Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network


Have you ever watched Fairy Tail? There’s this job board thing on there where jobs are posted with a description and price. The least dangerous (and expensive) jobs are on the first floor, more dangerous and better paying jobs are on the second floor and the REALLY dangerous and REALLY high paying jobs are on the third floor. Point being along with offering and accepting skills for various projects there could also be a rating system for the difficulty required and subsequently how much one would charge/pay for a service. So one could start offering/accepting skills on the “first floor” then as one’s skills improved move up to the “second floor” then to the “third floor” etc. Only our building would have an infinite number of levels limited only by the level of skill produced.


I don’t know if this got picked up later in the conversation, but, yes, it is a very good idea. I have been looking into the same. The network could even “sell” entropy packages, all you have to do is -fake- decrypt them so they are unknown to anyone else; but the source of entropy is still valid.

Even stronger, I believe it should be considered as part of the basic provisions given. Our biggest weakness (second far after user/client weakness) is poor entropy sources for encryption. So it is really important if the network can cater for this - by default. One good entropy packet can last you a lifetime :smile:


I think a File Management System would be ideal on the Safe Network. Security and decentralized storage is already nascent for those files on the safe network, so all is needed for other softwares is the ability to properly link to the correct files. For example, if I am using an accounting software, I receive a bill, move the bill to the network, create a transaction in the software, then link that transaction to the file. The way it is done today is very awkward because those files are stored in some companies or already built into the accounting system’s cloud (quickbooks). If I decided to switch to another accounting system (like Xero for example) then all my file links are lost or some complicate export/import has to be done.



Great advice that I’m sure many will be following. This has been one of my favorite threads of all because it hints at all of hidden talent that is bursting at the seams.


Lol I feel like I’m the only one who got this reference


A decentralized shipping system.


If you ever make an icon for the app why don’t you use the Fairy Tail emblem or something similar in the logo. Kind of give them the hint.


I haven’t see Fairy Tail. But I do get the interesting visual you painted.

I was thinking a very simple search board with list results made for mobile interface. I’ll have to brainstorm more if there is enough interest to make it worth while to create.


Considering the hundreds of job sites and job boards out there… yeah I think there’s a market for it. Something else to consider is that in Fairy Tail everyone’s skills are unique to them. Remind you of something? Just like on Maidsafe everyone’s skills sets will be unique to the individual in question. You mght also consider setting up profiles or resumes on the user’s safespace as their skills are compiled and new skills and reputation are added.


Is an additional platform really needed? Technically it should be possible to do that on this forum: One would just need the functionality to add skills, requested skills and links to project sketches - and an interface to browse that information.


I was thinking the same thing, if you need help with an App, here at the forum there’s a category where all these people could connect.



The simplest solution is the best. Regarding APP Building, we already have this forum (category) to make connections. It’s really up to the builder to open a thread and ask for help.


Perhaps, there is a lot of clutter on this forum that may dissuade serious developers. Maybe a separate hub would be better?


@dyamanaka @janeannford Actually one could simply use Streetbank (former justfortheloveofit). I was part of the older version, but didn´t use it a lot. If you don´t know it, you definitely need to learn about Mark aka “the moneyless man” who initiated the whole thing.


I checked out the link and think it’s great but the APP devs are more concentrated on this forum which does get cluttered. Personal referrals are also very powerful. I’ll bring it up in our next Ants Podcast on 9/12/15.


And here I thought all anime fans were commies


For the people who want SAFE voicechat, here’s several projects that you can bug about SAFE adoption, with the last one I imagine would be particularily receptive to the goals of the SAFE network. They’re also opensource, so the more techy of you can fork one of them push come to shove.



I’m keen to see what you have developed but is there an alternative way to access your work if I choose to not have a Google account?


What is the Ants Podcast and where can I find episodes?


The “ANTS” Podcast arose out of a meetup invitation to community members on this forum. The first podcast was hosted by LIFE IS PEOPLE n99. There will be a 2nd one on 9/12/15.