challenging it often and thus it would become skilled indeed.

This could be applied to a lot of games like O/X’s Draughts etc


Here is an idea for a low-tech app: SAFE directory. Remember the Yahoo! Directory? The idea is that SAFE search engines will probably take some time before they become really good. A directory on the other hand is just a bunch of links with text descriptions ordered in categories. A simple directory app can easily be developed early and will provide easy access to SAFE apps and information.

The SAFE directory can be manually administrated to prevent spam. People can submit links for approval, and administrators add valid entries into the directory. Optionally up/down voting functionality can be included.

Very simple app but could be useful in the beginning and fun to develop as a first project.


It could be a great crowdsourcing app - a web browser app even. Users save their own favourites, can share them publicly if they want which makes them available to a collating app which ranks the domains and URLs by popularity, votes etc. and Users can either use the central directory or one collated by this user or that. There are quite a few models that have been tried so lots of options to play with.


Recreate 4Chan but with the system from a few years back without the in thread tripcodes temporary ID tags. They are annoying, might have some utility, but the are a degradation and compromise. Have some sections that are text only and do not have the tripcode system. These are very likely the most powerful and important debate-consesus-action systems yet devised by a long shot. They belong on SAFE and in the local cooperative decision systems but in an automated un-modderated form.

For instance if someone self referenced or referenced others in an implication way in a thread, whatever, pronouns, symbols etc. then the members of the forum silently and invisibly without a running obvious ticker would vote and when a pre-agreed upon threshold was reached that post would disappear from the thread and that poster would be blocked from that thread. They would have access if a new thread on the topic were agreed to be opened. But no one would know that it was them that got blocked. No necessity to contribute to a thread to begin with.


That’s a better solution than my simple directory but it also sounds more complicated to develop. Sure, if a NoSQL database or something similar can be used then a crowdsourcing app like that would fairly easy to develop too.

Another idea I have is a one word search engine. And this is almost like a toy app. :slight_smile: Instead of whole queries, users will only be able to search for one single word. The advantage compared to the simple directory is that people can submit links to it automatically without the need for manual administration, and instead people can vote up and down on the links. So spam would quickly sink down the list of search results. The reason for just a single word is that it’s very easy to implement. Something to experiment with until real databases are available on SAFE.